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3 Laws of Magic

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay

The word ‘magic’ may conjure images of strange ceremonies, bizarre clothes, spells and strange formulas, and the manipulation of weird objects, all done in a cloud of smoke and vapors. In fact, all acts, feelings and thoughts are acts of magic. Everything that humans are capable of doing on the physical, astral, and mental planes is magic. It depends if what a witch does is good or evil, constructive or destructive that she shows herself as a good or evil one.

The 3 laws of magic are the Law of Records, the Law of Affinity, and the Law of the Backlash[i]. The laws of magic are a set of rules regarding its use. They are intended to avoid the abuse of magic and to protect those who practise it. They explain how magic works.


Magic is the art of influencing or foreseeing events, and using unseen natural forces to bring marvels into being. It is the mystical art of guiding the actions of spiritual beings.

True magic involves using all one’s powers and knowledge in the light for the light. True powerful witches are disinterested and work for the benefit of people.

The general advice in magic is to avoid the harmful influence of the entities of nature by resisting the urge to impose one’s own will. Magic is nothing more than the expression of a love that yearns to be satisfied, the kind of love that is really at the origin of all forms of magic.

The real magic is in transforming our love. The true wealth of a human being can never be taken prisoner. It is the greatest possible illusion to think that we could capture a human soul. We could never capture the mysterious being within other people.

Magic is nothing more than the expression of a love that yearns to be satisfied, the kind of love that is really at the origin of all forms of magic.

— Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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The 3 Laws

  1. The Law of Records — All our thoughts, feelings and actions are recorded in us and outside us. We cannot allow ourselves to do, think, feel, or risk anything without discernment because of the consequences. We do not nourish thoughts and feelings of envy, harm, and viciousness because they will poison us.
  2. The Law of Affinity — The relationship between humans and the universe. Each vibration tends to look for and unite itself to another vibration of the same frequency. With our thoughts, feelings and actions we seek out and attract to ourselves by affinity, the visible and invisible regions and creatures that vibrate on the same wavelength. Our thoughts, feelings and actions determine exactly the kind of elements, forces, and beings that we attract.
  3. The Law of the Backlash — From the point of view of magic, the universe is a sounding board and all our manifestations bounce off it and come back to strike us. If the consequences of our actions are not felt immediately, they affect our family members, friends and those close to us.


A talisman is an object believed to have the power to ward off hostile vibrations, and according to the Law of Affinity to attract harmonious vibrations.

A witch can endow an object with properties that it does not usually possess. She can imbue an object with elements of her own essence. Objects that are neutral by nature can be activated with certain qualities to be used for specific purposes.

Talismans are meant to be imbued with one’s own essence and force. The majority of those who believe in magic and talismans tend to buy them because they do not know how to imbue an object with their essence. To make a talisman, a person must know the correspondences between a physical object and the invisible force and beings. Correspondences are associations between objects, forces, symbols, and names that are used in magical rituals.

As nature fills living beings with a particular essence, so do witches fill objects with a particular energy. They attach invisible beings to objects in order to accomplish the intended mission. Preparing a talisman require someone who is pure and genuinely disinterested. It is this purity that allows a witch to influence people and objects. Anyone with impure design will have to face the consequences.

A powerful witch, who is sincere and has high standards, does not require a talisman for herself and her work. Her higher levels of consciousness would be powerful enough to influence and cause a change with just a thought.


“The Book of Divine Magic.” Aivanhov, O.M. (1989)

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