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7 Secrets About the Mind of Moon Children

Moon Children are those born on the cusp of two signs, like Joanna Blackburn was. Joanna writes about and from her personal experiences.

As a Moon Child, my life experiences have taught me a great deal about the world, I live in. I've read so many definitions of a Moon Child, but haven't found one that shows the secret mind of a Moon Child.

Secret # 1 Past Life's

Moon Children have a very old soul and have been through many lives. Each past life has left a desire to grow and learn. They fully understand their own feelings and intentions, but will not share them with just anyone. They will build walls around their minds not their heart, so that no one can see the chaos inside.

It takes a very exceptional person to get them to open up and share. They have to know that they can completely be themselves with no judgement and trust a person completely before they will open up fully with them.

The Urban dictionary describes a Moon Child as being a "Unique individual, often described as being slightly crazy and overly emotional, and sometimes they will say strange things."

Secret # 2 Perspective

Moon Children look at the world around them from a very different perspective than most. They see the deeper meanings behind situations and conversations. They sit back and observe how others interact with each other. Not only that, but they watch body language, facial expressions and listen deeply to the tone of the voices. They understand beyond the negative emotions. Moon Children hear what isn't being said.

Snap Dragon flower with two different color buds on it.

Snap Dragon flower with two different color buds on it.

Secret #:3 Moon Affects

Moon Children love talking to the moon about their day and their feelings. Sometimes they even vent their frustrations and anger to the moon. This is how they find their release so that they can keep bringing unconditional love and laughter to others.

Moon Children are deeply passionate about the moon, its phases, its energy, it's magic and its predictable routine. The warm glow they get from the moon encourages Moon Children to listen to their intuitive self. This deep passion makes them loyal and very protective of the ones they love. So those individuals they do let into their life, are highly valued and treasured.

Secret # 4 Every Phase

Many people are attracted to the moon, especially the full moon. Moon Children, though, are drawn to every phase of the moon, night after night. They understand that each phase has a different effect on their behavior.

When the moon is full is when the creative side comes out in things, they didn't know they could do before.

The dark moon on the other hand gets their hormones racing as fast as their brain. During this time all of their senses become extra sensitive to the environment they are in. Then Moon Children's intuitive self begins to kicks into overdrive. This is why they are horny, hyper and restless until they find a release for the energy rushing through them.

Secret # 5 Lunar

Each Lunar event has a special effect on Moon Children. So, every Super Moon, every eclipse, every meteor shower and every other special event in the night sky will bring out the child within. These events are very important to the growth of Moon Children for several reasons. The events in the night sky bring a new understanding and perspective of the world around them. They see things like a child would, with awe and wonder. This helps Moon Children grow emotionally and spiritually.

These events will bring out hidden talents and encourage Moon Children to try new things with a new view.

Secret # 6 Unconditional

A very deep hidden passion and one that is the most important to Moon Children is helping others feel unconditional love and laughter. They will seek out ways to make a person feel good about themselves. They strive to make others smile and laugh. The secret part is, if they aren't actively doing this, they become lost and unfocused.

Secret # 7 Nature

The sounds that surround us every day has an effect on our souls. Some sounds have a positive affect and others have a negative effect.

The sounds of nature have positive vibes and healing magic. This is why nature is at the core of Moon Children soul. The beauty of the landscape will make their heart jump for joy.

Three bare trees with roots on top of ground.

Three bare trees with roots on top of ground.

Moon Children need nature of all kinds to quiet their chaotic minds. They have to write it all down on paper, pour out all the thoughts swimming in their brain. To recharge them, they will sit and enjoy nature.

A simple dragonfly can float by, and Moon Children will stop everything and watch it until they can no longer see it.

The swaying and creaking of the branches in the wind makes them close their eyes and breath.

Creatures of all kind are drawn to Moon Children and will show up at just the right moment to help them calm themselves.

Moon Children believe that every person, event, and animal is put in their path for a reason.

Every day they have to listen to sounds of nature, it keeps them focus and calm while on their mission is spreading unconditional love and laughter to those who need it.

Finale Remarks

Moon Children do not behave the way society wants them too. They are free spirited souls, that can get trapped in their heads. One of the most frustrating parts of being trapped in their head is they replay conversations that affected them strangely.

With this new understanding of Moon Children's mind, you can see and understand why they move around so much to new places.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Joanna Blackburn


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