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A Hymn: Pray Always Pray, Master Pleadeth

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Composer's Foreword

Since we live in a world that is not static, we also believed that religion especially christian faith is not static, even those who want to keep Christian faith in the cauldron of darkness could not do so during the emergence of the Coronavirus which forced the hands of all and sundry to embrace online worship.

Since many people have known what it means to worship God online, and worship him in truth, I have also made use of some online avenues to share my wordings of songs across to the world by mimicking some known hymns, trusting that those who know the song will join me in worshipping Yahweh wherever they are globally.

This new song has also followed the erstwhile pattern of mimicking a hymn, the tune of the hymn is gotten from YouTube and shared here, as well as the wordings, to help those who love to sing the composed song along with me.

It is my firm believe in Christ Jesus that God will through the song minister to hearts as he has been using the songs we have known for ages.


Composed Song

1. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

With the disciples and his children

For Satan lieth secretly watching

Seeking for whom he will devour

2. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

Though the spirit may be willing

But the flesh may be very weak

Pray left you fall to temptations

3. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

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Even when it seems as if thine

Prayers ain't heard by greatest Judge

Cease thou not to present thy request

4. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

Yea even for thine daily bread

Ans be thou anxious for nothing

But cast thou all thy burdens on Him

5. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

Go into your closet and shut thy doors

Pray to thy Father in the secret

And openly thy Father 'll reward thee

6. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

Know that whatsoever ye ask for

Even in the name of Jesus Christ

The heavenly father will grant 'em all

7. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

Asking the Father through the Son

So the Father may be glorified

Even in the life of his beg'ten son

8. Pray always pray Master pleadeth

But hitherto you have asked for nothing

Ask whatever you want and you 'll receive

So that your joy may even be full


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