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A Prophet's Reward, What is it? Truth Is...

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What IS a Prophet's reward?

"He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward: and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward..."(Matthew 10:41)

These words are spoken often these days with a seeming dearth of people calling themselves "prophet", "Apostle", etc. So to get this understood from the start, allow me to point out that 1) the ONLY Apostles there ever were are the ones spoken of in the Bible, and anyone calling themselves that now are just that, someone CALLING them self that...Truth Is...

2) A REAL prophet of GOD is one that does not need to call himself that, but will be recognized as such by the content his (or her) message. That is not a message of prosperity or "God told me", but the substance of that message it'self. Does it line up with what is going on in the world today and pertain to what GOD is about to do about it, or how HE feels about the state of Christians today? Does it speak to how his people are being treated, or their behaviors, worship, or repentance? THESE are the things to which ANY prophet in GOD's word the bible spoke, and NOTHING ELSE.

NOT ONCE did ANY prophet in the bible call himself that...Truth IS...

So what does Jesus mean when he says what he does at Matthew 10:41? He is talking about how those he sent forth then and now and the way that people receive them. remember the messages of most prophets were not very popular ones, particularly to many in Jesus' day. He cam with a message that said all the Jews had held onto was no longer in effect, his ministry was quite different that anything they were used to and NOT what they wanted to hear. Like today's christian, the Jews wanted their reward and relief NOW, and didn't wan to wait. They wanted an immediate savior, which is why the even later chose to spare Barabbas, a robber/murderer who had attempted to lead uprisings against their oppressors rather than Jesus who represented the ultimate deliverance..

Therefore, any who promoted the same message as Jesus did would'n't necessarily be well received by all; remember Stephen was stones to death, John beheaded, and Paul imprisoned. So where's the reward in THAT? you ask...for one, IF you are a TRUE Christian, you know that as Matthew 10:28 says, they may be able to kill the body but not the soul, and you also know that there is a resurrection by God, and also, anyone who suffered persecution unto death in the name of the Lord would most assuredly receive a great reward at the appropriate time. Do YOU believe in the promises of God

What Jesus is telling us that if you recognize the one presenting God's word as actually and undeniably presenting the WORD of GOD, and you support that person, be it by following, finance, emotional support, whatever you are led to do after prayerfully consulting God about it (Proverbs 3:5-7), then you align yourself with those who stand to receive the blessings and reward that God has reserved for those who support him(verse 40 of Matthew chapter 10). That doesn't mean you will necessarily get money from an unexpected place or suddenly get called for a job, tho' these things can and do happen; but we should be satisfied with the knowledge that we are pleasing and serving God.(Matthew 6:31)

The problem with today's christian is that they are taught wrongfully that you can EARN God's rewards and that they are immediate every time. What the TRUTH IS is that we are governed by God's GRACE which is his undeserved kindnesses toward us. These can't be bought or earned. So all those tithes and offerings you've been giving thinking God will open the flood gates of heaven for you are a mistaken thought. and money simply thrown into the coffers of that church. *Side note: NO church should have pillars, or a lot of decorations, plushness, etc, as long as poverty looms nearby...

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A prophet's reward also entails God;'s approval, and yes, at times as stated, that brings immediate rewards. Take the case of Abigail when David and his men sought food; read 1 Samuel Chapter 25 and see how one received a reward; tho David was not a prophet per se, he was one appointed by GOD.

Think too about Rehab who was actually a prostitute but aided the spies sent into Jericho on behalf of Israel. (Joshua chapter 2) Because she recognized God's servants and ACTED to help them not only was she and her family saved when Jericho fell, but her descendants were blessed.

Therefore, the "reward" is the fact that GOD takes a greater measure to care after you, to provide for you and your future preferably in his kingdom; and isn't that what we Christian are after, entry into the kingdom of GOD here on earth? If so, WHY are so many so-called Christians seeking immediate results, rewards, and blessings? Over and again you hear them say things like:"When praises go up, blessings come down.." and other things to that effect. But GOD want far more than your praise; obedience for instance...Truth Is...

Obedience comes in the form of LOVING others, first and foremost; if you can't do that you need to stay out of GOD's face unless you're asking him to teach and/or help you learn how to love others. If GOD so loved the world (John 3:16) and Jesus so loved GOD that he complied... what makes folks think they don't have to love their fellow man too?!!!

Obedience also comes in the form of evangelizing the truth about GOD's kingdom as Jesus instructed(Matthew 28:19,20); you notice he didn't say pastors, missionary dept., etc, just YOU!!! That means every single person that is part of the congregation is charged to teach about the kingdom, it's sad that so many people argue with me on this point, opting to state:"That may be what GOD has for you, but I know what he has for me and it's not the same...". Poor misguided people! Just because you serve o the usher board, cook in the kitchen, sing in the choir, or volunteer to pass out those Godawful canned goods churches do to absolve themselves of actually doing more(what they're really supposed to do), that doesn't mean you are excused from evangelizing.

What is even more sad is that people will pour thousands of dollars into a church that doesn't teach evangelizing, doesn't really teach the bible, but simply entertains and then yells "Jesus!" a few dozen times for effect;, but they refuse to give a dime to a real teaching ministry. Truth Is...has been here on Hub Pages for four and a half years and has well over 32,000 readers worldwide, and many speak of how much this ministry has helped them and answered their questions; yet NOT ONCE has anyone made any overture to give financial support! That includes people who are aware of the financial straights I am experiencing.But again, the "Prophet's reward is that I am still here, still alive, and still able to teach, enlighten, redirect, and walk this walk with you...Truth Is...

Yes, I have been doing this teaching and counseling for free these four and a half years...Truth is...***(7 years as of this edit: 1/23/2014)

It is wise to receive one who truthfully carries God's proclamations even when they are NOT what you or anyone wants to hear, as they are still from GOD. You WILL receive blessings and rewards with you heavenly Father simply for the fact that you did receive his messenger with an open and grateful mind and heart; you truly will receive a Prophet's reward...

Truth Is... b-blessed!

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