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8 Ways to Find Peace Within Yourself


8 ways to find peace within yourself

Do you over think things and find yourself constantly worrying about the simple issues? How can I find peace within myself? - This is the question you often ask yourself but rarely get a satisfying answer.

"Let go of the thoughts that don’t make you strong."

Karen Salmansohn

Some say peace lies in stability and some say it lies in security. But, I say it lies in our mind, in our thoughts. The way we think and deal with situations. On that note, let me introduce myself.

I am a failure. After completing my graduation, I was clueless about what I want to do in my life. I started preparing for Bank exams because my parents wanted me to do so. But, the constant failure made me realize two things – firstly, I don’t want to do this and secondly, I am not happy in this. Being a bright student till graduation, I was also unable to digest it. I started judging my worth and I was never at peace. After that I tried my luck in many things but failed in everything. I was trying very hard to get things done but then, nothing was happening and that was stressing me a lot.

With due course certain things happened that changed my whole perspective about how I was dealing with the situation. Then I started to make little changes in life. My agenda was not to be happy but to attain inner peace. I tried many things and left in the middle because I was not able to continue. But there are several things I practiced which turned out well for me. Now I can happily say that I am in a better place right now and I want to share it with you guys.

But it takes constant practice and sincerity to really feel the change. So, here is the list of 8 things I did to find peace within myself :

1. Don't Compare :

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, when you are not getting what you want from life. I started comparing myself with my friends who were doing great in their lives. I didn’t realize when my comparing turned into jealousy.

Comparing is never healthy. One should never do it. So, don’t compare yourself with anybody. Everybody has their own journey. Try to be happy for them and get inspired by them. It will make you positive.

2. Ask more, Guess less :

Reading minds is pretty much impossible but we often do it. I keep thinking what people will think about me or what they will think if I ask something. But then I thought – “Does it really matter?”. NO, IT DOESN’T. If you feel something like that, then just ask. It’s better to ask rather than assuming. It may be hard at first but it can save you from lot of stress.

3. Escape from routine :

Do one thing daily which makes you happy. Read a novel, listen to music, sing songs, or whatever works for you. It will break your monotonous schedule. It is simple but really helped me a lot to release pressure and relax.

4. Accept and Let go :

I tend to stuck between my failures. I was not able to let them go and continuously think about that. I found it hard to accept and it only brought headaches, nothing else.

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Focus on present. You can’t change what happened, but you can definitely work for future. For this, you have to accept and let it go. Learn lessons from your failure but don’t dwell on it. When you accept that, it starts to lose power over you.

5. Never let your inner child die :

You know what is the best part of being a child? – Being your true self. A child doesn’t care about anything, lives life just as it comes. They always stay positive and hopeful. They neither stress about past nor worry about future.

The child within you is to remind you to keep going even if times are hard. So, no matter what, never let your inner child die.

6. Expect Less :

Nothing hurts more than your own expectations. Whether it is from you or someone else. We all have expectations in our lives – What we want to do or what we want to become or something else.

But, one of the most important keys to be in peace is to expect less. While expecting, we create an imaginary world in our mind which is far from reality. And when reality hits, we are not able to cope up with it. So better to accept the reality and work for your betterment.

7. Discipline your life :

We all make routine at night but by the morning, it goes in the last drawer of desk or in dustbin. But for once, make a routine and this time really try to follow it. You will see immense change in you. You will get time for everything. For your work, studies, family and even your “ME-TIME”. You will never feel that you wasted your day or worked too much. For me, this works a lot. And it also keeps you away from getting negative thoughts.

8. Ask - Is it worth it ? :

We seriously need to ask this question more often to ourselves. Thinking about all the things is not necessary. We need to DECLUTTER our mind and PRIORITIZE things. It will reduce unnecessary pressure from our mind and relax.

I know it is easier said than done but trust me, with continuous practice, you can tune your mind to be calm and think positive. We often ignore our mental health but it is as important as physical health.

The most important way to achieve peace of mind involve being TRUE TO YOURSELF, accepting that life is uncertain. Many of us mentally torture ourselves daily with over thinking. But again, ask yourself, Is it really worth it? And you will get your answer. Be thankful for what you have in your life and you will be on your way to find peace within yourself.

“ All the accomplishments in the world can’t replace inner peace “

© 2020 Megha Pawan


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 08, 2020:

Interesting piece. Not sure I want to be that peaceful.

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