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A Song: Holy Spirit, Lead Me to Jesus Christ

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



Jesus Christ while about to leave the earth promises that Holy spirit will come so that Believers will not be kept in the cauldron of darkness of happenings in the world, he promised Holy Spirit so that Believers will not be without instructions on the way they should go on earth. Jesus says he will take out of that of God and give mankind He will get for them the desire and the heartbeat of God for mankind.

Holy spirit has been of enormous help to Believers on earth.

Having experienced some of the works of Holy Spirit in my life and see him at work in other people's lives I have therefore composed this short song about holy spirit leadership.

It is my believe that people who are thirsty after righteousness will surely enjoy this piece.


Composed Song

1) Holy spirit of God

Lead while I follow you

To that purest river

That's very clear as crystal

Oozing out of throne of God

And of lamb that was slain


The great comforter…

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2) At the river of life

Wash me and make me clean

Though my sins be as Scarlet

Make me white as a snow Lord

If my sins are red like Crimson

Let me be white as a wool Lord


The great comforter…

3) Oh father my desire

Is to be like you Lord

Pure and chaste in everything

Bein' your Express 'mage on the Earth Lord

Good 'mbassador of yours

Drawing the losts to the crucified one


The great comforter…

4) When I'm pure this I know

That rivers of living water

Out of my belly shall flow out

Nourishing 'em who 're thirsty

Thirsty of your words

And they 'll have joy in you Lord


The great comforter…

5) Come and lead me to a River

Come and lead me to Jesus Christ

Where there is peace of mind

Where there is joy of heart

Come and lead me to a River

Come and lead me to Jesus Christ


The great comforter…

(The End)


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