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A Hymn: Pray Always

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Debbie 'Woye, praying

Debbie 'Woye, praying

Composer's Foreword

All glory to God for the advancements in technology, through this I can share the inspiritional songs I have by making use of some of the hymns learnt locally.

The tune I used in the composition of the song is copied out, and I know those who know the hymn can as well sing along with me the composed song.

I trust in the Lord that this song will bless the body of christ and other gospel music lovers globally.


Composed Hymn

1. Prayer is means of speaking to

Our heavenly Lord and our Father

Of those things that we want from him

As children speak with earthly parents

2. Our heavenly Father loves to

Always have communion with us

Therefore he calls his children to

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Ask even from him what they want.

3. Ask and it shall be given thee

If thou seek thou 'll surely find

And anyone who knocks heav'nly doors

Through prayers the doors 'll be opened

4. Our heavenly Father loves us

So dearly more than our earthly parents

Thence He won't withold from His wards

Good and special things even from them

5. Pray always he asks us to pray

Pleading with the spirit in us

That we be not wearied nor faint

In talking to him of all we want.


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