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7 Shocking Facts From the Holy Quran


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The Quran is Allah’s speech and the book of Islam.

It was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than 1400

years ago.

The Quran speaks to the mind and gives rational and reasonable proofs. It is a


Here are seven scientific facts from the Quran that are proven lately in science

  1. Sky protection: The atmospheric layers protect our planet from harmful radiations, which was not known in ancient times. Allah Says: “And We made the sky a protected ceiling; yet they turn away from its wanders”. [The Quran 21:32].

    2. Water is the origin of life: Water is essential for all living creatures. Biology proves that the cell, the smallest living thing, contains a cytoplasmic substance that consists of 90% of water. In other words, water is found in the cells of all human, animal, and plant organs. Allah Says: “And We made from water every living thing. Will they not believe?” [The Quran 21:30].

    3. Human bones are created before flesh: Researches show that the fetus bones are created on the 41st day, and after three days the flesh is formed. This is what Allah Says in the Holy Quran: “Then We developed the seed into a clot. Then We developed the clot into a lump. Then We developed the lump into bones. Then We clothed the bones with flesh. Then We produced it into another creature. Most Blessed is Allah, the Best of Creators”.[The Quran 23:14].

    4. Mountains: After developing the theory of plate tectonics at the beginning of the twentieth century, it was discovered that mountains have deep roots under the ground. In the Quran, mountains are described as pegs. Allah Says: “Did We not make the earth a cradle? And the mountains pegs?”. [The Quran 78:6,7].

    5. The universe expansion: This is one of the most revolutionary facts about the universe. In 1929, the American astronomer Edwin Hubble confirmed that galaxies are moving away from each other at tremendous speeds, and this movement is caused by the expansion of the universe. This theory is proven in the Quran. Allah Says: “We constructed the universe with power, and We are expanding it”. [The Quran 52:47]. The universe was constantly expanding, and will continue to expand.

    6. The darkness of space: It was stated in the second half of the twentieth century that the night or the darkness of space is the origin, and the daylight is a transient incident upon it. Allah Says: “Another sign for them is the night: We strip the day out of it and they are in darkness”. [The Quran 36:37].

    7.Oxygen decreases when rising above the ground level: As we rise above the earth’s surface, the atmospheric pressure increases and reduces oxygen, which produces chest tightness. Allah Says: “Whomever Allah desires to guide, He spreads open his heart to Islam; and whomever He desires to misguide, He makes his heart narrow,constricted, as though he were climbing up the sky. Allah thus lays defilement upon those who do not believe”. [The Quran 6:125].


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