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A Song - Hallelujah, I Have Obtained His Mercy

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



From the ancient times we have discovered that it is not everyone who receives God's mercies though everyone asks for his mercies. God gives his Mercy to whomsoever he wills and cannot be questioned nor detained for so doing. This song is a song of hope, faith and prayer to all and sundry who believe God is the One who bequeath mercy or humans on Earth.

Thank you

Composed Song

1) Many people are asking for your mercy yee eh, several people are asking for your mercy

But you have compassion or whomsoever you will

The Great and the righteous God


Hallelujah I've...

2) Therefore it is not of him who runs yee eh, nor of him Who wills to have your mercy

But you are God who have Mercy on whosoever you will

You are the great an' unquestionable God


Hallelujah I've...

3) No flesh can question your decision my Lord, no one can fault your actions Lord

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For out of the same clay you made different vessels

Some to honour others to dishonour


Hallelujah I've

4) Reveal your riches of Glory on me Lord, let your power be known through my life

For I'm a vessel prepared for your glory

Let your power be known through my life


Hallelujah I've...

5) Merciful Lord King of glory I call you, Let your Mercy overwhelm my life

Because I daily look unto you Lord

Let your mercy overwhelm my life


Hallelujah I've...

(The End)


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