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5 Card Reading for Capricorn

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5-Card Guidance Spread for the New Year

Queen of Swords -R
Page of Swords
10 of Swords-R
The Fool-R

1) You as you are: Queen of Swords in Reverse. Whatever's going on between you and another person is clouding up your mind. You may feel emotionally attached to somebody, or something. Others may see you as bitter, cold, and/or manipulative.

You & this person (or thing-Whatever)-have some toxic tendencies (they control your thoughts so frequently, that it's spilling over into the physical world). By proxy, its affecting your quality of life.

2) Are you on the correct path?: Hierophant.

Yes. You are cutting people out of your life, & it’s necessary to do so. You're reaching others by your actions- and not just with your words. Keep trying to enhance your spiritual nature, and connect with God in a way to makes you feel better.

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3) Your main obstacle: Page of Swords.

You’re still learning, yet, you forget from time to time. You seem arrogant to others, this is when the people near you view you as having the negative traits mentioned earlier in the reading. Those traits give off bad vibes, and it deters others from interacting with you. In doing this, you are potentially blocking your own blessings. One of the people you’ve met in the past could have been the key to your success, or at least had a part to play in your story.

4) 10 of Swords in Reverse for what's helping you.

Getting over pain is always helpful to your plight. It warms you up some, but you're still very reserved. Detachment is serving you well here. Continue to remain objective, it helps when life gets confusing. Rising above your fears & pain, is what gives you the power to improve your life.

5) The Fool in Reverse for how to make progress.

Don't begin any new projects until January. You have enough on your plate already. Clarity is needed to make progress, and your clouded mind needs to be “aired out”. Stop making decisions impulsively -and have faith in your path.

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