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A Hymn: Put Thine Trust in Him

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer’s Foreword

I do not know how to put my composed words into tonic solfa format, but having learnt however remotely how to compose songs using local Yoruba format, I decide to come with a work around on how to make my songs internationally acceptable, therefore, I have been mimicking some hymns which I believe anyone who knows how to sing such hymn globally would be able to sing along with me my composed song using the tune that I have used beneath.

Having said this, I sincerely invite you to join me in singing this newly composed song, because I know music yea songs is one of the things that makes heart merry lifting hearts out of the cauldron of darkness that the enemies may have subjected people to and draws heart closer to God and his blessings.

Praying, hoping and trusting that you will be blessed with the song as you sing along with me and if you do not know the tune, I sincerely trust that God will bless your hearts, homes and all that is yours as you read the wordings of the newly composed song.

Lynda Randle - God On The Mountain (Live/Lyric Video)

The Composed Song

1. Though thou has been reject’d by your friends

Close associates ‘ve forsaken you

Uncertainties have pervaded your paths

You have no hope of even tomorrow


Put thou thine trust in Him

Put thou thine trust in Him

For if thou canst put thine trust even in Him

Thou shalt never be put to shame

2. Though you have been jilted by your lover

And you ‘ve become shadow of yourself

You ‘ve been thinking of committing suicide

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‘Cause world is meaningless to you


3. When thine mother and father turn’d you down

And you ‘re forsaken by thine siblings

Neither have thee anyone to turn to

Nor see any shoulder that you can lean on


4. When thine loved ones passed to the great beyond

And you are despaired also in shock

Yea it seems that you have lost everything

You feel you are alone in the world


5. When you have nothing to eat even at home

And you ‘ve been relieved of your job

When you are in financial crises

And you are seriously depressed


6. When your body is frail and medications not working

Yea when your health is failing off

And your body aches ‘ven seriously

And when the death is knocking the door



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