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The Two Spirits of Woman and the Struggle between Them.

That's no "Woman".....

That's no "Woman".....


Ishtar, Jezebel, Ashteroth, Semiramis...One Spirit. Lilith.

I am a nerd. Basically, what that means is when I hear a sliver of information; it is not ever complete in my mind until I see the entire iceberg, beneath the water. Becoming a student of the Bible has really caused this tendency to explode. The latest iceberg deals with the Biblical language of the incarnation of Woman and how the lore of the Bible (and what is not in the Bible) speaks to some of today’s issues with the family and children.

Genesis 1:27 Reads: "So Father YHWH created man in his own image, in the image of Yah created he him; male and female created he them."—KJV

So, in 1:27, Abba created “Man” in his own image, both male and female. Some translation even go so far as to say that the “Him” highlighted above should actually say “Them”, suggesting that YHWH actually created “Mankind”, one male (Adam) and one female (????). To them He said “Go forth and be fruitful”. But, in Genesis 2:7, YHWH “Formed” the man from the dust of the ground.

Genesis 2:7 "And the Most High formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

So Father YHWH created “Man” in his own image, both male and female, but he “FORMED” man, of the dust of the ground. He then put the “Man” in the garden, alone. We know that the “Formed” man was alone because YHWH said it wasn’t good for him to be that way (Gen 2:18). Then, in Genesis 2:22, YHWH takes the rib of the man (a part of his body) and created a “Woman”…… Not a “Female”… You have to watch the language very closely! Our Father creates for Adam Woman, who becomes a “Wife” or help-meet. This is what I love about the scriptures!! According to this language, a “Woman” and a “Female” are two totally different things…

So, the original question that sprung up in my mind was; “Why wasn’t the female image “Formed” like the male image?” The answer to this question is embodied in a name that I heard in a bible study I listened to from the COFAH Network. Lilith.

Lilith is the name associated with the “Female” image of YHWH, created in Gen 1:27. Our Father is a spirit and “Man” was created in his image, both male and female, but the “Male” was “Formed” of the dust or the clay and received the Breath of Life, which created his living soul. Lilith, the female image refused to submit herself to her male counterpart. The story is told that in intercourse, the “Female” image would not allow herself to be placed beneath or in a submissive position to the male. The male attempted to force the “Female” into subjection. We have to get out of our fleshy, sex mind and realize that spiritual intercourse (because no bodies have been formed yet) is something very few of us are ever able to experience or understand! It has nothing to do with a penis/vaginal interaction but a spiritual connection, more in tune with the act of touching and agreeing or the eye-to-eye agreement that the mercy seat represented, from the Ark of the Covenant. The story goes that Lilith left Adam by invoking the Holy name of YHWH, which filled her with an unholy spiritual power and caused her to ascend from the earth. Eblis or Satan became involved with Lilith and she had many demon children. This story should sound very familiar to you in that it was the basis for the whole “Twilight” movie series.. Mortal girl hooks up with a demon, leaving behind mortal man, then has a little demon child… In the past, this was some of the most deeply satanic subject matter, but today, it’s just good children’s entertainment (and you wonder why these kids are twisted). Lilith became a female demon because her fall occurred when she was in her spiritual state. The story goes on to state that Adam petitioned Father YHWH to bring Lilith back and the Most High dispatched 3 angels to do just that. Lilith refused, which suggests depth of power that our Father placed into the spiritual incarnation of man. The angels were charged with killing 100 of her demon offspring per day.

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So, the Most High created a different spirit, from the (check this out now) flesh of the man. According to the scripture, Adam says “Now, at last… This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”. A “Wo-Man”, who was one flesh with the “Formed” man of Adam. The demon Lilith became the tormentor of the children of Eve and in some texts, is the very serpent that Satan entered into to attack Eve directly in the garden. It could be reasoned that Adam’s failure to speak the Word of Yah over Eve’s transgression is because he was not just confronted by Eve, but by Eve and the first wife he’d lost, Lilith.

What the world is teaching us right now is that the Lilith spirit or demon is very much alive and well, and with us today. The spirit manifests itself by refusing to submit to male headship (feminism) and by physically seducing and deceiving “Women” (lesbianism). The demon attacks and seeks to infect the “Woman” spirit of the submitted wife, while also tormenting and killing children. All of this is done in an ultimate attempt to destroy man. Remember that! If it gives up the behind, trust me, you will pay in some way shape or form. It isn’t interested in a silent or effeminate male spirit. Quite to the contrary it seeks to create this sort of spirit in men with its tormenting. Nothing vexes this demon more than a strong, enlightened male that accepts and executes his headship role, as “Required” by the Most High.

Lilith shows up in many ancient cultures but is always signified by an owl (Athena is a good one), but there are two particularly indicative instances of this spirit showing up to destroy men of stature. The first is named Semiramis, who you may not know. The second is Jezebel, who I know you know.

Semiramis. Semiramis has to be first because even though Jezebel is more recognizable, she has nothing on Semiramis. Semiramis is the wife of Nimrod, the builder of the Tower of Babel and the ruler of the first Babylonian empire. Nimrod was described in the Bible as a “Great Hunter of Men”, which is clarified to mean that he was first emperor of the post flood world. Further study of Nimrod shows that he spawned every pagan religion known to man or should I say every supposed religion that does not give worship to Father YHWH, Most High of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is significant because every iteration of what we call the “Sun God” has its basis in Nimrod’s apostasy. His apostasy caused man to worship man, in this case, Nimrod himself. He became Baal and originated the Baal worship that characterized the “Way of Jeroboam” that plagued the nation of Israel throughout its existence. Semiramis is the consort to Baal or the pagan goddess Ashtoreth. She was also called Easter, but I won’t mess with that right now. The key to Nimrod’s ability to rule his kingdom was to cause people’s worship (love and material) to be directed to him. His symbol was the sun while Semiramis’ was the moon. Satan manipulated Nimrod’s ambition which caused him to cause others, to take their eyes off of the Most High. Semiramis, before meeting Nimrod, was a brothel housekeeper (harlot). After becoming queen and being named the moon goddess, the Queen of Heaven, etc., she became pregnant illegitimately. Fearing the wrath of her king, she had him killed and took the throne. When she gave birth to her child, she names him Tammuz and declared that he was Nimrod reincarnated. As Tammuz grew to manhood, the spirit that possessed Semiramis caused her to attempt to kill her own child, because he was a man of power, which the spirit of Lilith cannot stand. The worship of Baal and Ashtoreth called for child sacrifice, ritual prostitution and sexual immorality and in some extreme cases, cannibalism. The prophet Ezekiel mentions Tammuz directly when describing Israel’s love of Baal worship.

The second manifestation of Lilith existed in the person of Jezebel. Jezebel was the wife of Israelite King Ahab. This manifestation of the Lilith spirit outlined its need to dominate the man and destroy all things holy and set aside for the Father. EliYah is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest of Father YHWH’s prophets. He was raised up to fight the Baal worship that festered in the kingdom for generations, after the reign of Jeroboam. The reign of Jeroboam caused Israel to become comfortable with the notion of worshipping Idols, child sacrifice and being controlled by men in power. Jezebel was a Babylonian princess who was an avid worshiper of Baal and Ashtoreth. Ahab switched his own religion to hers due to her subtle manipulations. When confronted by EliYah, a man who would not be manipulated, she sought to kill him and used Ahab to do it. EliYah, being endowed with the power to call down the fires of heaven, was vexed to his core by Jezebel’s possession by Lilith, so much so that even after his most overt demonstration of our Father’s power, he fled from her and even had fits of depression as a result of the encounter. That is indicative of how deep this spirit seeks do destroy prominent and powerful men. Jezebel, when Ahab died, installed her son into the throne, just like Semiramis. Had he lived and become a strong man (evil or just) my guess is that Jezebel would have tried to kill him. King Jehu, a man who would not compromise AND was a murderous (though Yah appointed) thug cleansed the northern kingdom of Ahab and Jezebel.

Fast forward to today and what you find is that there is still an open, all-out war going on between the Woman and the Female. The Lilith spirit has moved herself progressively into the everyday thinking of today’s women and young women. Women singer’s videos today are particularly demonic these days. Beyonce, Pink, Ciara, Lady GaGa, even the older stuff like Madonna work really hard to portray the artist as fundamentally different than a submissive wifely type. What we see today with his whole Miley Cyrus mess is nothing more than the fact that she opened herself up to demonic possession… And this sick, twisted world loves her for it. It is made very clear, visually, that what popular entertainers represent is not “Woman”, but “Female”. Women who would have a husband and serve him as a submitted wife are under mental attack by women who are working hard at being “Female” or those who have no submission in them. Our culture incubates those possessed by a Lilith spirit with pop culture and an attitude that a “Wife” should not serve her house from a submissive position. She should share in duties of the man, even though the Word is crystal clear on the matter. The employment structure furthers this notion in that it is easier for a woman to get a high paying job than the average man. The legal system is more than happy to take away and incarcerate ANY man that a “Female” is displeased with. Why? It’s simple. Satan and the fallen angels want access to the “Woman”… The image of the “Female” draws the woman out.

Test this out! If you have a run-in with a homosexual man and disagree with him in any way, you better know that there will be at least one “Strong”, “Independent” female there to back up the gay dude. Why is that? It is because gay men don’t act like women… They act like “Females”…. Fight one… You’ll understand real quick! That’s a demon. Yes, this demon does not discriminate. It hates men and if a man is infected with it, he will defile his own male body AND, just like a “Female” work to destroy any actual, man. It’s the same spirit.

As fathers and really, as parents, we have to understand what our children are looking at and what those images trace back to. At no time in history has the assault on the senses of our children been so great. What we may think is harmless entertainment is based on literal demonic forces, that seek to unbalance a girl’s perception of strong femininity and the proper mindset of a potential wife. Most of the artists “KNOW” that they are channeling a demonic force and that is what they associate with feminine strength and independence. An angry, unfulfilled, self-centered, promiscuous demon spirit that is out of the natural order of the Eve spirit is what we get when we look at these videos and the industry knows it.

Is it any wonder why our younger girls and women are so far out of whack? Is it any wonder as to why a young woman can actually think that an overt sexual nature for her won’t damage her spirit in any way? Is it any wonder that the rate of successful marriages are down and the rate of divorce is up? Is it any wonder why lesbianism and bisexuality is so rampant in our land right now that people think it’s normal, even the fault of the Creator? This is the embodiment of the submitting and grossly demonic “Female”, not woman, but “Female”…like a wolf. This is what the Lilith spirit is. Know it. Fight it!! Mothers, place a wife’s light into your daughters. Fathers, guard that light by loving and honoring your wife’s submission to you and our shared house. Further than that, keep it away from your sons! It only submits sexually to ensnare and it will torment and attempt to confuse men in their youth. Keep Lilith out of your homes! Don’t let the Lilith demon slip in on the TV or over the radio or with friends and ESPECIALLY, on infected family members. Exposure to the Lilith spirit leads to possession by it.

Guard that light!


**Lilith is reference in the book of Isaiah 34:14 (screech owl).********

Do you know what you are looking at?


Gilly on August 24, 2020:

Quite interesting with some revelations over there but for me i think the creation of male and female in the book of Genesis chapter 1 was a brief narration of how God Yahweh created all things and the Genesis 2 comes on to give a vivid or detaild account for us to know how it was created so for instance if Yahweh said let us create man in his or our own image that is it and the chapter 2 will give you an account of how everything was created and that is how you will see the word ''form'' as in man was formed from a clay and woman formed from the rib of man. You may not be far from right but that is how i also see it. And with the issues of the Lilith you are talking about i believe that is lucifer who has turned himself into that spirit that fights mans progress and succes, and not exactly a female but the devil in disguise. There was only one man and one woman created. It is the devil that has disguised himself in that way to fight tbe family that will be built in christ Jesus. If not so i dont think it would have been a hard thing not being recorded in the bible.Remeber, the devil has always hated man right from the start where man was given power over the world. Anyway thanks for the good job.

Ian Spike from Cebu, Philippines on March 10, 2017:

First of all, nobody cares about your crappy writing. Yeah you're right, you are a Nerd, and not a good one at that. Using Twilight as a reference..Seriously? If you blatantly consider yourself a nerd, why don't you go ahead and find out more about different religions and cultures across the entire planet instead of focusing on conspiracy theories, Illuminati and sexist Biblical garbage you call "The Word of the Most High" that encourage slavery and incest so that you can understand that the world does not revolve around your p****. Maybe you're just high.

"Spiritual intercourse, really? Nothing to do with a penis/vaginal interaction but a spiritual connection, more in tune with the act of touching and agreeing or the eye-to-eye agreement" You make me laugh. Get a grip dude, it's SEX. You should try it sometime, maybe then you would not be so hypocrite.

"The spirit manifests itself by refusing to submit to male headship (feminism) and by physically seducing and deceiving “Women” (lesbianism). Is it any wonder that the rate of successful marriages are down and the rate of divorce is up? Is it any wonder why lesbianism and bisexuality is so rampant in our land right now that people think it’s normal?" Yeah, it's called Evolution. Wake up, we live in a different time period in an OVERPOPULATED world where gender roles and hierarchy is irrelevant. Women with much better place in society and earns better wages are more capable and works harder to be where they are now than the men like yourself. Don't be bitter about it. People don't go around marrying their own cousins anymore, or the first few people they meet and build their life around them. Modern people discovered that the world is much bigger than we thought,with much more people in it. We get out of bad or abusive relationships rather than be stuck on first bliss.

If you have a problem with gay people, that's because you prefer to be living in an outdated mindset brainwashed by your equally homophobic peers. You'd rather think of yourself as a "strong, enlightened male that accepts and executes his headship role" when the truth is you're just a paranoid nutjob who clings to the ideas formulated several thousands of years ago by narcissistic and egotistical male figures like you that fear change. I don't hate MEN. I'm a gay guy myself and PROUD of it so I know that I can appreciate and love other Men. You call us evil, possessed or FEMALE abominations but your description of this so-called Lilith entity is an "An angry, unfulfilled, self-centered, promiscuous demon spirit" sounds like you're describing yourself.

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on June 21, 2016:

Version 2 is now available.... Jezebel Rising....

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on April 16, 2014:

"Feminine Power"..... You've been deceived. You have no power if you are not in submission to and one with your own husband.... That's the Word. You are in fact submitted. There is no such thing as an un-submitted woman. As your namesake was also submitted. It is just a matter of what you and she are submitted to. You are submitted to Satan and this is his world, for a while longer (but not long). Women in Iraq, Haiti, the Philippines and most of Africa have learned the true nature of this corrupt world. It is unfortunate, but you will find this out soon enough when martial law is declared. Then you and all of those demon filled "Femen" types will see that what Satan did to Eve in the garden has been done in mass, to rebellious "Females" like yourself. I hope our Father opens your eyes before your eyes get opened. Elder.

Lilith on April 12, 2014:

OOhh how sweet, one of those Biblical nutcases, afraid of feminine power and demonizing those who don't fit into you distorted view of submissive females, disgusting!!!!

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on December 27, 2013:

I'm wrapping up a book on this subject matter withing the next couple of weeks. I got a lot of insight from the wiccan/theosophist above.

Pre-Orders are now being taken.... Elder

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on December 05, 2013:

Wow.... Your delusion is deeper than most, tipping on the demonic. We could get into a long and deep discussion about your "View" of the scriptures and the "MOST" High... That is the "Highest", "Father" as in male, and Creator of all thing YHWH, but what is the point? Lilith was cursed. Her "Rebellion" and resistance to order... caused her to be "Cursed". Her spirit is "Free" to be cursed. Jezebel (a woman) and Semiramis (a woman) were both possessed by the spirit of Lilith (a "Female").... Miley and all of the illuminati, feminist witches all channel her rebellious spirit. You have gone to the level of "Rationalizing", the rebellion. Long story short, we don't really have much to discuss. You don't believe in the absolute dominion of our Father, YHWH Most High. You can see by what I wrote that I see nothing but evil in the rebellion in lilith are silliness in Adam's following Eve into the fall. No amount of pontificating on your part will change that. "Slave to the Word"? Absolutely.... I wouldn't have it any other way. The Father's order doesn't grieve me but since you don't want to be with Him, we really don't have the basis for a discussion. Thanks for the read and the comment though. Elderyoungman.

Being on December 05, 2013:

You take Scripture as Hagar, or in bondage to letterofword. Being male, you try to take it as literally male and female.

Lilith is the part of a human that others attempt to subjugate. Adam is the part that does the subjugating. Eve is the part that becomes subjugated and bowed. In knowing that it is subjugated it tries to break free to find it's way back to spirit past it's subjugation by Adam. This is where it once again becomes spirit, no longer bound to the will of man (Adam) but fully aware of the will of the Divine . Jezebel and her ilk are not daughters of Lilith. They are daughters of Eve, subjugated by Adam and fighting to get free of it through their own will and not the Divine will they would get from Lilith. None of this had anything to do with actual males and females. Or men and women. It was a way of describing a people, that because of language and the way it takes male and female (ex. Le, La) and assigns those aspects to things, concepts and émotions and not just physical biological gender. It has been misused for eons by MAN, following YAHWEH, in direct defiance of Divine and coming directly from that tree you speak so ill of.

I went looking at the behest of Spirit, having given my will, knowing only when I submitted and quit allowing the writings of man in one book to cause me to seek answers that only satisfied my fear of those words instead of the direct will of All That Is (Divine). You might want to try it. It's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything.

Try being a nerd in several religions and spiritual concepts, being open to the will of Divine, not Yahweh who is only the male aspect and gives you as a person only a distorted view of the human condition, and also in history and psychology. When you continuously ask the feminine to serve the masculine in chains, the female wisdom (Lilith) will run down inside her to the desolate places because she was not created to submit Divine did not ask her to, Yahweh and Adam did. And the man in you will kill her self expression and her ability to find her own path to Divine (those pesky demon child thoughts that make her wonder why you have decided to chain her, subjugate her, religate her to the role of a crude vessel and slave to be used to your whim and to be silent when that is NOT what the Scriptures are telling you to do and cause her to question why she should put up with being less than what she was created for, just your flesh to be used and beaten and cast aside as you see fit, treated worse than your own filth.)

Women with a spirit of Lilith don't need to be Miley. They aren't fighting to recognize themselves and they are already free. And only a very good man could recognize her and what her existence means for your angry, jealous God.

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on November 13, 2013:

Thanks for the read and your comment.


Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on November 13, 2013:

Interesting point of view.............. my view parallels but does not fit your view. The spiritual energies within man is duel in nature. The true union of male and female is awakening within as the two energies become one in the flesh.... the marriage of our two cosmic energies found "within ALL humans."

I agree we need to be ware and be aware of the tendency to look "outside" of ourselves for this union.... and some points you make reflect the illusion created in the outside world... the desire for sexual gratification etc. But it is the inner spiritual union of our two cosmic energies that need the marriage... again - "the two become one in the flesh"

My point of view :-)

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on November 11, 2013:

I you're on Facebook, you can check us out there also...

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on November 11, 2013:

Thank you brother... It's incredible how much scripture we don't hear about that there is out there AND also how much this missing scripture changes our pattern of thought about the things we think we know. Thanks for the read... Elder...

Patrick on October 19, 2013:

I've been studying the same thing, this is (^-^)bGood

independent1526 on October 10, 2012:

good stuff Buddy ! but to me they are all ONE !

Elderyoungman (author) from Worldwide on January 23, 2012:

Thank you for the read and the comment. :-)

pmccray on January 23, 2012:

Interesting interpretation and certainly makes one think. Voted up, marked useful and interesting.

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