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A Great Saint In Maharashtra Is Sant Tukaram Maharaj


I am an English Writer from India, Today, I am publishing the article on the life and work of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. .

He is really a great saint in Maharashtra. He composed many abhangas on various issue.

He is really a great saint in Maharashtra. He composed many abhangas on various issue.

Introduction to the Life of Saint Tukaram Maharaj

The land of Maharashtra is called the land of saints. Maharashtra is the birthplace of many great saints. This is the birthplace of Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Namdev and Saint Janabai on the same land. Saint Tukaram was one of these saints. Saint Tukaram was a great saint who was far from jealousy and hatred, he endured many atrocities in his life.

Tukaram Maharaj was a poet-saint of the 17th century Maharashtra Bhakti Abhiyan. He was also a member of the omniscient, individual Warkari religious community.

Tukaram is known for his unbroken and devotional poetry and he has sung many devotional songs in his community which is called kirtan in the local language. His poems were dedicated to Vitthal and Vithoba, who are considered to be incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Tukaram Maharaj was born on February 1, 1607 in the village of Dehu in Pune district. Dehu is also known as the pilgrimage site of Tukaram. Tukaram Maharaj's full name was Tukaram Bolhoba Ambile. His wife name was Awali. He was always engrossed in Bhagavad Gita, Dnyaneshwari, Eknath's Abhang, Ramayana etc.

He explained how to achieve bhagwant through his abhanga and life. He taught all the common people how to live in the material world and how to become one in parmarth. There is much different opinion among historians about Tukaram's birth.

He was a great devotee of Lord Vitthala.

He was a great devotee of Lord Vitthala.

A Great Devotee of Lord Vitthala

He considered Vitthal of Pandharpur as his idol. They used to merge in devotion to Vitthal. He showed the path of devotion to God to the masses through his abhangas and dohas.

Tukaram Maharaj's guru was Babaji Chaitanya. They are also referred to as Keshavchaitanya. His Mahaparinirvana took place in 1571 and his Samadhi is in the village of Ootur in Junnar taluka of Pune district. Tukaram Maharaj's guru is Keshav Chaitanya. So they saw it in their dreams. This is what Maharaj has said in one of his abhangas.

He was born in the 17th century. It is believed that he has been taken to Vaikuntha by Vitthal himself from the Kirtan. Saint Tukaram was a 17th century Warkari saint. Pandurang of Pandharpur is a deity. The kirtan ends with the chanting of Pundalik Varade Hari Vitthal Shri Dnyandev Tukaram.

Tukaram's traditional occupation was lending (sawakari). Once there was a drought in the Dehu village. So Tukaram freed all the clans in the village from the clutches of their moneylenders and dumped all the mortgage deposit documents in the Indrayani river. After that, Tukaram started doing kirtan and also composed abhang at the same time.

Tukaram gave the task of writing Abhang to his childhood friend Santaji Jagannade from Sudumbare village. Mambaji from Dehugaon caused a lot of trouble to Tukaram. So Tukaram's wife Avali tried to seduce Mambaji. Mambaji then fled from Dehu village. Later he came to know the spiritual rights of Tukaram Maharaj. He then became a disciple of Tukaram Maharaj.

Rameshwar Bhatt was living in Wagholi village near Pune. He was a learned Pandit. As Tukarama explained the meaning of the Vedas in Sanskrit in Prakrit, he was punished for drowning the sagas of Tukarama's abhanga in the river Indrayani. But after thirteen days, seeing that the saga of Abhanga came up automatically from Indrayani river, Rameshwar Bhatt repented. He apologized to Tukaram Maharaj and became his disciple.

Tukaram Maharaj was the guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Saint Bahinabai was a disciple of Tukaram Maharaj. He went to their dreams and gave them Gurupadesh. It is said that after the departure of Tukaram Maharaj to Vaikuntha, he gave a darshan to his sisters. Falgun Vadya II passed Tukaram's Maharaj to Vaikuntha and this day is known as Tukaram Beej.

Saint Tukaram Maharaj engrossed in Kirtan. Kirtan is most important part of varkari sect.

Saint Tukaram Maharaj engrossed in Kirtan. Kirtan is most important part of varkari sect.

Saint Tukaram Maharaj's Life

In Tukaram's early life, he had to endure mundane obstacles. His parents died when he was a teenager. The elder brother went on a pilgrimage. He was first married to Jijai (Avali), daughter of Appaji Gulve of Pune. They had a total of four children. The responsibility of his entire family fell on him. Thus their minds gradually became religious.

Vitthal Bhakti and Parmartha he began to practice. While living in the world, he fulfilled all his responsibilities and did devotion to God without giving up or accepting asceticism. Saint Tukaram sat on Bhandara hill and meditated and composed a lot of his own literature. At that time, people in the society tried to drive Tukaram crazy but they could not succeed.

He criticized the vain things, customs and traditions of the society in harsh language. He showed the easy way of devotion for devotion to God. Saint Tukaram used to walk to Pandhari Wari and pay obeisance to the deity Vitthal every year. His ideas were for social and personal upliftment.

Tukaram Maharaj used to create awareness through his kirtan. His abhangs and kirtans were derived from all these enlightening experiences. Yet some fanatics have rejected his writings and literature, linking his reference to the Veda Puranas and the scriptures.

Rameshwar Bhat from Wagholi in Pune punished Tukaram for drowning his Abhanga saga in the Indrayani river after explaining the meaning of the Vedas in Sanskrit to him. Even though Tukaram's testimony about it was correct, the Vedas were insulted and Tukaram was punished for believing that he was misleading the people.

Even after drowning all the literature, thousands of people still recite it. Tukaram was relieved to see that his written material was alive in people's minds. All his literature is called "Tukaram's saga". He explained the true religion to the common people in very simple language. Tukaram Maharaj did the work of conveying the true meaning of Bhagwat Dharma to the common people.

When he became self-realized, he separated from the lender and the world. When there was a terrible famine at that time, he himself distributed food grains in the house and forgave the debts of the poor people.

Fearless and Enlightening Saint and Poet

Tukaram Maharaj was an enlightened and fearless saint poet. A traditional monopoly of a certain class, flowed from Tukoba's abhangvani to the common people. Saint Tukaram's Abhang is a great symbol of the cultural tradition of Maharashtra. Warakaris, devotees, writers, scholars and general aficionados still study his abhangas. He was fortunate enough to be the pinnacle of Bhagwat Dharma. Tukoba is firmly established in the heart of Maharashtra. There is a touch of return in their abhangas. The sweetness and richness of language in Tukoba's poetry is incomparable. Saint Tukaram Maharaj composed Gawlani along with his abhanglekhana.

Saints who attack hypocrisy with harsh words

In a real sense, Saint Tukaram was a saint of the time. He succeeded in awakening the masses and convincing the people about theology. He tried to destroy the chaos in the religion as well as the naive beliefs. Saint Tukaram did the work of giving new religion, new language to the people by removing the turban of superstition on the society. Saint Tukaram's Dharmakranti Samaj Prabodhan is still a guide for the society. His abhangs have been beneficial to human life.

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