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A Song: Always Remember That Christ is for You

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



In the world today it has been discovered that the rate at which people are emotionally disturbed is higher than in the past. People are suffering from depression here and there especially in the country (Nigeria) to which this composer hails from, and presently inhabit, there are so many people who are going through depression and depressive moods because of poverty and economic recession.

As we (Believers) have not been immune against the problems that the world is facing with, we therefore have to encourage ourselves in the word of God by bidding spirits of depression out of our minds and heart in the name of Jesus Christ because the name of Christ Jesus is the name that's higher than every other names, by that name everything consists on earth.

Thence, we don't have to allow those moods to weigh us down from worshiping and following our lord Christ Jesus.

I have composed this short song so that if there's anyone out there passing through an emotional disturbance that Christ is always with him or her. It is my sincere trust in the Lord God that those passing through such moods would be delivered in Jesus Christ's name. Amen.


Composed Song

1) Think less oh brethren of what you will eat

Yea neither be troubled of what you will drink

Not be depressed of what you 'll put on

Remember remember this that Christ is for you


When Christ is for you…

2) Life is more than meat that's what Jesus says

Nature also says body's more than clothes

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Don't be depressed about tomorrow

Evils of each day 're sufficient for it


When Christ is for you…

3) He has left us with Peace and given us peace

But not as the world gives his own people

Therefore beloved don't be troubled at heart

Remember remember this that Christ is for you


When Christ is for you…

4) His words are comforting his word is peaceful

Even in the midst of tribulations

He repeatedly said he be of good cheer

Because he has overcome the world


When Christ is for you…

5) Seek first seek first the kingdom of God

Seek ye also righteousness therein

And other things 'll surely be summed up

Yea they 'll be measured an' delivered to your bosom


When Christ is for you…

6) Say now oh say 'nto that depression

Speak in Jesus name to 'motional disturbance

That those spirits should get out of you

Because Jesus Christ cares always for you


When Christ is for you…

(The End)


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