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A Song: He Will Repay Everyman

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

All of us needs to be ready for the coming of the Lord because he has his reqarewwitj him as well as all of our accounts on earth and he will repay all accordingly.

Anyone who is yet to be saved should reconsider his/her ways and come to the Lord Jesus in repentance today.

This is a song composed to remind all of us that there is an unseen eye watching all our deeds daily and we should strive to please him to obtain better rewards from him.

The link of the tune used in composing the song has been shared in this article.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) The time's at hand

That the mighty God

Will bring all accounts to book


He ''ll give...

2) Blessed is the man

Who keeps the law of God

Even in his heart


He ''ll give...

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3) He that's righteous

Let him continue

In his righteousness


He ''ll give...

4) He that's unjust

Let him think of his way

And repent of his deeds


He 'll give...

5) Blessed are the ones

Who believe in the Lord

And continue in His ways


He ''ll give...

6) The Lord comes soon

His reward is with him

He 'll repay everyman


He 'll give...



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