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27 Biblical Facts About Angels

Angels are Found Everywhere in the Bible

Angels are, in total, mentioned two hundred and seventy-three times throughout some thirty-four of the Biblical books.

If we categorize Angels, we find there are at least 27 distinct references to them. There are likely more, but lets' take a look at the top 27.

Angels are Everywhere in the Bible

What do you think of when you hear the word 'Angel'? Angels have wings, they often visit earth on a mission with a definite message to be declared as God's represented servant. They are in the midrash, the old testament the new testament and they are significant in the beginning (Genesis) and all through the age of the patriarchs as those with grace and who move among the clouds appearing sometimes to warn, sometimes to inform and sometimes to comfort. Angels in the Bible bring news, tidings, and they can even be evil, as was Satan the greatest of the fallen ones.

Angels in the Bible illustration

Angels in the Bible illustration

Angels were all created by God as said in  Genesis chapter 2 verse 1; and  Nehemiah, chapter 9 verse 6.  As well as Ephesians chapter 3 verse 9.

Angels  report directly to God  as stated in Job chapter 1 verse 6 and also in  Chapter 2 verse 1

Angels  were present at the creation of the world  as told in Job. Chapter 38 verse 1

Angels  announced Jesus' birth to the shepherds we read in  Luke chapter 10 verse 14.

Angels do not marry Matthew tells us in chapter 22, verse 30.

Angels were created to live forever  the book of Revelations says in chapter 4 verse 8.

Angels purpose is to glorify God  says Revelations chapter 4 verse 8.

Angels in the Bible

Angels in the Bible

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There are Angels who help human beings according to  Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14.

There are Angels who harm human beings says Mark in chapter 5.

Angels are ' spirit beings', according to Psalms chapter 104 verse 4.

Angels  are invisible beings we read in  Romans chapter 1 verse 18.

Angels  are many
says Deuteronomy in chapter 33 verse 2 as well as in  Psalms chapter 68 verse 17 and in  Revelations chapter 5 verse 11.

Angels possess intelligence says Daniel in chapter 9, verse 21.

Angels  possess will we read in  Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12. 

Angels display joy
  says Job in chapter 38 verse 7.

Angels  display desire says 1st Peter chapter 1 verse 11

Angels are stronger than men, according to Psalms chapter 103 verse 20.

Angels  are more intelligent than men in the words of  Daniel chapter 9, verse 21-22.

Angels  are swifter than men says Daniel chapter 9, verse 21.

Angels  are not omnipresent   Daniel tells us in  chapter 10 verse 12.

Angels  are not omnipotent according to  Daniel chapter 10 verse 13.

Angels  are not omniscient
  reports Matthew in chapter 24 verse 36.


Some Angels are cherubim we read in Ezekiel chapter 1 verse 1

Some Angels are seraphim  according to Isaiah chapter 6, verse 1-8

The majority of Angels remained true to God  as Revelations chapter 5 verse 11-12 tells us. 

Angels  will join all believers in the heavenly Jerusalem
, says Hebrews chapter 12 verse 22-23


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