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A Song - I Have Known Jesus

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Composer's Foreword

Knowing Jesus brings peace, joy, happiness that is beyond comprehension.

When I come to the knowledge of Christ, I was delivered from age long sickness that makes people think I am a sickle cell patient because I fall sick at two weeks interval.

When I got saved I challenged Christ Jesus that I have been hearing about his healing powers, I have read such but it has not been effected in my life.

I asked him to effect this in my life to prove to me that he is real, to prove to me that his word is sure, to prove to the world that I am now his' i have been saved and redeemed by his precious blood.

This the Lord did for me immediately and my story was changed.

Since he has done this for me, other things he added afterwards to show me that he is yet a powerful God.

The unseen God who has done this for me has equally promised to bless anyone who follows him wholeheartedly.

When I remember this awesome promises which are contained in his Holy Book, I have come up with this simple words in songs to tell anyone like me who is following Christ that he will assuredly bless us because He never alters his words of promises. He always keeps the ends of the bargain as long as we equally keep our own end we shall be surprised of what he shall make out of us soon.

The link of the tune used has been shared with this article too.


Composed Song


If you leave your families

Friends and everything you have

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And decide to follow Christ

Surely you 'll be rewarded



Christ has beaconed to all

Who desires to follow him

That they daily should take their cross

Deny themselves and follow him



His promise to everyone

Who doesn't deny him on earth

Is to bleas them on earth

And take 'em tk his home above



You will not labor

Labor in vain on earth

When you decide for Jesus

And you are following him



Bounteously you will reap

Reap on this perishing world

And you 'll also be crowned by God

With different crowns when you get home



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