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Leo and Capricorn in Love: When Opposites Attract ♌️ + ♑️

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Leo and Capricorn go together like marshmallows and chocolate. When they're together, things are better. Both have a strong preference for family. Capricorn gives Leo space and stability. Leo gives passion and intrigue.

Leo and Capricorn go together like marshmallows and chocolate. When they're together, things are better. Both have a strong preference for family. Capricorn gives Leo space and stability. Leo gives passion and intrigue.

Leo and Capricorn in Love

The thread that connects Leo and Capricorn has to do with family.

  • Leos are natural parental figures. They’re bold, outlandish, egotistical, and social, but nurturing the next generation is a top priority.
  • Capricorns prioritize family as a time-honored tradition and for survival. They’re hoarders and infamous hermits, but family is what gives them purpose. They do everything for the longevity of their close ones.

Leo wants to show off, live life to the fullest, and prosper. They teach their family how to be ambitious. Capricorn is all about survival; they make long-term plans to help their family prosper.

Opposites Attract

Leo is born in the middle of summer. Capricorn is born at the beginning of winter. Leo moves quickly, asserts himself, and is a doer. Capricorn moves in a calculated manner, she’s resourceful, cunning, and shrewd.

Where Leo starts projects, Capricorn finishes them. Where Leo is robust and magnetic, Capricorn is reserved and introspective.

Leo may come off too showy for Capricorn’s tastes, and Capricorn may come off too conservative and reserved for Leo. The lion wants to go everywhere and explore everything; the goat wants to survive, so she holds back and plots her way to make it through winter.

The two signs can clash. They see the world in completely different ways. Leo wants to spend; Capricorn wants to save.

What Leo Brings to the Relationship

Leo can draw a Capricorn out of her shell. He can encourage her to show more of her thoughts, brilliance, and creativity. Leo will take risks and bring good fortune to the family. He attracts good opportunities into the household.

What Capricorn Brings to the Relationship

Capricorn can help Leo to slow down and think more methodically. Capricorn can encourage Leo to be more diligent, to see around corners, and to think more about retirement, old age, and grandchildren. Capricorn can help Leo to see beyond appearances and present circumstances.

Leo and Capricorn date ideas: (1) a picnic with wine and delicious treats, (2) a hike through a beautiful landscape, (3) collecting seashells along the coast, (4) a candlelit dinner under the stars, (5) a night dancing away to lovely music.

Leo and Capricorn date ideas: (1) a picnic with wine and delicious treats, (2) a hike through a beautiful landscape, (3) collecting seashells along the coast, (4) a candlelit dinner under the stars, (5) a night dancing away to lovely music.

Do Leo and Capricorn Work Well Together?

All Zodiac combinations can work well together. It’s a matter of understanding the recipe, what each person brings to the table, and overcoming those gaps. There is no such thing as a perfect combination or an imperfect combination in Western astrology.

No zodiac combination is guaranteed to end in marriage or in divorce. Again, it’s about understanding the dynamics at play and how to best use those strengths and weaknesses after a relationship has formed. Some relationships are like an easy-to-follow cake recipe, while others are more like tiramisu.

There are examples of bad and great relationships among all 78 relationship combinations in the zodiac.

Leo + Capricorn: Making It Work

Leo and Capricorn have the right ingredients to make their spark last for a long time. They are different from each other, but they have certain core qualities that cause them to attract each other. Again, they both have a desire to raise a family or to help future generations flourish.

Positive Earth Traits

Capricorn is a hermit, but they are also social. Their earth nature causes them to be picky about people: they prefer to spend time with family and close friends. Those with a heavy amount of the earth element are practical, wise with money, prefer long-term strategies, and have the ability to make things physically manifest.

They tend to work well with their hands, make for good cooks, and often show love through acts of service and gifts. Capricorns are organized, good managers of resources, and have a tool for just about every occasion.

Capricorn makes decisions by looking at what is practical, sane, in grasp, and manageable. Capricorns will look for someone who can help them establish a steady life and fit into their family views. They can be ritualistic, dogmatic, and deeply quiet.

Positive Fire Traits

Leo is great with kids. They’re goal-oriented, excitable, funny, and dramatic. They like to be the center of attention. Their concentrated fire nature causes them to:

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  • Get projects started
  • Initiate conversations
  • Be active in the real world
  • Follow their dreams
  • Be noticeably ambitious
  • Be passionate rather than apathetic

Leos make for great leaders and storytellers. They don’t want to waste their time sitting on a couch all day. They want to live, so this could come in conflict with Capricorn, who can isolate themselves and hide in order to survive.

Leo wants to chase after romance, but Capricorn wants normalcy.

Leo = Passion; Capricorn = Senses

Leo is a passionate soul. This can be appealing to Capricorn who is sensual. Leo is generally seen as loyal and enjoys a monogamous relationship; they like to focus their intense affection on one person. Where Leo is a dreamer, Capricorn is down to earth. Where Leo wants to show off, Capricorn wants to observe.

The couple’s differing qualities can be a good thing. They don’t overlap each other too much, so they can focus on different things within a relationship or household. They’ll cover more ground together. One person likes what the other person doesn’t. Capricorn will be a great audience for Leo. And Leo will be a great show for Capricorn.


This pair will have to compromise and evaluate what is best for them. Sometimes Leo wants more while Capricorn wants less. Leo can’t always run into situations at 150%. Capricorn can’t always get away with only spending 15% of their energy.

If this pair can understand that the person next to them operates in a completely different way, and to anticipate their needs, then the relationship can survive for the long haul.

They are not mirrors of each other; they are opposites. It will take time to learn how to share spaces and what works best for both.

  • Capricorn typically shows love through acts of service.
  • Leo shows love through touch and compliments.
  • They need to learn each other’s love languages.

Leo’s Core Needs in This Relationship

In order to win Leo’s heart, you must worship them. They are drawn to those who can spare compliments and give them flattery and affection.

  • Leo will turn to a Capricorn if they’re looking for something steady. They may want a better home life or a good parent for their kids.
  • Leos don’t always find it easy to set up a home or take care of practical things.
  • Leo wants someone they can depend on to keep things in motion.

Capricorn’s Core Needs in This Relationship

Capricorn will be won by someone who can prove they can make good decisions. The cardinal earth sign doesn’t do well with someone who is constantly taking risks.

  • Capricorn will find Leo entertaining.
  • Capricorn wants a partner who is more lighthearted than them. Someone who can bring a spark into the room, someone who is responsible but lively.
  • In Capricorn’s eyes, Leo is helpful at keeping the dreariness at bay.
Capricorn steadies Leo, and Leo gets Capricorn out of her shell. Leo wants to talk all day, Capricorn listens. They have different qualities that help keep the relationship alive.

Capricorn steadies Leo, and Leo gets Capricorn out of her shell. Leo wants to talk all day, Capricorn listens. They have different qualities that help keep the relationship alive.

10 Tips to Make Things Work in Leo and Capricorn Relationships

There are a few problem spots that typically come up in a Leo and Capricorn pairing. I’ve listed ten tips below to help the two signs find common ground.

1. Don’t Make Impulsive Decisions

Leo in particular needs to think before he speaks. Leo and Capricorn both need to confide in each other before making a decision.

Get each other’s input. Be willing to compromise. Remember: you’ll come to the best decision by sharing your thoughts and feelings.

2. Leo: Don’t Fuss Too Much About Things

You like drama! Try to put your ambition and fire for life in the right direction. You can annoy Capricorn by making a bigger deal out of things than necessary. Pick your battles wisely.

You should evaluate your priorities. Watch your emotions because they can get the best of you.

3. Capricorn: It’s Okay to Live a Little.

Don’t always focus on the retirement fund. It’s okay to spend a little. It’s actually wise for you to have a side hustle or second stream of income — it’ll make you feel better about your household’s income.

You’re with a Leo, so you will burn through some money. Know how you can earn more, so you can save and spend more. Don’t put your Leo on too short of a leash or a tight budget. Constraining the Leo too much will backfire.

4. Temper Your Temperament

Leo needs to hold back on the drama, and Capricorn needs to be more vulnerable. Leo can be an excellent, empathetic listener. Capricorn can be great at solving problems and taking a practical approach.

Takeaway: Even though Leo loves to talk, they can be good listeners. Even though Capricorn can be very quiet, they can be great communicators.

5. Capricorns Naturally Draw to Ideas, and Leos Naturally Draw to People

Sometimes the two of you may have to spend time apart in order for the other person to recharge their batteries.

For some Capricorns, spending time with lots of people can be taxing. For some Leos, spending time alone can be taxing.

It’s okay if you need to spend time in different ways without each other to get re-energized. Of course, some Capricorns are more extroverted and some Leos are more introverted.

6. Continue Doing Romantic Gestures Despite How Long You’ve Been Together

It’s all too easy to take someone for granted. Instead, find ways to incorporate simple acts of love to keep the fire alive.

Keep giving each other gifts. Keep celebrating anniversaries. Keep taking weekend getaways.

7. Try New Things and Try Familiar Things

Leo does well to try new things; Capricorn does well to try familiar things. You need to strike a balance here.

My suggestion: Leo, sometimes you need to do things that bore you a little. Try to find the excitement in familiar things. Capricorn, sometimes you need to be more vulnerable and put yourself out there. Don’t always chicken out on new experiences.

8. Add Mystery into the Relationship

Have secret signals and code words to communicate with each other, so others do not know what is going on. This will be helpful if you need to leave a party, talk about something privately, or flirt.

Don’t always do something predictable. Take a moment to think about what you normally do at home and put a spin on it.

9. Capricorn Is a Manager of Physical Resources

Capricorn has strengths in: organization, managing items, budgeting, and staying on top of tasks. This person does well with accounting, keeping an inventory, and planning out vacations or multiple schedules.

10. Leo Is a Leader of Free-Will

Leo has strengths in: getting things started, making things happen, inspiring others, and getting the wheels in motion. Leo needs to go and do many things.

The worst thing to do to a Leo is keep them constrained. They have to go into the wild and unknown. Organization can be a buzzkill to them, so let Capricorn organize.

Final Takeaways

It’s relationship physics: Leo causes momentum and Capricorn causes steady traction. Leo can’t both start and process information. Leo will prefer to start and get things moving. He gets the particles active.

Capricorn can’t both start and process information. Capricorn prefers to process information. Capricorn organizes chaos while Leo starts it.

Leo and Capricorn at a Quick Glance






Middle of Summer

Beginning of Winter


July 23 and August 22

December 21 to January 21







Motivated by:

Free-Will, Ambition, Desire

Senses, Practicality, Physical Manifestations

Represented by:

The Heart





Ruling Planet:

The Sun



Orange, Red, Gold

Gray, Navy Blue, Subdued Colors

House of Cards



Yin or Yang



Leader or Manager




The Nemean lion was a vicious monster in Greek mythology that lived at Nemea. It was eventually killed by Heracles. It could not be killed with mortal weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack. Its claws were sharper than swords and could cut through any armor.

Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus after his mother, Rhea, saved him from being devoured by his father, Cronos. Amalthea's broken horn was transformed into the cornucopia or "horn of plenty."

Chinese Counterpart



Food Interests

Grains, proteins, spicy foods

Salad, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fish, eggs, whole-grain breads


Showy, courageous, bold, loud, boisterous, commanding, diverse, champion of people, social kings and queens, vibrant, powerful, compelling

Reserved, smart, diligent, patient, observant, resourceful, sneaky, calculated, hermit-like, conservative


Boredom, the mundane, tedium, lackluster, inconsiderate acts, hurting the little guy

Spending too much, living too wildly, living unrestrained, chaos, not following rules, creating problems, time wasting activities, lack of progress, lack of stability

© 2020 Andrea Lawrence

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