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A Hymn: Holy Spirit My Special Friend

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

I do not know tonic solfa, therefore I cannot write the tonic solfa of my work for the world's grasp. However, having learnt remotely some hymns that have tonic solfa, I have tried to mimick the hymn. Thence, if anyone can sing the song mimicked such a person can apply the notes of the song to this new song and join in singing the song.

Composed Hymn

1. Holy Spirit my special friend

My companion and comforter

The one givrth by Christ the Lord

To guide believers on

2. Holy spirit my special friend

My anchor and my pillar

He is even the strong tower

That believers run into

3. HolySpirit my Special friend

My captain, my compass

He is the one who is stirring

Ships of believers on

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4. Holy Spirit my special friend

The shield of my defense

My deliverer, an' Defender

The strength and believers' buckler

5. Holy Spirit my special friend

The power of the Lord's might

The whole armor that believers

Needed to put 'ven on

6. Holy Spirit my Special Friend

He's the Rock of ages

The Supreme pow'r that the enemies

Cannot even confront

7. Holy spirit my special friend

Help me not to grieve thee

So thay I will not lose the joy

Of thy salvation within me

8. HolySpirit my special friend

Continue to teach me

Thy righteous way and thy precepts

So not to sin against thee

9. Holy Spirit my special friend

I commit my lifr unto thee

Continue to keep me in you

As long as I 'll live on earth.


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