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A Dream Can Change the World


A dream can change the entire course of your life.

Take for example, Joseph, Daniel and Mary's Joseph - they came before World Leaders and Kings and it changed their lives, their nation and even the entire world, because they didn't pass it off as "just a dream".

What if you were called to be a "Joseph" or a "Daniel"? What if God was actually speaking and leading you to go and stand beside your Nations Leaders, World Leaders or Kings? Would you if they didn't profess to be a Christian and were possibly even anti-Christian?

We see from the stories of Joseph and Daniel that God will put us into situations with people that do not know Him (yet). Are they just in the bible to give us a biblical history of the times? No, I don’t believe they are purely in there for that reason alone, but to encourage us to walk out our own destinies. These were everyday people living their lives when they were apprehended by the Spirit of God through a dream and used mightily to transform others lives. Were their lives a cake-walk because they heard from God via dreams? Was anybodies in the Bible?

Jacob had a dream that he saw a ladder with angels ascending and descending and a promise from the Lord that he would be given the land and all the peoples on the earth would be blessed through him and his offspring. This is not a minor promise and had a major impact on Jacob’s destiny. He believed this word from God and acted upon it as did the others.

Have you had a dream recently or maybe in the past, and you know that it was from God, but because of the society that we live in today (Greek mindset - education and theology is everything versus Hebrew - experiencing the very presence of God and education) you have discarded it, and possibly because it was important sounding, you brushed it off as just grandiose ideas fuelled by what you ate the day before?

Please reconsider, and ask God to show you what He wants you to do with your dream. Now is the time for the Daniel's and Joseph's to take their place in our communities/nation/world. God does speak to us in dreams and a dream can transform the entire world!

Note: Please feel free to send the dreams that have resonated within your spirit to and we will endeavour to help you to interpret them and maybe even to reveal your destiny that could be hidden within them! This is a FREE service, but all donations/koha are gratefully accepted. Sweet Dreams!


Erin Bradley (author) from New Zealand on June 24, 2010:

Thanks Jim, Appreciate your comments, so enjoying reading your hubs, and love that you have the courage to share some of the more personal experiences that have happened in your life, it gives those that have yet to find that courage much hope, looking forward to following your journey!

TheManWithNoPants from Tucson, Az. on June 24, 2010:

And the judges git it a .................. 10!! Yea!

Excellent, Dream Singer

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