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A Hymn: I Am The Good Shepherd


Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

I do not know how to put my composed words into tunic solfa format, but having leanrt however remotely how to compose songs using local Yoruba format, I decide to come with a work around on how to make my songs internationally acceptable, therefore, I have been mimicking some hymns which I believe anyone who knows how to sing such hymn globally would be able to sing along with me my composed song using the tune that I have used beneath.

HavinHaving said this, I sincerely invite you to join me in singing this newly composed song.



The Composed Song

1. Jesus says 'Am good Shepherd

'Cause a good Shepherd giveth

Even his life for the sheep

To preserve their lives alive

2. Jesus says Am good shepherd

For a shepherd 'll not leave the sheep

But hireling will leave the sheep

When he sees danger coming

3. Jesus says am good Shepherd

And I care even for my sheep

Leading them also to where

They shall find the green pastures

4. Jesus says am good Shepherd

Good Shepherd leadeth the sheep

To where they will find waters

To satisfy and quench their thirst

5. Jesus says am good shepherd

Good shepherd 'ccompany the sheep

Even through darkest valley

The sheep are never alone

6. Jesus says am good shepherd

Even by his rod and staff

He instructed even the sheep

They are verily comforting

7. Jesus says am good shepherd

Good shepherd washes the sheep

Anointing also the sheep

Keeping them even in good health

8. Jesus says am good shepherd

From his hand the sheep do eat

Resting even on his bosom

For he loves the sheep dearly

9. Jesus says am good shepherd

Who 'll also do everything

Even at his disposal

To recover the lost sheep

10. Jesus says am good shepherd

Good shepherd knoweth his sheep

And the sheep know their shepherd

A stranger they 'll not follow

11. Jesus says am good shepherd

'Cause he layeth down his life

Even for redemption of the sheep

Therefore his father loves him


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