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5 Easy and Quick Tarot Spreads for Beginners

5 Quick and Easy Tarot Spreads for Beginners

I bought a deck of tarot cards in September at Fully Booked. The incident was very ‘coincidental’. I had been looking around for a deck but I just can’t find 1 that I like. Then the store keeper, just put up this Osho Zen Tarot Deck and I was immediately drawn to it. Remember the scene where the wand chose Harry Potter? The idea remains the same for tarot cards. It is the cards that choose the master not the other way around. I bought the deck, learn it and master it as I offer free readings to my friends. The catch is they have to rate the reading and so far it is between 80%-99%. (I can’t assume it to be 100% accurate, that is only possible if I am doing a reading for myself)

The spreads that I am suggesting here comes from the Osho Zen Tarot Deck book along with the meaning of these spreads. For me, it is the only deck I feel I ever need. Of course, I would buy a traditional deck in the future but I simply don’t feel the connection with the ones I see yet.

a) Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

This is the spread you would use for clarity on a specific issue. I generally use this if I have a question which isn’t that general although it can be used for both specific issue and general questions.

The meanings of the numbers are:

  1. The issue

  2. Diminishing/enhancing the issue

  3. The unconscious influence

  4. The conscious influence

  5. Old patterns

  6. New patterns

  7. Your own feelings and attitude towards the issue

  8. What you are attracting from the outside

  9. Your desires/denials

  10. Outcome/key

b) Diamond



The diamond spread is good for general questions and if you need a relative quick reading about a particular issue.

Meanings of the numbers are:

  1. The issue

  2. Internal influence that you are unable to see

  3. External influence of which you are aware

  4. What is needed for resolution

  5. Resolution: the understanding

c) Flying Bird

The Flying Bird

The Flying Bird

The flying bird is named literally after the bird as the layout is that of a bird taking flight. The cards chosen and placed in the left wing symbolize and indicate to us something about our feminine, receptive energies in the moment while the right wing symbolizes our male, active energies. Think of the contrast as yin and yang. The first card picked is the initiator of the flight, hence stems from the masculine side. Each succeeding card responds to the previous one and lifts the ‘bird’ higher, allowing the questioner to move into greater clarity and inner spaciousness.

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What the numbers represent are:

  1. Here and now – the ‘liftoff’ card

  2. Resistance card – ‘fear of the flying’

  3. The ability to respond to the fear

  4. Inner resources that support the ability to respond

  5. External support for the ability to respond

  6. Relaxation and acceptance

  7. Arrival at new level of awareness

d) Key

The Key

The Key

Just as the name suggests, this spread is use to ‘open the door’ or have better insight regarding a hidden, unconscious aspect about a particular issue. It can also be used as a general reading for a present insight into your interiority.

The numbers indicate:

  1. What is repressed

  2. The yin (passive) aspect

  3. The yang (active) aspect

  4. The meditation

  5. Insight into the body

  6. Insight into the heart

  7. Insight into the being

  8. Consciousness (understanding)

e) Mirror



This is ideal if you want to see your relationship with your beloved, family member, friend, relative, boss and so on). It shows each individual in his/her current life process, as well as the composite energies or partnership.

The numbers 1-3 represent where you are now.

The numbers 4-6 represent where your partner is in now.

The numbers 7-9 represent the outer manifestation of the partnership.

The numbers 10-12 represent the inner spiritual purpose.

That said the meaning of each number is as follows:

1&4 The body

2&5 The heart

3&6 The mind

7&10 The melting and merging/intimacy

8&11 The alchemy of togetherness/transformation

9&12 The blessings (benefits and gifts)

One of the ways to read tarot cards better and more accurately is to ask the questioner to think of the question and relate it to what the spread say.

For instance, if the question is ‘Will I get that promotion?’ You may go ahead and pick the diamond spread. So before you pick the card, think of the issue (for the first card), the internal influence which you are unable to see (for the second card), external influence which you are aware (for the third card), what is needed for resolution (as the fourth card) and the resolution (as the fifth and final card).

I hope you enjoy this article and have fun trying these spreads out!

Stay awesome!

© 2018 Joan Ting

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