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A Deliverance Prayer to Rid Yourself of Meth Demons and Other Addictions...

Dean is an experienced ex-drug addict who found the Lord. He is highly anointed by God when it comes to helping others.

A Recap on Meth and the Demonic

Hello everyone. If you have read my last article about meth use and the chance for possession, then your are probably here for deliverance. As written before, repeated meth use can open doorways to the demonic world called the "second" heaven. This is where God cast Satan and his angels (along with spirits and the djinn) that would not obey Him. It is very closely tied into our world called the "first" heaven, or "man's" heaven. There is three heaven's that man may potentially reside, each with it's own purpose. The "third" heaven is where God will reside with us who have obtained salvation through Jesus Christ. The book of Enoch states that God "now" resides in the "eleventh" heaven. That means that God will have to "descend" in order to live with man! Pretty humble I'd say! Anyway, Repeated drug use will eventually open a doorway that you do not want open. At first you may never know that anything is wrong, but then one day you will realize that you are not alone. Many users report thoughts that are not their own, or hearing voices and seeing "shadow" people or other manifestations. One may even have physical symptoms such a scratches (usually three claw like) or may even smell rotten flesh or human urine in their home. At this stage one can rid one's self of the demonic pretty easily by quitting all drug and alcohol abuse and by getting to know our Lord. Unfortunately, a lot of users take it to that next level which may lead into total possession. Possession is not at all like movies portray. During possession, a person may "seem" normal until the demon or Djinn desires to manifest. Then you will notice that the user is not him or herself. Exhibiting signs of strange or evil behavior such as extreme anger or by them just "knowing" certain things that the host has no knowledge of. The demon may even show it's self by contorting the person's face or, as I've witnessed, body parts moving in impossible directions ect. So, how does one send these beast to Hell? Please, read on...

Ignoring Evil may get you killed

Ignoring Evil may get you killed

The Human Battle is Not with the Seen, But the Unseen...

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places"

— St. Paul, Holy Bible Ephesians 6:12

How to Release Yourself From Satan's Grasp

The first step in deliverance is to get to know Jesus. Some ministers do this at the end of the deliverance but I prefer the beginning. This gives you immediate, power from the Holy Spirit in which comes to reside in your Heart. OK now repeat after me.

Dear Lord Jesus. I have now realized through your Holy Spirit's prompting, that I am a sinner. I confess that with all of my heart! I have also came to believe, that you are the one and only LORD. I believe with my heart that you died on that old cross and shed Your blood for me. I believe with all of my heart that you rose from the grave. I confess this. I now ask the Holy Spirit to open my heart and bring to my mind all of the sins that I need to confess. Confess every sin that comes to mind including, drug use, sexual sins, stealing, ect. After this ask Him for forgiveness and plead His blood over all of your sins and seal them forever, AMEN, AMEN.

Congrats! Your are Now a Member of God's Holy Elite!


say _______ name the spirit, say go back to the abyss, leave me now, go go back to the abyss in Jesus name. keep going naming each unclean spirit (demons) Mark 16:17


Uneasiness, instance Fear, sense of impending doom, palpitations, throbbing & stabbing pains, feelings of tightness and the inability to take in enough air, tendency to sigh and over breath, hyperventilation, tension of the muscles, headaches, neck spasms, back Pains, inability to relax, restlessness, hand tremor, sense of tiredness, dryness of the mouth, feeling of distention, diarrhea, nausea, changes of appetite, difficult swallowing, vomiting, severe pain mimicking an illness, sweating, blushing, pallor, constant need to urine or defecate, yawning spirit, lightheaded spirit, unconscious conflict, pins and needles, arm spasm and any other symptom of anxiety that you have that leads you to drug use... Say in a very powerful voice.

Renouncing the Occult

Say this prayer: Jesus, I now would ask of your Holy Spirit to remind me of any and ALL involvement with the occult that I have, and what I need to confess. This includes, ouija board use, ghost hunting, sacrifices, idol worship, listening to heavy metal or rap music, seances, prayers to demons or dead people, physic readings, reading and relying on my horoscope, or any other astrology ect... I ask the Lord Jesus for forgiveness for all of these sins and any others that I cannot remember that have to do with the occult. Say in a firm voice: I now renounce the occult and all of it's counterparts that I have been apart of. In Jesus' Name, I Ask Him to send any demon or djinn that may have a strong hold in this area of my life to leave me now!

***Attention*** If at any time a demon manifest through this prayer, do not quit in the middle of praying. Doing this will undoubtedly just make the spirits MAD. Just keep on praying the words I have written and ask Jesus to give you strength to continue...HE WILL!

Removal of Meth & other Drug Demons & Healing of Addictions

Follow me: Jesus I am a user of sorcery as told in your Holy word. I need healing that only you can provide. I also have unknowingly (or knowingly) invited these beast into my life and life force. I have opened major doorways through the smoking of meth and or bath salts (or any substance that is made of crystal, which demons may use as a mirror in order to be released into our world) I have injected this evil substance into my blood which is my life force, I have snorted this devil's dandruff up and into my precious brain, trying to get "high". I now ask you to forgive me of my sin of sorcery. I renounce any and all drug use and I now see it for what it is. I ask you to assist me in the removal of all of these spirits from my life. After they have been removed I plead the blood over my whole body, mind, and spirit and ask you to Heal every part of me that "I" have damaged.

NOW SAY THIS: I as a son of the most High God command any and all spirits that are not of Jesus Christ to pay attention! I command you addiction spirit to call all of your minions: methamphetamine, heroin, pill spirit, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine demon, mdma, bath salt, research chemical angel, herbal high, legal high, energy drink spirit,sex and lust, and all other minions to become one under you and your authority. By the AUTHORITY vested in me through Christ Jesus I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE ME NOW! I now call ten Legions of Warrior Angels to pull these demons out of me in Jesus Name!! AMEN & AMEN!

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Closing Doorways and other Portals

Praise you Jesus and our Father who art in heaven! Jesus, I now ask you to close any and all doorways, windows, portals or any other gateway that I have opened in your Holy Name. AMEN & AMEN.

Removing Curses and Spells

Praise you LORD! Thank you for delivering me! Now finally Jesus, I ask you to remove any curse that I have placed against me. I humbly ask that you cancel out any and all generational curses that are against me our my family. I ask that you cancel any spell that may have been placed against me and my family. I ask that you help me cancel any and all agreements that I have made with the enemy or his minions, including all backups and redo's. Never to be placed as long as I live! AMEN & AMEN!

Removal of Soul Ties from Other People

Jesus, I am getting tired. Please give me strength to finish this. Jesus! I ask you to remove all soul ties that I gotten with people that I have committed adultery with, premarital sex, and people that I have used drugs with or committed crimes with. I ask this in your Holy Name! AMEN & AMEN!!

Now, Jesus I thank you for your glorious help. If there is any other demonic attachment or any spirit hanging around please remove it. I am very serious about quitting drug use and abuse. But I am only human. So if I relapse please have You Holy Guardian Angels here with me in order to guard me from re infestation and to pick me up if I fall. AMEN.

RECEIVING the Holy Ghost and His Gifts and Power

Now on your knees, lift your hands and repeat: Jesus!! I am a child of the Father and I am your brother! I have heard about being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I want that. LORD, I want my cup to runnith over with his love, strength and power! So I humbly ask you to fill me with your Spirit, the Holy Ghost! Now, with hands held high began to worship your LORD Jesus Christ! Sing songs that come to mind, even if you made them up! God loves that! Praise Him on High! Thank Him! And remember that The Father has waited many years for this very moment in time...

Finally, keeping you safe

If you have done what I have wrote than you are free. Even if nothing emotional or strange was felt. However, if you have truly gotten the Holy Ghost that I doubt that you didn't cry! Now one must find other believers to replace one's using friends. Church is a good place! Attend church as often ask the Holy Spirit prompts you to. And remember, to follow the Spirit. He will show Himself to you as a "still small voice". Clean your house, get rid of paraphernalia, burn old occult things leaving NOTHING for the enemy to use as permission to haunt you again. And always read your bible daily. I like to devote a half hour or more each morning to God. He deserves it, He saved my life...and yours.

© 2018 Dean Baron


Dean Baron (author) from Lewiston, Idaho on October 12, 2018:

Just a heads up. I effectively used this very prayer on a ex meth addict and an alcoholic today. Both were instantly released from their demons. They were also delivered from their schizophrenic like symptoms i.e. hearing voices. God is Awesome! I would love to hear from those who used this prayer with results. email me if you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment. Love you guys...Dean

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