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A Hymn: The Merciful Lord God

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer’s Foreword

I am not good in notes, but from the local church trainings while in choir, I have come around with this hymn using another hymn. If you know the hymn beneath, then you can join me to sing this song unto the Lord.

Holy, Holy, Holy (lord god almighty) lyrics and music

The Composed Song

1. The Lord, the God who art even the Longsuffering

The merciful and also gracious thou art

Only thou art ‘bundant ‘ven in goodness and truth

Thou keepeth mercy also for thousands

2. The Lord, the God oh yea thou alone art even the

One who forgiveth the sins that we’ve committed

Even the iniquity and all the transgressions

Thou art ‘ven use thine blood even clean

3. The Lord, the God forgiveth ‘ven all sins

But he will not let the guilty go unpunished

He visits sins of parents even upon their children

And on their children to fourth generation

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4. The Lord, the God I am kneeling down before Thee

Am bowing down unto thee the eternal king

How great are thy signs? How mighty thy wonders

And thine kingdom is everlasting one

5. The Lord, the God Oh That thou ‘ld even let me receive

A very exceedingly great grace from you

Even like all the ancient patriarchs of faith who hath passed

Had received great grace even from thine hand



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on October 20, 2020:

Thanks Brenda, coming from you means a lot. Stay Safe! Have a lovely day.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 19, 2020:

Wonderful work.

I love your devotion.

May you have a blessed day.

OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on October 19, 2020:

Sannyasi Raja thanks, I appreciate thine comment. Continue to stay Safe!

Sannyasi Raja from Durgapur, West Bengal, India on October 18, 2020:

Nice work

OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on October 17, 2020:

Wow! That is great. Stay Safe. Could neither write nor compose yesterday, because I have series of meeting. thanks.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 16, 2020:

There is an organist in my son's church who can play Holy Holy Holy in such a way you feel His Spirit so strong.

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