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A Perfect Cure For Heart Trouble


Heart trouble is now a major burden in the lives of so many humans around the world because they are delusional by the problems of this world and that has made them lack peace with God. Many of the individuals who suffer from heart trouble have engaged in different kinds of activities so as to find peace but they are unable to get it. Some have to travel around the world, visit movie centers, practice yoga but there seems to be no way out. The major reason why it is hard for we human to get a perfect cure for our heart trouble is because we have forgotten that we are created in God's own image, and that part of us that is meant to be for Him only we have given to worldly things.

These worldly things cannot fill up that space and cure our heart trouble. Only God can. When you search the scriptures, you will find out where Jesus Christ the Son of God says "The peace I give to you is a gift this world cannot give." That means only God through his son can give you peace which is the only cure for your heart trouble. One thing we fail to understand is that happiness is different from peace. Happiness can be gotten with money and it doesn't last forever. Happiness comes with pleasure, and happiness is different from Joy because joy lasts longer than happiness, and joy comes alongside peace. Buying a car make you happy, building a house can make you happy, getting a new job can also make you happy but all of that can't give you peace of heart.


Millions of humans are crying what can I do? Well, the good news is there's a perfect cure for your heart trouble. The first step to getting a cure for your heart trouble is being able to differentiate happiness from peace. You need to know that peace is a restful state of your heart and mind. In a world of so many tribulations and afflictions, you can still find peace with God which is the only perfect cure for heart trouble, and how you can get this peace is very easy. You need to redirect your heart and mind towards God, for out of our heart all the deeds of humans proceed both good and evil, including the issues of life.

After you've done that, you begin to read the scriptures, by reading the scriptures you're communicating with God, because those are the very words of God you're reading. Start developing a regular prayerful life, tell God you need Him, surrender to Him all of you withholding nothing. Prayerfully tell him to locate you in his mercies and let all you in your daily activities bring Him glory.

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When you begin to do all of that, you will find peace with God which is the only perfect cure for heart trouble. Gradually He comes and fills your heart, and you begin to realize that the pressure of this world no longer threatens or scares you because your heart is now right with God. Peace with God is the only perfect cure for heart trouble.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 25, 2021:

Good article.

We can find peace with God.

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