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A Song: God of Possibilities


Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

Music/song makes heart merry, for people who are depressed music has been recommended for them by medical personnel. When one wantsbto reflect on things around, wants to relax among other things, music is strongly recommended.

As good as music is, it has also been found to be used by people to abuse each other, but I believe this is not what music is designed for, it is designed to make our hearts relax from many of the daily hustlings and bustlings.

As good as music is when one does not know the tune of a song being sang one becomes disturbed. For this the musicians have designed tonic solfa which will make songs globally accepted.

However for people like me who do not know tonic solfa we cannot but appreciate the technological advancements which are at our disposals for use to make our songs reach the end of the world by making use of social media which allows for voice or video recordings.

I have emploed the use of YouTube to record the tune I have used in composing this song.

Since I am not Mr. Know it all, the wordings are open for modifications by musicians and music lovers globally, because music must not die, it cannot die, through it the ends of the world could be reached and lives changed.

Trust that this work would be enjoyed by music lovers globally.


Composed Song

1. I have for long been waiting oh Lord

For thy miracles oh Lord

Turn all my i'mpossibilities

To possibilities oh Lord


2. I have become subject of mockery

Before all people far and near

'Cause my life has remained the same

Change my situation dear Lord


3. People are waiting oh dear Lord

For a proof that I belong to you

Lord do not let me be ashamed

Turn my situation around Lord


4. Day and night I cried unto thee

To have mercy on me dear Lord

Touch my life with your merciful hand

Give me a new song to sing


5. I 'll continually wait on thee

Till thou turn my situation around

'Cause you 're God of possibilities

Let me not wait oh Lord in vain


6. Thou God of all possibilities

I wait yea I rely on thee

Turn all my i'mpossibilities

Dear Lord to possibilities i pray



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