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7 Most Paranormal Creatures You haven't Heard Of.


Death Worm


Death Worm - Spews Lethal Yellow Liquid That Kills On Contact.

The Mongolian death worm is said to be found in the sands of the Gobi dessert. It is describe as a large fat red worm. Local call it the Allghoi Khorkhoi meaning ‘intestine worm’ as it looks like the Death Wormintestine of a cow, and they fear the worm as they report that it spews lethal yellow liquid that kills on contact and it can also kill from a distance by an electric charge.

There have been numerous expeditions to try and find it and as yet they have been unsuccessful. It remains unsure whether this really does exist as the as been no conclusive evidence and if such a creature does exist it is more likely to be a legless lizard or reptile because of the climate in which it lives.



Tatzelworm(Tatzelwurm) - 4 Foot Long and Have a Cat like Head.

The majority of these have been reported in the Bavarian, Swiss and Austrian Alps. They are described as hole dwelling creatures who are about 4 foot long and have a cat like head, the reports about the amount of legs it has differs to having only 2 front claws, having both back and front claws or having no claws at all.

One report of a tatzelworm was in 1921 in Southern Austria when a herdsman and a poacher reported that they had fled in terror after one had leaped at them after they had taken a shot at it. Although there have been many reports about these creatures and that people have allegedly killed some, there as yet to be a body given to zoologist for identification so belief in them is shortcoming but for those that do believe they think that it may be either an undiscovered lizard or skink



Mothman - Human Sized Creature which Has Large Wings and reflective Red Eyes.

MothmanThe name mothman was the name given to a creature sighted many times in West Virginia in the areas of Point Pleasant and Charleston between 1966 and 1967. It as also had sporadic sightings before and after those dates. The mothman is described as human sized creature which as large wings and reflective red eyes.

From the description given it seem that the first reported sighting from this creature was in November 1966 when a group of five men were digging a grave in Clemdenin and the creature flew over them from nearby trees. This was not made public till later. The first media report happened to two married couples in the same month a few days later, they were out driving and saw two large red lights in a shadow of a generator at a old factory, on closer inspection they realized the glowing lights were in fact the eyes from this creature.

There are many theories as to whether the mothman exists,some which include, John Keele who wrote a book in 1975 called The Mothman Prophecies who writes all about the mothman and as lots of first hand accounts, he claims the sightings could be attributed to a time when there were lots of para-psychological events happening around the area including UFO's and Bigfoot and Loren Coleman who is a researcher of the mothman who puts it to a more down to earth reasoning of that it may of been a large owl or another flying cryptic.

There continues to be some today and many people still believe that the mothman really does exist.



Goatman - They've Seen Goatman damaging vehicles using an axe

The Goatman is a legendary figure whose origins were first reported in Prince George’s County of Maryland in the late 1950’s. The first reported sightings occurred in the town of Bowie.

While Maryland is the most prominent place where the Goatman has been sighted; there have been a number of reported sightings as well in Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky and New Zealand.

There are a number of conflicting accounts regarding the physical attributes of the Goatman. Some claim that the Goatman has a goat’s head with a human body; while other claim it has a human head with a goat’s body. Some claim that it is exceptionally hairy and is roughly six feet tall; while another account figures it to be about 7 feet tall with a bald, lumpy head.

The claims as to what happened during these sightings vary; almost as much as the descriptions of the Goatman itself. The most constant accounts seem to be regarding the mutilation of animals which include beheadings; as well as animals found to be missing. One of the stranger claims has been of the Goatman damaging vehicles using an axe. These three descriptions are the most prevalent of all.

There is of course a great deal of speculation as to the authenticity of the Goatman; especially regarding his origins. Explanations range from botched scientific experiments regarding cancer research to mental health issues.



Banshee - Celtic goddess of war and death.

The Banshee (pronounced bean-sidhe) are Irish Fairies that usually come in one of three shapes – a young woman, a matron or an old hag. They are only allowed to "cry"for five Irish families; the O’Briens, the O’Neills, the O’Connors, the O’Grady’s and the Kavanaughs. This is according to tradition; although intermarriages may have made the list go longer.

They represent the three aspects of the Celtic goddess of war and death; Badhbh, Macha and Mor –Rioghain. The Banshee wears either a hooded grey cloak, a winding sheet (also known as the grave robe of the dead); however, she can also appear as a washer-woman. In this case she appears to be washing blood stained clothing that belongs to the person who is about to die. The mourning call is said to be always heard; even if she isn’t always seen. The sound of the banshee is likened to either a "low, pleasant singing", two boards being hit together, or a thin screeching noise that sounds like a cross between an owl and the wailing of a woman.

It has been said that King James I of Scotland was approached by a banshee which was warning him of his impending death. He was murdered by the request of the Earl of Atoll. This is the banshee appearing in human form.

The banshee can also appear in various other forms including a hooded crow, hare or weasel which are also animals that are associated with witchcraft in Ireland.

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Leprechaun - Catch One then He may Lead You to His Gold.

Leprechauns are mainly associated with Ireland, they are described as a male fairy that is generally Leprechaun older looking, who dresses in green clothing, his trade is a shoemaker, they enjoy making mischief and they are very wealthy and like to hide their gold. They are mainly solitary and harmless creatures. To catch a glimpse of one you have to be very quick, and it is believed that if you were to ever catch one then he may lead you to his gold. But you must keep him in your sight or he will vanish as quickly as he appeared.

Black Dog


Black Dog - Known as the Specter of death.

The Black Dog is a large dog with large glowing eyes that is known as the specter of death.

It is unsure where the origins of the black dog are from but through history in European mythology dogs have been associated with death.

The Black dog is known as other things in different regions some examples are :

  • Barghest in Yorkshire
  • Black shuck in East Anglia
  • Mauthe dog (black dog in Manx) in Isle of man
  • Padfoot in Wakefield

Black dogs are almost always malevolent or are in some way associated with the devil. Yet some like the Gurt dog of Somerset are benevolent it is said that mothers would allow there children to play on the Quantock Hills unsupervised as the dog would protect them.


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