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A Prayer for Farm Kids

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

Farm  kids are born loving tractors!

Farm kids are born loving tractors!

Why Do I think This Is So Important ?

I think kids praying is important because it becomes a habit at a young age. I know in Sunday School they teach you certain prayers, the lords prayer and what not. All very important things to learn. Hard though, for a young kid to understand.

My little nephews are lucky enough I believe that they have learned just enough about God and Church. Just the right amount for their little brains to handle. They know God is in heaven, Jesus is the son of God and that Jesus loves all of us. So we should love one another.

They know that Gramm Gramm and Great Grandaddy are in heaven, and so is the little bird who ran into our sliding glass door. They know the heaven is where we go to be with God and that though we may be sad or miss someone who goes there. They are in a better place, and we will see them again.

Pretty good for a 4 and 5-year-old right?! I think so.

I learned the Normal Childhood Prayers...

As a child, I went to church every Sunday and learned all the normal childhood prayers. Such as the Lords Prayer, and the bedtime prayer we all know about "how I lay me down to sleep ". I still remember them to this day, still, pray them at points in time. I just think that somewhere along the line I missed the fact that I was hopefully developing a relationship with God through prayer.

Though I always heard it mentioned in the church to please have this person, or that person, in your prayers. It never really clicked with me until a lot later on in life that in prayer I was talking to God, and I could say anything. Tell him my fears, thank him for my good day or the safety of family and friends. Ask for help with decision making, ask for him to help me feel him close to me. That is what I never quite understood as a child, and what I want to help my nephews start to understand at an earlier age. I think if they can understand it at an earlier age, they will more easily find peace in their lives.

Nothing says farm kids like playing in mud puddles!

Nothing says farm kids like playing in mud puddles!

So How Did I Come Up With The Prayer?

Well, good question. I read a lot of examples of children's prayers online. Then I read some prayers written specifically for farmers, so between the two, I got some good ideas. I also wanted to make it be a project we could to together, so we used magazines and cut out pictures of all the farm related things they get excited about. Trucks, Tractors, Animals, they found the farm pictures and I came up with the prayer it's self. I had to scratch it down a few times and revise it in hopes to make it as easy as possible for them to remember and hopefully memorize.

They Really Enjoyed The Arts And Crafts Part Of It

They knew we were making a prayer book when we started. I told them it was going to be a special prayer book for them since they are farm kids. So I gave them kiddie scissors and magazines an told them they could cut out whatever they wanted.

Next They Wrote Their Name On The Covers, And Drew Pictures To Fill Empty Space

I wanted their names on the front so that we could differentiate whose book was whose when they showed Mommy and Daddy. Aside from that, I let them do whatever they wanted. As long as they left me room to write in the prayer it's self!

We made a farmer kids prayer since we are a farm family. You could easily do the same sort of project with any other theme that your child was interested in.

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Hopefully, by writing a prayer especially for them, they will begin to understand a little more easily that prayer is a way they can talk to God whenever they would like, and however, they like.

I think the younger we can teach children to find their own personal relationship with God the better!

I'm by no means a pastor or expert on these things, but I do know the importance of building a relationship with God and would like to help others do so as well!

The Farm Kid's Prayer

Dear God,

We thank you for the gift of our farm,

Please help keep our crops, critters, and families safe from harm.

Please help the rain to come when we need it,

Then help the sun to shine nice and bright.

Please keep our trucks and tractors running just right.

Please tell our loved ones in Heaven that we miss them a lot,

And that no matter how little, we will always be grateful for what we have got.


I did the writing the kids did the pictures!

I did the writing the kids did the pictures!

The pictures came from old farming magazines.

The pictures came from old farming magazines.

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