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A Song: A Child is Born

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Jesus Christ has been promised for centuries before he was conceived and given birth to in Bethlehem. The exact date of his birth is not certain but a date has been set aside to celebrate the birth of a wonderful King, Savior and Lord.

I have composed this short song to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Unto the World a child is born in David's City/2x

By a virgin maiden called Mary

Through the Holy Ghost she

Conceived the Holy child.


A child is given…

2) The begotten child is called Son of the Most High/2x

He is given birth to in Bethlehem

The Messiah is born

Oh Emmanuel is Born

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A child is given…

3) The babe that's begotten is wrapped in a swaddling clothes/2x

And he is gently laid in manger

'Cause there was no room

For them oh yea in the Inn.


A child is given…

4) The Powers that be never wanted the baby/2x

Killers were sent out

To Kill the babies

All the babies that is below the age of two


A child is given…

5) Angel appeared to Joseph in the dream/2x

To take the child away to Egyptian land

There the child was till the cruel king

Gave up the ghost and the child was saved alive


A child is given…

6) Through the given child salvation entered the world/2x

Healing and deliverance could be found even in the wings

Of the begotten Son of God


A child is given…

(The End)


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