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Capricorn and Virgo: Everything You Need to Know About This Pairing

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Capricorn and Virgo attract to each other because of their shared love of sensibility.

Capricorn and Virgo attract to each other because of their shared love of sensibility.

Virgo + Capricorn

A Virgo and Capricorn couple will naturally come together because both are dominated by the earth element. The problem with this relationship is both people tend to have loner tendencies, so they may struggle to start a romance.

Virgo: Summary

Virgo is one of the most independent and single signs of the zodiac. Virgo is the mutable earth sign of summer. The sign works hard and likes to work with their hands. Virgos are often workaholics. They see effort as money earned, so they’ll work long and take on hard shifts. They’ll save up their money, and they’ll look for ways they can conserve and cut corners.

Virgo is smart, well-mannered, and often feels they’re right. They excel at learning, and they can have quite the hidden temper that might elude some signs.

Capricorn: Summary

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of winter. They’re focused on survival and having a long life. They will avoid people and hoard objects to survive challenging seasons. They have long-term visions and move slowly. Capricorns are the most family-oriented sign of the zodiac. They work hard, so their family can prosper.

Capricorn cares about what is in their inventory, and they make sure those close to them have their basic needs met. Capricorn knows how to live in times of trouble or how to live in rough terrains. This is someone who will stay in a committed relationship through sickness and health.

Virgo and Capricorn at a Quick Glance



August 23 to September 22

December 22 to January 19


End of Summer

Beginning of Winter







Ruled by






Represented by






Motivated by







Hard worker, cerebral, practical, perfectionist, strong etiquette, independent.

Hermit, family oriented, serious, mature, wise, cunning.

Protectors of the Earth

Virgo and Capricorn will get along because they come from similar mindsets. They both want to be practical, they enjoy traditions, and they like hard days of work.

Virgo has a tendency to keep things clean while Capricorn can be somewhat messy. Virgo is interested in success, but Capricorn is interested in survival. The two move slowly and steadily. They’re not easily misled by charms, and they have pretty good control over their impulses.

Together these two would be a powerful force for just about any project. Virgo’s perfectionism will guarantee refinement, while Capricorn’s drive will guarantee that things get done. Sometimes Virgo runs into problems of trying to be perfect and then falling into procrastination. Capricorn sometimes gets to things too slowly. The two signs are on a similar wavelength with their goals and world outlook, which is ideal in a relationship.

This is a couple who thrives on embracing the physical, outside world. A clean home will do wonders for them, but this won’t be easy for Capricorn who tends to hoard and clutter up their space. Resourcefulness can also lead to materialism and an overabundance of items.

Earth Elements Need Time Outside

The two need to be out in nature. They would do well to join a cause that helps the planet, whether challenging global warming, getting into urban farming, building their own garden, or working on energy projects. The two know how to be disciplined so that their goals materialize. Money as an incentive works exceptionally well for this pair.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are nourished by going outside. They need to hear the birds sing, hike in the wilderness, smell flora, and make a splash in the rivers. They like being grounded and taking note of the planet and its details. They believe beauty is in nature, not in technology.

Earth Signs Are Humble

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn like neutral tones. They do well in environments that aren’t too flashy. They like for things to be somewhat toned down and logical. They’re always looking for the tried and true path. They have a keen eye for success.

Earth signs are very good managers of resources. They add organization into the zodiac. They’re smart, but they don’t have to brag about it. They want people to feel at ease and comfortable in their midst.

Traditions, Family, and Structure

Capricorn is looking for a family while Virgo is looking for individuality. Capricorn believes having a good family will help you to survive the difficult parts of life. Family is also a traditional way that our species prolongs itself. Virgo puts more focus on the self than the family unit. Virgo sees survival as more about one’s own individuality and choices.

Capricorn and Virgo both want a relationship that’s sustainable, stable, safe, and smart. Virgo is someone who likes to analyze data and make sense of disorganized thoughts. Capricorn likes to take Virgo’s findings and apply those to the real world.

This pair can have a long-lasting relationship that ends only in death. They’re both reasonable people, and they have practical approaches. They’re both resilient in times of hardship and can persevere through just about anything.

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Virgo and Capricorn enjoy simplistic dates: (1) a romantic picnic in a charming vista, (2) a bike ride through a gorgeous trail, (3) a candlelit dinner, (4) exploring a vineyard or orchard, (5) kayaking in a secluded area.

Virgo and Capricorn enjoy simplistic dates: (1) a romantic picnic in a charming vista, (2) a bike ride through a gorgeous trail, (3) a candlelit dinner, (4) exploring a vineyard or orchard, (5) kayaking in a secluded area.

Tips to Make this Relationship Work

1. Routine is your best friend. You’ll find that doing things at home by clockwork, sticking to schedules, and keeping things consistent will bring peace to the relationship. Both of you thrive off consistency and try to make it a real facet of your lives.

2. Stick to budgets, use coupons, look for deals, and clean out the clutter in the house. Methods to conserve energy will help you succeed at your goals. When you have too much, be generous and give away. Avoid hoarding items out of fear that you don’t have enough.

3. Go on regular dates. It may be the same date on repeat forever but go on dates to bring energy into the relationship. As earth signs, you have to work a little harder to be vulnerable.

4. Step away from technology and get your hands into the ground. Both of you do well with real, practical work, and doing it together makes sense to the both of you. A Virgo and Capricorn garden space will look beautiful and inviting.

5. Go on vacations that bring you out into nature. The two of you like exploring and you like having vacations that are practical and don’t break the budget. Go see the Grand Canyon, meander in the Redwood Forest in California, and take a cruise to Alaska.

6. Be considerate of people and don’t judge them for their differences. Their perspectives and priorities may carry them in a different way. Those who are highly creative may come off as messy and impractical to you, but they offer different solutions to the world that you might not be seeing. Be brave to be open-minded. You don’t want your relationship to be about gossip.

7. Allow Virgo to flourish to his or her true strength. A strong Virgo can make an incredible academic, thinker, or leader. Virgo should not be held back, but should be allowed to grow. Do not let the routines of life bury the Virgo. Constantly encourage them to push themselves more and reassure them that perfection isn’t possible… you can still be on target and have some loose details. Your energy in your work is important even if it isn’t at 100%.

8. This couple will flourish by making practical guidelines. Start your 401K early, build up a stock portfolio, have a side hustle that brings in money along with your main source of income, and schedule everything. You both do well with long-term plans.

9. When your family grows in size, remember that your priority first is your partner. Your children need to see that you both love each other, and when you love your spouse first, it will be easier to love your children. Children soak up their parents’ romance more than they realize. Your children will eventually grow up and leave the house. Your goal is to raise them to be independent adults who can live on their own. Your spouse is for the long haul.

10. Be slow to anger and quick to love. Be careful about your temper and what frustrates you. Do not burden yourself with anger or grudges. Let go and forgive. Be more gentle and kind: honey wins people over more than vinegar.

Virgo and Capricorn share similar values. This is a couple that works extremely well together for the long run. They share similar values, goals, and styles. They can get on the same wavelength with ease. They spend money in similar ways.

Virgo and Capricorn share similar values. This is a couple that works extremely well together for the long run. They share similar values, goals, and styles. They can get on the same wavelength with ease. They spend money in similar ways.

Love Languages

Love languages are how people show and receive love. Everyone has different preferences on what love languages mean the most to them. Some people better understand love through words while others best see it through gifts.

Acts of Service

Both of you may communicate love through acts of service: such as taking out the trash, changing car oil, and unloading the dishwasher. Acts of service are a common way that earth elements express their love. But remember: there are other ways to show love in a relationship. It’s best to mix in different methods to give your relationship a full, rounded feel to it.


Do not forget about the power of touch. Your partner needs affection. Give hugs, hold hands, and kiss. When you stop doing these simple things, it can spell trouble in a relationship.

Gift Giving

As practical as the Virgo and Capricorn are, a gift can go a long way to let someone know you care about them. If you are crafty, make gifts. Give your partner the prettiest flowers from the garden. Also, buy them something they’ve always wanted or has special meaning to them.


Couples need affirmation. Use your words to let the other person know you understand them and appreciate the qualities they have. Write messages and leave them around the house. A compliment scavenger hunt could be romantic.

Spending Time

Spending time with someone is an investment. The more time spent in the relationship, the more value is understood by the other person. This is also a staple of an earth element’s needs.

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Edurne on September 06, 2019:

I am a Virgo girl and my boyfriend is Capricorn, and I could not agree more about every little detail you have explained about our relationship! It is funny but we both always see our relationship like we match each other perfectly, we have our ups and downs but like every relationship, but we both got to say that we found ourselves with the same points of view and our primordial priorities in life and we are more than amazed of that, besides we both love each other so deeply that I am sure it has never been told in any fairytale or love story for sure!

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