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A Quick Feng Shui Pick-Me-Up

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Feng Shui Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Practicing Feng Shui is probably something that you already do without knowing it. A great example would be when you decorate for a holiday. You move furniture around (changing the direction of the flow), bring in different accents and accessories that have memories attached to them (symbolism), and even introduce new colors. You also might add additional elements that you may not normally have in the room (earth, air, water, fire, metal, wood). Have you noticed that you feel a little lighter and happier when you change things up? Maybe you suddenly start to generate some more money or a new love comes into the picture.

There are many simple things that you can do that will help change the chi and put the elements and symbolism to work for you. Like anything else, intention and keeping an open mind and heart plays a role in how the benefits of Feng Shui will work for you.


Balancing the Five Elements

Look around your room and see if there is a balance of all of the elements present. Bringing in a balance of every element to each room allows you to be more balanced in all nine of your aspirations. If you've noticed a lack of finances, look around and make sure that you have the element of wood represented in every room. Add a photo of a forest or a silk tree in the corner.

  • Career-Water
  • Knowledge-Earth
  • Family-Wood
  • Wealth-Wood
  • Fame-Fire
  • Love-Earth
  • Creativity-Metal
  • Helpful People-Metal
  • Health-Earth


Movement helps the flow of chi to readjust when it is getting stagnant. A quick simple movement will make the room feel lighter and interesting again. Look around and get a feel of the room and what is in it. Is there something that you feel needs to be moved or gotten rid of altogether?

  • Move the pictures around. Spice up the room by moving the artwork to a new location or even a different room altogether. If you've noticed a lack in an element somewhere, and you have a painting of a forest then move that piece there for awhile.
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  • Change the furniture layout. Having a layout in the living room that doesn't induce conversation or interaction can cause a block for having friends or family come and stay awhile. If you want that, then look at the layout and make sure that the seating is situated so that it is easy to have a conversation and not just focused on watching television.
  • Inspect your accessories. Look at all of your accessories in your rooms. Are there some things sitting around that have memories attached to them which no longer resonate with you? Pack them away or give them away. If they are broken then throw them away.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is an energy block. If you have clutter lying around it stifles the flow of chi. A good start in getting your home Feng Shui friendly is to get rid of the clutter. Take a day off and designate it to get rid of the energy stifling clutter.

  • If it's broke, throw it away. A toaster has the element of both fire and metal. Keeping a broken one is sending a message that your creativity and recognition is broken. If it can't or never will be fixed, throw it away
  • Keep your walkways clear. Having a trail of clothes that lay on your bedroom floor is blocking romance and peaceful sleep from coming in. If you have trouble maneuvering through your home then so does energy.
  • Clear off your counters. If it is something that you don't use every day, there is no reason to always have it displayed on your counters. Counters can also be a catch-all for papers and mail. Go through it and throw away what is no longer important and put the rest in a designated drawer.

The Western Baugua Map

If you are wanting to focus on certain aspects of your life, you can use the Bagua Map in each room to enhance what it is that you are seeking. For instance, if you are wanting to promote prosperity in your life, the far left corner is your prosperity area of the room. Use the colors associated with Wealth and Prosperity. Maybe put a money tree there or something that you associate with prosperity. If you are looking to increase your knowledge and be able to concentrate when you study, then put a bookcase in the front left of the room or something that you associate with knowledge.

Always use the main door as your starting point and look at the room. Think about what it is that you are wanting to enhance in your life and see what you have in that spot according to the Bagua Map. If it is not promoting what you are trying to enhance, then change it up. Do this to every room and watch the art of Feng Shui begin to work.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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