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A Hymn: Behold, I Stand at the Door of Hearts Knocking

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Elizabeth Tola, Abuja

Elizabeth Tola, Abuja

Composer's Foreword

All glory to God who has allowed Internet on earth, because of this several hidden talents are being revealed.

I have mimicked a song while composing this song, and anyone who knows the mimicked song could sing this song globally.

Composed Song/Hymn

1. Come now come all sinners come

Thy Creator is calling you

Wherever thou art right now

Hearken thou to the call of God


I stand noe at the door of hearts

Knocking the door of the hearts

Anyman who opens the door to me

I 'll come in to sup with him

2. Come now come all sinners come

Though thy sin be as scarlet

They 'll be purged clean by His blood

And you 'll be white as snow

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3. Come now come all sinners come

Though like crimson thy sins be red

Yet Christ will wash your sins clean

And you shall be white as wool


4. Come now come all sinners come

Do not harden your heart again

Wilfully accept thou his call

And start to sup 'ven with him


5. Come now come all sinners come

Now is the time to be saved

If thou wilfully comes to Him

He will never cast you off



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