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A Song - Father, I Don't Know

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

When God does something for us, when God does something to people who are close by us we become amazed particularly if what God has done we do not expect.

Then we shall begin to reflect on the mightiness of Yahweh.

I was reflecting on God's uncommon grace bestowed on some people near by, and this words of song keep coming to my heart, therefore, I decided to work on it, adding flesh to the chorus to make a song.

Our God is a mighty God beyond comprehension he is beyond imagination he is all in all. The link of the tune I have used for the composition is shared alongside with this article.

God bless you as you sing along in Jesus name. Amen

Composed Song

Leader: it's you alone that reigneth supreme my God

For you are the one who decreed and it is 'stablished

Oh Lord you are the one who made impossible possible

Blessed be thy Holy name


I don't know...

Leader: Heavens cannot contain you oh Lord my God

Yet it pleases you to dwell in a virgin woman

Your wisdom is beyond comprehension my Lord

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To You Belong glory and power


I don't know...

Leader: You are the unchanging changer oh Lord my God

From 'ternity to eternity you are the same

Enormous are your works among humans oh Lord

Oh glory, glory to you Lord


I don't know...

Leader: Words will fail me if I want to describe you Lord

'Cause I have limited understanding my God

But this word I 'll always say to you Lord

I 'll keep saying hallowed be your name


I don't know....



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