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A Call to Arms (Prayer)

John is an actor, writer, and entrepreneur interested in the search for truth and meaning in the world.


Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this darkness in this world. Ephesians 6

Living in today’s world requires courage. When a person attempts to explore his identity, various pressures abound. On many occasions, people whose souls yearn for truth and justice are deceived into believing that being a conformist is the goal. However, in days gone by in our nation’s history, every man was taught to find his place in the world. Part of finding his place centered on possessing the courage to follow one’s convictions concerning virtuous living. Today, however, we find ourselves in a decrepit state. Our society has lost all consciousness of God and the values that prospered America. Good men are no longer at liberty to speak because of the possible offense of upsetting those who champion the depravity of diversity. This fall into decay did not occur overnight nor was it done in a corner. But boldly and widely has an abomination occurred in the land.

The inhabitants mourn for justice and liberty but lack the courage to be standard-bearers for truth. Our leaders, who do evil before the Lord through intimidation and deceit, make men’s hearts melt with fear. Through the vanity of their minds the leaders say, “We possess courage and virtue,” but in truth, they are fools. Fools, I say, because our leaders have forgotten that the fear of the Lord and the desire to do right in His sight are the sources of moral courage. Whereas these men without virtue have led our nation to sin, now each citizen must lay siege to the thrones of these leaders. We must recapture the vision and faith that caused this land to eclipse all others in greatness. If we fail, surely judgment from heaven will reign in the land. For the sin that exists is as Hitler’s Germany, where a nation’s courage to resist evil became silent and fled in terror. As the pagans of old sacrificed their young to an unknown god, we do as well because we allow the murder of the unborn in the name of choice. Even to this hour, a constant river of resentment flows through unoccupied graves and the resultant eighty million dead taunt men for their inaction. But the time for appeasing evil is at an end. The days of being lukewarm or sitting on the fence are over. As in the days of old, the tyrant prince Babylon the Great, who is not satisfied with his current estate, has come to conquer another nation founded on God’s Word. What godly men have feared is now approaching just over the horizon, namely the death knell of Judeo-Christian America. The righteous in the land must make a last stand.

Shhh! Shhh! Listen. The sounds of war are approaching, riding the waves of the air. The golden dial in the sky no longer shines, for the smoke of confusion blinds men’s eyes. The skirmish lines have been formed and the strategies laid. The battle for the souls of men in our nation is at hand. Oh, the horror that is about to beset us! As a precursor to the battle, the enemy has infiltrated our ranks and led many to reject God through the temptations of sin. He opposes the righteous one and causes men to worship lies such as abortion on demand, separation of church and state, gay rights, and above all, that man is a god unto himself. Unless we act now, our nation will be lost.

Therefore, as a warrior of the Lord, I am proclaiming a spiritual call to arms. Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

As Christians, we have surrendered this life to Christ. For we seek the resurrection of life and to be found precious in Jesus’ sight. To be dedicated to His cause and swear allegiance is our duty. Every man must come to the battle dressed in holiness, having inquired of the Lord, which is his reasonable service in the war for men’s souls. Do not be as some that refuse to fight for Heaven’s Ruler, for they are men whose lives are empty. As the wind blows and suddenly disappears, their remembrance will be the same. For our God is seeking gallant men through whom He can do exploits. Currently, we are a cavalry of riderless horses gone warring in confusion. Let us unite and be as one in purpose.

Count the cost of being numbered in this army, for war brings casualties. The enemy will resist and we, by force, will have to reclaim God’s inheritance. Rejoice when you see men, considering their lives secure in Christ, die in battle. For their sacrifice will produce victory. However, weep and mourn when you see others, who fall short, relieved of duty by the Lord. By their rebellion, whole regions fall to our enemy. Consider for an example the once-faithful mainline Protestant churches that today openly reject biblical teachings. They will enter eternal life in shame, not having been faithful to the call. So let us at once charge into this battle singing praises to our commanding Lord. With prayer as our armor and His Word as our weapon, we will give the enemy no quarter.

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Expecting victory, let every man propose to fight to the end like our brothers of old. At Bunker Hill and Gettysburg, they fought valiantly for the cause of righteousness and obtained victory. In honor of their bravery, we recognize the site of those victories as hallowed ground. If we are going to win the Battle of America, this generation’s warriors must obtain the conviction that inspired those men to greatness, being fully persuaded that our Commander is watching from His throne and will reward each man according to his actions in battle. Knowing this, each man should strive to be among those who receive from Him crowns of glory.

Therefore, we who are Christians—as warriors storming a position—must fight against evil and illuminate darkened minds. We must always remain focused on the Lord and not become distracted by the enemy so that when we need to discern the spirit behind a man, we will be prepared and not deceived by the enemy. Frequently, the battle is against an unseen foe. That is the reason for the stand of courage because all victories require it. Often we enter hard times believing a situation is this or that way; nevertheless, reality is often misconstrued. Thus, it is better to have heavenly insight rather than carnal knowledge. When in doubt, we can turn to God because He gives us visions for encouragement and reveals the words spoken in secret for our triumph.

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