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7 Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading

Brianna has been getting psychic readings, dabbling in divination, and developing her own intuitive abilities for over eight years.

Learn about the many benefits of getting a psychic reading!

Learn about the many benefits of getting a psychic reading!

It’s reasonable to feel skeptical of people charging a fee to tell you about your own life, especially after hearing some cases of scammers playing dress-up in gypsy clothes. Even if you do trust the abilities and integrity of a particular psychic reader, it may still be difficult to feel optimistic about the outcomes of a reading or to justify the money spent.

After all, what can a psychic do for you that a close friend or psychologist can’t?

Not everyone needs a paid reading to make life decisions or cope with hardship, and if you have sufficient support from your loved ones, all the better. However, psychics do offer a unique suite of services that could be helpful in times of need.

Below are some of the many invaluable benefits of receiving a quality psychic reading.

It is possible to have negative experiences with an honest psychic.

It is possible to have negative experiences with an honest psychic.


Before booking an appointment, please exercise caution when discerning whether or not a psychic reader is both genuinely gifted and trustworthy. This article describes the potential benefits only of high-quality readings given by experienced spiritual professionals, and does not condone nor take responsibility for poor readings with scammers. Please keep in mind that it is also possible to have negative experiences with an honest psychic, so this risk should be taken at your own discretion.

1. Understanding Your Past, Present, and Future

Life is chaotic, and clarity can often seem like an unattainable concept. It's easy to feel lost when you’re simultaneously trying to debrief the events of the last few years, plan for optimal happiness in your future, and still get a better grip on things in the present.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed from hyper-analyzing all the different cross-sections of your life, a big payoff of a psychic reading is a bird’s eye view.

A good psychic will pull energies from your past, present, and future in order to give you the most helpful insight. They may explain some key points of connection to give you peace and confidence about how your path has been, is, and will be progressing.

They may recap some instances of karma and life lessons that served you, offer an explanation of “why," or point you to the bigger picture that will make your earthly worries seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

A psychic's synthesis of your past, present, and future may leave you with a sense of alignment between your self and your life's course. It's a gut-warming feeling of knowing you’ve been doing the best you can with this messy human experience and that you’re still on the right path.

2. Getting in Touch With Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Heaven

Psychics serve as a medium to deliver messages from the other side. They communicate with the abundance of spirits around you, from guardian angels to your loved ones who’ve passed on.

You may receive a touching, personal note from a lost relative or be given information about their death that will help you understand their passing and trust their wellbeing in the afterlife.

Your psychic may even describe a vision of an animal sitting next to you, which may turn out to be an old childhood pet.

3. Hearing Possibilities You Haven’t Imagined or Considered

Our hope is often clouded by a limited view of what is practical or feasible in our current reality. Especially when we are experiencing adversity, it can be very difficult to consider or believe in creative solutions to our problems. You may feel like you’re out of options, but a psychic reader might reveal an unexpected outcome that resolves your worries.

While I was attending an out-of-state university, I became consumed in despair over how I was going to afford my tuition and graduate on time. Even with working multiple jobs, I could not afford the out-of-pocket payments in addition to the maximum amount of loans I had taken out. Both my parents were unemployed at the time and couldn't take out additional loans either. I felt my only options were to transfer back home to an in-state school or take a couple of years off to save up money.

The summer before my junior year, a psychic told me not to worry. She predicted something happening the following July that would provide me with the financial resources to graduate on time.

With that being said, I never quit my second job or stopped my daily search for scholarships, but I did experience a change of mindset that eased some of my stress. I realized that I was working just as hard to make money whether I spent all my emotional energy worrying about it or not. I started going to work a little calmer, a little more curious, and a little more patient with what my future might be waiting to give me.

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That July, my mother got hired by a company based out of our home state, but they sent her to their alternate location across the country, right near my university. Her new residency allowed me to qualify not only for in-state tuition, but an in-state grant program for medium-income families that paid for my final year of college in full.

While I don't recommend making any large decisions purely based on a psychic's prediction, I do believe a positive reading offers an important lesson in getting you to think beyond your own perception of what is possible.

4. Receiving Confirmation and Validation

Another benefit of a psychic reading is the validation of your struggles and the confirmation that your actions are in line with your life's purpose. Support from friends and family may not always be enough to restore confidence in your future or heal regret from your past. Psychic readers will often bring up tough decisions you’ve made to affirm your choice and link it to opportunities in your future.

Perhaps you are experiencing guilt and regret for suddenly leaving a good situation: a job, a relationship, or team commitment, for example. You might be unsure of whether or not it was the right thing to do, but something in your gut told you it was time to go. A psychic reading may give clarity as to why this leave was not only positive for you but necessary. Turning away from this chapter of your life may have been a required step in order to gain the availability and resources needed to reach the next thing in your path, while also leaving space for a better fitting person to fill your role and benefit the other party.

A psychic can also confirm your own intuition. Maybe you've been having recurring dreams about a particular person or scenario which is later brought up as a significant factor during your reading. There could be a handful of other "coincidences" that eerily line up with what your psychic tells you, like noticing repeating numbers throughout the day, finding white feathers in odd places, or getting a call from an old friend out of the blue. A psychic might assure you that no, you're not crazy, you're just receiving an important message—and it's exactly what you think it is.

5. Acknowledging Your Blocks

While it may be the least fun to hear, advice from a psychic may help you come to terms with actions and behaviors that aren’t serving you. Your reading may help you reflect on fears and insecurities, resentment, dependencies, and other toxic factors that could be interfering with your ability to move forward from negative situations.

A psychic reading can often provide a sense of closure and cleansing by helping you recognize and dissolve your blocks. Identifying the ways you resist change is a big step toward letting go of past traumas and flowing freely into a healthier outcome.

6. Affirming Your Gifts

That limiting view of practical reality can also be holding you back from realizing your creative potential. A psychic may mention talents you might have not discovered yet due to a lack of free time or self-confidence. After leaving a session, you might feel inspired to pick up a new instrument or finally enroll in that after-work dance class.

It’s also very possible a psychic will let you know of your own spiritual abilities. They may recommend exercises to help you get in touch with the divine. You might be more empathic than you realize.

7. Coming Back to Center

The vaguest, yet potentially the most effective benefit of a psychic reading is the eerie and unmistakable feeling of coming back to center.

Anxiety and high emotions may temporarily subside and make room for a feeling of groundedness that can last hours or even weeks after your reading. You may feel as if someone has drawn back the curtains or reached out to let you know you’ll be okay.

This effect can be both calming and rejuvenating, inviting you to slow down while giving you an energetic push to manifest the things you desire.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Brianna Olsen


Nina.S on November 05, 2018:

I may be psychic .Lately reality seems like a dream to me,is it because i am psychic or should i talk to a psychologist?Some of the times that i had this feeling i saw a vision

Brianna Olsen (author) from San Diego on February 07, 2018:

Yay!! Thank you :)

Allyson Byers from Los Angeles on February 06, 2018:

This was a really interesting article! I've always wanted to have a reading now. You've convinced me to do it. :)

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