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A Hymn: The Great Grace of God

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

To enhance brethren and people who love the wordings of the composed song to join in singing, I have mimicked a hymn. Anyone who knows the hymn and or a similar hymn can successfully sing this newly composed hymn.


Composed Hymn

1. The great grace of Our God

Has appeared to all men

In the only b’gotten Son of God

Jesus who lies on God’s bosom

2. For all men who live on earth

Are sinners and they have come short

Even of the glory of God

‘till grace ‘ppeared to restore the glory

3. By grace the wretched sinners

See their c’rrent positions

By grace sinners ‘re also taken out

From where they ‘re to where God wants ‘em to be

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4. The great grace of our God

Has given light to all men

Who sit in darkness an’ shadow of death

And guide men into the way of peace

5. By the grace of the Lord our God

Humans are saved an’ accepted

Bringing men back into fellowship with God

The Elohim our Creator

6. By the special grace of our God

Unclean people are made clean

Purified, sanctified by God

Becoming fir for the Master’s use

7. It is by the grace of God

That the comforter can enter men

The very living and Holy God

Dwelling within the earthen vessels


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