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A Hymn: Show Me Thy Way Oh Lord

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

I do not know how to put my composed words into tunic solfa format, but having leanrt however remotely how to compose songs using local Yoruba format, I decide to come with a work around on how to make my songs internationally acceptable, therefore, I have been mimicking some hymns which I believe anyone who knows how to sing such hymn globally would be able to sing along with me my composed song using the tune that I have used beneath.

Based on the above ipsofacto, I invite lovers of music and songs all over the world to join me in singing the newly composed song beneath.

The Composed Hymn

1. Show me thy ways oh Lord my God

For thou art good and upright

When thou lead me even in thy truth

Then I 'll teach sinners thy way

Yea then I 'll be able to lead 'em

'Ven 'ccording to thy precepts

Therefore they 'll understand you more

And their hearts 'll cleave to Thee

2. Show me thy ways oh Lord my God

For the world is a crooked place

Yea the dark places of the earth

Are full of dwellin' of violence

By Thee alone will I pass through

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The dark places of the earth

Without staining my white garment

With which Thou hast clothed me

3. Show me thy ways oh Lord my God

For Thou art meek an' tenderhearted

The meek Thou 'll guide in judgement

The meek you 'll teach even your ways

Mercy and truth Thou 'll show unto those

Who keep your testimony an' c'venant

Oh my Lord help me to keep to

Thy c'venant an' testimony

4. Show me thy ways oh Lord my God

Teach Thou me even thy paths

And lead me also in thy truth

'Cause you 're God of my salvation

On Thee do I wait all the day

My God do not forget me

Remember Thou me for your good

Do not leave me in my low estate

5. Show me thy ways oh Lord my God

For I lift my soul unto Thee

I put my trust even in Thee

Let me not be put to shame

Allow Thee not my enemies

To even triumph over me

Yea do not let any that wait

Upon Thee to be ashamed

6. Show me thy ways oh Lord my God

Shower on me thy mercies

For thy loving kindness has been

From 'verlasting to 'verlasting

Rem'mber not the sins of my youth

Nor any of my transgressions

According to thy mercies Lord

Rain Thy goodness upon me


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