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A Hymn: The Shunamite Woman and Prophet Elisha’s Story

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer’s Foreword

I am not good in notes, but from the local church trainings while in choir, I have come around with this hymn using another hymn. If you know the hymn beneath, then you can join me to sing this song unto the Lord.

Let The Peace Of God Reign - Hillsong Worship

The Composed Song

1. It came to pass as prophet Elisha

Passes through land of Shunem

That he met one great woman

Whose house he usually abode


Being confident of this thing

That he which begun good works

In you will even perform it

Every good works he hath begun

2. Elisha asks even from

The great woman of Shunem

What she wants him do for her

To her for all h’spitality


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3. But the woman answered that

Trouble not thine-self prophet

But the prophet knoweth that

She lacketh a particular thing


4. And then he faced his servant

Asks from him what could be done

Unto the wealthy woman

For all her hospitality


5. And Gehazi answered that

Even one thing this woman

Thirsteth after is a child

‘Cause she and her h’band were old


6. When Elisha ‘ven heard this

He sent that the woman be called

And he told her Jehovah

‘ll give her a son the following year


7. And even the following year

Even this wealthy woman

Gave birth also to a son

According to Elisha’s words


8. But ‘ven when child was grown up

On a day of reckoning

The child ‘ven developed headache

Which resulted in his death


9. This great woman of Shunem

Lay the son also on the bed

Even of the man of God

As she went to meet him on Carmel


10. When she gets to Elisha

She says that all shall be well

‘Cause she certainly knows that

All concerning her Jehovah ‘ll perfect


11. God who has start’d a new thing

In the life of the woman

Restored back spirit of the son

And he became a living soul


12. You should also put thy faith

Even in Jesus the Lord

Everything that’s even yours

He will also perfect them



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