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A Song: Alleluia, He Has Turned My Sorrows to Joy

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Tola Ogundare, Abuja, Nigeria.

Tola Ogundare, Abuja, Nigeria.

Composer's Foreword

Sometimes we lose hope of attaining what we have been pursuing in life and our lives become a shadow of itself.

In this position God through his Spirit does minister to us, comforting us and eventually turn our situations around for good.

This is a song of praise to the Lord because about 22 years ago something I never dreamt of happened to me which makes my life to be stagnated for years.

During this process I lost hops, friends, spouse and was alone in the darkness path of life.

While in this worrying position the Holy Ghost would still minister to me that there would be light at the end of my tunnel.

Against hope, I have hope.

I who have been practically begging people before for money to feed myself could at the moment feed my own mouth without asking people for money.

This becomes great to me as I looked back few moments back and I decide to compose this song to praise him for the little he has done trusting he will do more because there is an adage in Yoruba land that says, "when a person appreciates someone for little the person would have more in the future".

Though my hands have not attained but I am sure that it can only get better with God in me, by me.

This song therefore is a song of encouragement to someone out there who may be passing through the phase I had once been in, that such a one shouldn't lose hope because God will soon visit him and turn his or her stories around positively.

The link of the tune used has been shared alongside this article.

Thank you.

Composed Song


Sometimes back droplets of tears 're my drink

Anguish of mind is my daily meal

Everywhere I turned to I'm object of shame

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Alleluia God has turned my sorrows to joy



Friends and spousd they all forsake me

When I was passing through the flame of fire

But your word keeps reassuring me

That there is light at end of my tunnel



To me then my case was hopeless

Sometimes I even doubt your words

But whenever I'm about to give up

Divine Spirit, Your Holy Ghost will halt me



When I look around and found no helper

And I am downcast within me

The greatest comforter you have sent to me

The Holy Ghost will comfort my soul



Praise God brethren, praise the Lord with me

'Cause He has rescued my drowning soul

What he did for me superceeds all things

It's great, I cannot describe it



My shame has been turned to glory

He has shine his light to my darkest paths

By his words my life has been transformed

Oh praise God with me the people of God



I 'll continue to praise your Holy name

I 'll speak of your greatness among people of the world

For you are a great God and no respecter of 'nyone

Glory, alleluia and adoration to you



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