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7 Clear Signs to Tell There Are Ghosts in Your House

Scary Ghost Photos: Don't you ever look closer, because if you do, you may just get what you want.

Scary Ghost Photos: Don't you ever look closer, because if you do, you may just get what you want.

Were there moments when you doubt if you are indeed alone in your house? Do you sometimes feel that someone is watching or worse touching you without you being so sure? Well, I'm sorry to break it to you dear, but those may actually be true. However, just to be sure, here are 7 signs to tell whether there are ghosts and spirits lingering in your home.

1. Things move or create noise without someone touching them (e.g. plates, toys, dolls and etc.)

Ever watched or even heard of the movie Conjuring? Well, they were able to document it accurately. Ghosts like to move around, and by the process may accidentaly make things move, fall off or create noises. There are even ghosts who are so eccentric that they deliberately grab your attention such as clapping their hands or making the "pssst" sound. Playful ghosts often toy with dolls or other things they find amusing. This is why sometimes what you left in a particular room in your house suddenly gets found in another.

Now hear this, if a ghost gets too attached with a toy or doll, his soul may get trapped inside the object. This was the story behind Toy Story (as for good ghosts) and Chucky (as for a deranged evil ghost).

There are sometimes other things living with you in your houses

There are sometimes other things living with you in your houses

2. You hear things that you thought were said by someone in your house
Notice that there were times when you thought your brother or mother said something to you, when in fact they were busy doing something or worse were not even there. Chances are the ghost is horsing around with you. Warning: Avoid responding when this happens, an attachment may form between you and the ghost causing you to see more hallucinations. You don't want that to happen.

Do you remember ever hearing long sharp beep sound that you just hear out of nowhere. Well, you are hearing this because part of your subconscious was picking up communications from the ghosts. Don't freak out, all you need to do is blow as you hold your breath and pinching your nose. After that, the beep sound will cease. If it didn't do it, that's the time you need to freak out!

3. You oddly wake up at a certain time nearing 3:00 am
The movie Conjuring and all other films weren't just tales, they were documented evidences of paranormal activities and interactions. Hence, when you suddenly wake up near 3:00 am from time to time, you need to be extra careful. This is happening because the ghost is getting through, and perhaps trying to possess you. You can counteract the process by flipping your pillow, and sleeping on the other side of it.

You know why old buildings are creepy? Take a closer look.

You know why old buildings are creepy? Take a closer look.

4. Wind blows when the door or windows aren't even open or it suddenly gets chilly
This is obvious. They are moving around, and often times they take time to study your possible hiding places, so that by the time he shows up, he'll know where to find you. Ever wonder why the safest place you think you could be ends up not safe at all? Well, this is the answer to that.

5. Weird things appear on the photo you take in your home
Well, sometimes ghost fail to completely conceal themselves, and cameras are often too fast for them. Hence, if something weird appears on the photos you take (e.g. orbs), but at least you know you were not alone by the time you took the photo!

6. You have a basement
Basements are the temple of ghosts. They love getting comfy under there.

7. You have a dim yellow lighting at home, or worse blue

This is the perfect lighting that makes the ghost more difficult to see yet makes them more free to move around. Probably, you don't know about this but ghosts thrive in dim lights. it's like Harry Potter's invisible cloak for them. It enables them to move with ease without them getting seen whatsoever.

This is why there is often an eerie feeling associated with dim yellowish lights. On the contrary, white lights do the opposite. Therefore, if you don't want them to always keep on moving, change your light bulbs, oh and be sure to choose LED! Why, is it more effective in repelling ghosts? Nah, it does not have anything to do with ghosts, but it surely will save you on some electricity costs!

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There's something creepy and eerie about photos in sepia, right?

There's something creepy and eerie about photos in sepia, right?

Readers, beware!

There you go! I've shared with you 7 Sure Signs to tell whether there are ghosts in your home. You may share this your friends, if you want them safe, but if in case you don't want to, well at least you yourself would know about this.

Anyway, always watch out, they may be lingering the house, and consuming all your favorite food in the fridge, so beware! He might even reading this with you, so he can still get ahead of you. They are wise and cunning, so keep your guard up all the time!

Disclaimer: All the information written in this post are just fictitious, made up by the author. It is up to you whether to believe in them or not, but the author has no evident or reasonable basis for these "facts". Photos from the author are all photoshopped as well.

© 2014 Renz Kristofer Cheng


nerdy girl on November 14, 2016:

Hi , Liked the post. I actually do have some experience with ghost and I still do live in the house that I think is hunted. My mother's aunt is clairvoyant and she believes me and my mother might also be... I have been living in this house for about an year and a half now and strange things have happened, like , at night I would feel something rubbing my feet . I have been experiencing weird and horrific dreams all of which who have the same person and setting in it. I have had about six different dreams with the same guy, I had my first dream about him when we have been living here for six weeks. I live in a small building near the ocean and it is quite small. The last dream I had was two nights ago and I had dreamed my librarian at my school grabbed me and started to perform some prying and the figure stood in front of me smiling evilly at me, he always seems to be crazy. Of that topic... There were two people living with us at the time and they worked late. Every time after twelve pm they would try to open the front door it wouldn't move even an inch and they would have to call my mother only for her to open the front door without a problem (it happend more than once ) I also have been smelling thins like a death smell , or flowers and fruits and yesterday night I smelled roasted chicken. I am the youngest in my house and have captured voice on my phone after leaving it on record and leaving my room, I have picked up 3 different voices. A 19 year old male said my name on one of the recordings after you could clearly here me walking out of my room. Cubords would fly open, it happend Saturday and this one picture of me keeps falling of the wall so we placed it some other places. I also have taken a photo infront of my parents bedroom and an small orb appeared. : 0

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on January 27, 2014:

Thank you so much for appreciating the hub, grand old lady! This one lighted up my day as well! :)

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on January 27, 2014:

This time, yougotme for real! I was laughing so hard at the end when you put your disclaimer on. thanks for lightening up my day.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on January 25, 2014:

Thank you very much for dropping WiccanSage! From what I heard, the 3:00 is supposedly the time Christ died. Hence, His power is believed to fade off during that hour. Haha! Well, personally I don't believe in it as well. :)

Mackenzie Sage Wright on January 25, 2014:

LOL very funny! I like the thing with the light. I guess if you don't want to be haunted, don't buy colored bulbs. The 3AM thing was always silliest to me. I mean-- do ghosts follow the clock? Do they sit and have to wait for it? Do they go by time zones? Daylight savings time? Do ghosts spring forward and fall back? LOL it's mind-boggling but I guess we'll never understand the spirit world. Nice hub.

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