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A Song - God Command My Blessings to Locate Me

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Mrs Ifeoluwa Ogidi, climbing staircase in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Mrs Ifeoluwa Ogidi, climbing staircase in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Composer's Foreword

During my university days, someone told a friend of mine that when he graduates he will establish a big business for him, all he has to do was breaking the jinx of the family and village. What was the jinx the jinx of dropping out of institutions of higher learning.

This young man told his kinsman that he will by God's grace graduate from the university and the man told him that he has entered a deal with him he should consider himself a millionaire immediately he achieved the feat.

True to my friend's utterance he graduated with second class upper from the university and was the best graduating student of his department.

He returned to the village to tell the man of this wonderful feat but the man traveled to the city and was told he would return the following week.

My friend decided to wait for the man, but it was unfortunate that the man never returned alive as he died in a ghastly motor accident while returning to the village and that truncated the promise or the deal he has entered with my friend.

The long expected promotion he never obtained.

Thinking about this I said to myself the promises of humans are limited it is only the promises of God that is limitless.

He is the only One who can't die, He is the only one whose position can't change. He is the one whose promotion lasts and whomsoever he promotes remain ever promoted.

Therefore, i crave for his promotion and thence composed this song to ask for his promotion.

Someone may also be out there like me who is seeking for God promotion, and such a man should know that the arms of flesh can fail not deliberately like my friend's kinsman but indeliberately when unforeseen incidents happen, but for God there is no unforeseen incidents that can alter his plans for our lives. If he has promised he will surely do it.

We also know that by his word he has promised us, believers his blessings and promotions what we are only asked to do is solely rely on him.

This is a song asking for God promotion and the link of the tune for the song has been shared alongside this article for musicians enjoyment and or if they desire to sing along with the composer.

Thank you.

Composed Song


Promotion neither comes

From East, West, North nor South

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But lasting promotion comes

From Jehovah the Mighty God



Whomsoever you promote

Remains ever promoted

Such people are the ones

That the world will reckon with



Wealth and honor come from you

You the ruler of all things

In your hands are strength an' pow'r

To exalt and to bless all



Yahweh brings poverty

It's him alone that brings wealth

He reduces some to nothing

While He lifts and blesses 'nother



Poor he brings out of the dust

By His power lifts beggar from dunghill

Setting them among princes of the earth

Making them to inherit throne of glory



Silver belongs to the Lord

Yea all the gold are in his hand

Oh Lord shake heavens and earth

Command blessings to locate me




OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on August 30, 2021:

Thank you Pamela. May God also bless you. I hope one day your dream of me and my people waxing a record becomes reality. (Smiles) I am not thinking much about it again as before you know, because of sponsorship. To wax album costs money here. After waxing to market it too is another herculean task.

I remembered how I have prayed and fasted, that God will raise helper for me to publish my first book... It was when I had lost hope that God used one of my siblings for me to publish my first book - Prayer and You - in 2010.

And as a new author, to market it became another issue... People who said they will market it for me never did and I have not been brought up in the way of "launching, launching, launching" like many people here, Nigeria.

Eventually, I gave out about 70% of the book because I desire that people know more of Christ Jesus than the material gain therr, which I loved but since not forthcoming, I remembered the past, that I used to write letters to America and people will send me free Bibles which I used to give to people when I go for village evangelism and other evangelisms, given to new converts and or backsliders that have been restored to faith through our prayers and messages of restoration.

When i remembered this, I considered what I have invested minute to what Scadinavians, Caucassians and other believers in advanced countries have done in sending books to me in the past, thence I gave it out and had joy in my heart doing this as it is written it is more blessed to give than to receive.

So, marketing things for new entrees in music, authorship and indeed I perceive it cuts across all business is not easy as one may think, it needs determination and constancy.

Thanks once again for your comments, they are always encouraging.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 28, 2021:

I truly agree with your comments, especially: "It is only the promises of God that is limitless." Your song is very good, and I enjoyed hearing you sing again, Olusegun.

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