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Tree of Immortality True Meaning

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Dr. Alberto Villodo sent an open invitation to attend the Earthkeepers Summit 2020 for free. About 100,000 people from all over the world signed up to a special three-day virtual gathering on December 20th to 23rd.

Presenters who shared their knowledge, prayers, and wisdom were Bruce Lipton, Marcela Lobos, Anita Moorjani, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, and the high Shamans of the Andes.

Knowledge versus Wisdom

Knowledge versus Wisdom

Consciousness informs itself through its creations.

— Greg Braden

Mastery of Life

Gregg Braden, a multi-disciplinary scientist, talked about new scientific discoveries that help our minds understand what our hearts already know.

G. Braden believes that we humans are wired through our neurons and biology to adapt and thrive in these challenging times. We must think and live differently and use modern peer-reviewed science and wisdom of the past to find the mastery of our lives.

Our ability to self-regulate our biology, awaken powerful immune response on demand, and access our subconscious to create a state of intuition can improve our resilience. If you live for a long time, it means you were able to heal as you go along. Each emotion you have is a shift in the chemistry of your body.

No generation has ever experienced or seen what our generation is seeing and experiencing.

In the year 2020, the magnetic fields influenced social coherence and our willingness to work together to solve our problems. We are living a time of extremes, and we can either cling to an idea of the past or make room to the unknown.

The key to thriving is to bless the past and let it go without quite knowing what the future holds. The better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to deal with what is happening, and the less we fear our own power.

A new philosophy is emerging with the premise that consciousness informs itself through its creations.


Do this every day for three minutes:

  1. Shift your focus to your heart center and touch it lightly with your fingers.
  2. Focus on your breath, breathe in for 6 seconds and breathe out for 6 seconds.
  3. Choose to feel a sense of gratitude.
  4. Use an affirmation of healing abundance.

G. Braden asserts that in just three minutes, you can strengthen your immune system, awaken the longevity enzymes, and strengthen your heart rate variability which gives you greater resilience to life..

Love and Light

Love and Light

You are connected to everything in the universe.

— Brooke Medicine Eagle

Mother Love and Father Light

Brooke Medicine Eagle talked about Mother Love and Father Light.

Where are we now? She believes that humanity has one generation, of about 20 years, to bring the world into harmony. We are in the sixth greatest extinction and humans played a significant role in this.

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While we stand on the top of the tree, we stand on the back of all the inferior beings. If they collapse, we go down.

According to the Mayan calendar, a few years ago we reached the bottom of the ninth hell. The year 2012 was the beginning of the ascent to the 13th Heaven.

Chaos leads to transformation. We live in a time of upper movement, which is powerful. The chaos is clearing and de-cluttering. We need to clear a lot of things. The great life at the center of things is moving forward.

The wands of power are with the grandmother, the female wise. Feminine is nurturing life that reside in men as well. Women are bringing renewing energy.

For the Dalai Lama, women of the western world are bringing the change.

Who are we? We feel the energy of the profound change that is happening. Change is a whirlwind spin that starts with a big circle and goes faster and faster. Because of the intensity of change, what goes around comes around. It is now coming around faster and is more difficult. For change to happen, it spins faster until it merges into a new quality of being.

Momentous changes are happening, and everything is wide-open. When you step into this kind of intense change, you step into a powerful spiritual positive way, and clear up centuries of karma.

You were born in this time because you are meant for this time. You can help others move from the darkness into the light. What you do makes an incredible difference.

Human’s lower brain has a rich survival intelligence that helps us know how to live. We need to dip into the coding that Mother Nature set in us. Go deeper into broader truths. Touch the ground, get out, breathe.

Mother Nature invites you to awaken to the earth as you are connected to everything in the universe.

Spread your wings after you change and let your beauty show. Alberto Villoldo.

Spread your wings after you change and let your beauty show. Alberto Villoldo.

The Gates of Heaven have flung open.

— The Shamans of the Andes

Tree of Immortality True Meaning

Alberto Villoldo, a Shaman with a doctorate degree in medical anthropology, talked about how we are living in globally challenging times especially in the health field. We are facing a tremendous test that is bringing up shadows in the fabric of society.

For the Shamans, this is a time of renewal and a tremendous opportunity.

Take time to reflect on these questions: How do we transform this time into a time of opportunity? What is this invitation from the universe? What is Spirit inviting us to do today instead of just waiting for a cure or things to become normal again?

This is an opportunity to evolve within our species by taking an evolutionary quantum leap and becoming a new human. Mythically, it is the return to the Garden of Eden.

Today’s Shamans say that the Gates of Hell have been flung open. The demons and the mythic creatures of the past that we thought part of fairy tales are walking among us. Psychology tells us that these are part of our individual and collective psyche. In fact, they are forces that have been let loose on Earth. We see it in the chaos, destruction, and cruelty that some humans have for each other.

But the Gates of Heaven have also flung open, and it is an opportunity for us to make our way back to the Garden of Eden and taste the fruits of the second tree, the Tree of Immortality. This is the Tree of Life where we are no longer haunted by death.

The meaning of Tree of Immortality of Life should not be taken literally.

Out of the millions of species on this planet, three species do not have death programmed into their DNA. The Shamans say that these three species inhabit the fourth world. They are the humans, the dolphins, and the whales. Their females can live into menopause and become wise grandmothers. Other species have their females terminated as soon as they can no longer bear children.

Today we are emerging into the fifth world and are becoming the New Humans. We must re-establish our ancient contract with the Spirit before we are banished from our natural selves and cast into a world to be stalked by death.

We must be in the right relationship with nature and with history. We need to renounce fake knowledge that is not deep knowledge or wisdom.

The Shamans caution us not to be seduced by fake knowledge. Do not confuse information such as diagnosing with wisdom where we can heal and maintain health.

Wisdom is Sophia, the feminine, the ancient medicine of the sacred feminine.

We do not become immortal. We simply are no longer controlled by the fear of death. We befriend death because we know that it is a doorway to the fifth world.

Until we free ourselves from the fear of death, we will be projecting our dark side on others and seeing them as the enemy. We will see the demons and monsters of old let loose in the world and believe that they are the problem. These demons have no power. The Shamans understood that nothing that needs to hide in the dark has any authentic power of its own. We could turn these demons into allies by giving them love.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Liliane Najm

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