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23 Minutes In Hell~A Book by Bill Wiese That I Read Makes A lot of Biblical Sense


The reason I wrote this article yesterday is threefold, because a) this book was shared with me by a friend and I wanted to share as well b) I believe we should all be well informed of every "possibility", and c) I care about other people. I did not write it with the intention to start an argument, just to make that clear. That being said, feel free to read on!

Twenty Three Minutes in hell is the title of a book and a dvd by Bill Wiese. Bill speaks of an out of body experience he had in 1989. He talks about what hell looked like, smelled like, sounded like, felt like and the fear and horrendous feelings. I have always had a fascination about hell, well I did when I was in high school read a book called "Hell and How to avoid hell" which I found fascinating, although terrible. I guess you could say I like truth and since hell is in the bible I believe it exists, and many other reasons too, but you'd have to watch the video below, with Bill Wiese, to understand what I mean, why it makes sense, because he happens to explain it well, in my opinion. I don't want anyone to be deceived. That is why I write this, because I want this information to be known.

Christians believe in hell, as it is mentioned 23 times in the New Testament alone. Oh wow, isn't that interesting. Bill says he spent 23 minutes in hell, and hell is mentioned 23 times in the bible. I just discovered that.

To hear Bill's experience, which coincides exactly with how the bible explains it, is brilliant. I found Bill's speech to be very logical and not imaginary. The way he tells of it, is very real. A terrible but realistic tale.

One thing I don't understand is why preachers don't talk about hell much, and also why hell is glamorized. The picture above sort of glamorizes hell. The devil pretty much wants people to think it's make believe and not worry about it, or concern themselves about it rather. But a place of everlasting fire and the concept of hell should not be laughed at. Suffering for eternity is not funny.

But you ask why would a good God create a hell? Well, first of all, hell was created for the devil and his angels. Secondly, would we criticize our government for making jails for people and shouldn't the "Hitlers" of the world go someplace not heavenly? [Those are a few valid points Bill Wiese makes] Bill also says, Furthermore, if you knocked on Oprah's door and said, "Hey let me in." Would she if she didn't know you? No! But I say, Well, maybe Oprah would, I mean she does give away cars but do you expect someone normally to let you live with them if they don't know you? If you don't know God, or have a relationship with Him, how do you expect Him to offer you to come to His place? Especially after He invited you many times and all you did was insult, blaspheme Him, and make it clear you want nothing to do with Him.

People choose hell. God doesn't put people there.

These statements above are all explained in the book by Bill Wiese. I believe it's the best hell book I've read, though I did read one in high school as well.

Please share this article, as I don't wish anyone to go to hell, and take a few moments to check out the youtube videos below before you give me your automatic response. I'd like some open-mindedness this time!

Thank you for reading and God bless you!

I pray you would get saved, and accept Christ today if you're not. It's so basic and simple to do, not really hard at all. You just have to swallow your pride and say with your mouth that you believe in Jesus. Have someone go over the bible with you and your questions and use the formula that Charles Stanley (above video) uses. It WILL work. My life has changed amazingly.

Since I got saved 12/26/09

My health has dramatically improved.

I have quit smoking and other things.

Those are just two things. I could tell you much more :)

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Such an inspirational man and story....

Get your copy and read all of it....with DVD


You may laugh at the idea of hell and say I'm not logical. I've talked to people about hell, and one atheist told me, he didn't have a need for God and believes that at death he goes into non-existence.

He did say however, IF he did meet God at the end, he would choose to be destroyed; that is for his soul to be destroyed so he would not be in either heaven OR hell.

Sorry- we don't have that choice. Our souls are immortal. All we have control over is our will, to choose God or not. But anyways, I don't think it's wise to take a CHANCE.

I have found though, that being a Christian is not a drab and dull thing for me. Actually I feel quite PROTECTED and guided by God..and his Holy Spirit. I'd much rather be saved than not. I hope you make the right choice!


God is good

So far as I can tell, people have told me how merciful God is and how MANY chances He gives to people to come to Him. All you really have to do, is ask Him if He exists and ask for a sign, and I bet He'll show you. I have heard many stories like this. One lady told me she was doing a school assignment in college and for some reason wanted to know if God existed and she asked Him and some kind of sign was on her desk the next day in class. I forget what it was exactly; a book or something, but it was what she needed. Perhaps that's what you need, some kind of sign. Tell God what kind of sign you need to understand. He'll show you. God bless.

Topics covered in the book and dvd

The book and dvd talk about WHY hell is so horrible, Why a just God allows hell to exist, The different parts of hell- all of which are terrible, and many bible verses that talk of hell- how Jesus spoke of it.

If Jesus spoke of it many times (in the New Testament), surely it was important for us to know of to remember. But do not despair. Salvation is a gift and it's free.

"By grace are ye saved thru FAITH, not by works lest any man should boast!"

Why is hell so terrible???

A point that Bill Wiese made that really impacted me was that the reason hell is so terrible is that God takes Himself out of hell--hell is a place without God. Here from the book, are a few amazing points Bill Wiese made:

  • Hell is darkness because God is light 1John 1:5
  • Hell is only death because God is life John 1:4
  • Hell is hatred because God is love 1John 4:16
  • Hell has no mercy because the mercy of the Lord is in the heavens Psalm 36:5
  • Hell is only weakness because the Lord is the giver of strength Psalm 18:32
  • Hell has no water because water is the rain of heaven Deut 11:11
  • Hell has no peace because Christ is the Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6


Rosemary Amrhein (author) on November 12, 2014:

Hi Say Yes To Life,

My reference to Oprah and knocking on her door, etc, was that we have to start a Relationship with God in this life, if we want to be with him in the basically people choose hell, because they don't want anything to do with God...He (God) doesn't force anyone to love Him, but all we have to do is say to God, "I believe Jesus died for my sins, I am sorry for my sins, please come into my heart and save me"

It's that simple.

Thank you for stopping in!


Rosemary Amrhein (author) on November 12, 2014:

Thank you ladyfiddler, I will email you!

Yoleen Lucas from Big Island of Hawaii on November 12, 2014:

Most of the top ten religions in the world have a concept of hell. However, not all of them have a concept of one God who is personal and omnipotent.

"if you knocked on Oprah's door and said, "Hey let me in." Would she if she didn't know you? No! " Oprah is not omnipotent; why should she trust a stranger? But God is supposed to be omnipotent. Why do Hindus in the far flung corners of the Earth need humans to tell them about Him???

I have written two hubs on the subject of the ten most practiced religions in the world; one on the Abrahamic faiths, of which Christianity is one, and the other on Hindu-based faiths. I have two more hubs to write. You may want to check them out; they're titled, "Considering Another Point of View".

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on November 11, 2014:

Hi Schoolgirl i saw your hub a few weeks ago but i am not too well lately so i am not on HP as much as i usually do. Anyways i meant to read it and now i finally came back. Your hub was very interesting and its nice when people isn't selfish and just care about themselves.

Hmm well you have said it very well i don't know who ever give atheist the idea that after death they can still have says or choices. Its easier for them to gobble down everything that science says instead of what God says. It amazes me these said people open up a book written by : Albert Einstein or so and they believe everything in it without questioning one iota . They don't ask questions as how, why but or maybe they swallow it down and write it to pass their exams. However when it comes to God they need a million evidence and proofs and they question every line in the bible. Its false but what made them believe all what Einstein or Newton said was RIGHT?

It's unbelief in the word of GOD and the devil uses every strategy he can to try to fight the word of God to get more company in hell. I BELIEVE there is a heaven an hell and i rather live my life as there is a God. Than to die and find out there is, O what a sad time that will be for non- believers. May God have mercy on them.

I love your example about knocking on Oprah's door and then you related it to if we don't know God etc. EXCELLENT.

I will now proceed to watching the video.

School girl we use to communicate few years ago i am not sure if i still have your correct email address.

You can contact me via we can talk more about God there :)

Rosemary Amrhein (author) on October 16, 2014:

Hey Lybrah! Nice to see you!

Thanks for stopping in and reading!

Lybrah on October 16, 2014:

One atheist told me once, "I'm not going to hell, because I REFUSE to go!" Sorry, I don't think there's going to be anything you can do to stop that. Good hub! I have read and enjoyed this book too--it sends a very important message.

Rosemary Amrhein (author) on October 10, 2014:

Hi lambservant,

I know hell is upsetting. I even wanted to hide the book I just posted here after I wrote this article and woke up this morning feeling unpleasant. But the good thing is I am born again and I do believe that everyone who is a good person will eventually be saved too.

I think this topic is required to talk about though, just like talking about 911 being an inside job is. We need to be aware of everything. Hiding stuff doesn't help, right?!

Thanks for your positive comments! I appreciate your comments. :)

any negative comments or attacking ones will just be a reflection of that person not me, because I am truly doing this out of caring.

God bless you!




I'd like to share this:

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul...”

(Psalm 23:1–3, NKJV)

Rosemary Amrhein (author) on October 10, 2014:

Hi Perspycacious,

That in itself is bad enough!

Thanks for your comment and visit ;)

Lori Colbo from United States on October 09, 2014:

Yes, the comments will indeed be interesting. Likely hostile in some cases.

The most important thing we gain in accepting Christ as Lord and Savior is forgiveness of sin and eternal life in the presence of the Lord.

Many preachers don't preach on hell because people will get upset. Too bad because a message like that just might prevent one from ending up there. If a preacher does preach on hell it is important that he tell them how to be saved. I like some of your comments about people going to hell, like the gov't making jails.

Hell was made for the devil, but people make a choice, as you say, to go there because of their unrepentance. It is the same sin as Satan - pride and rebellion. Satan thought he was greater than God.

I read a great book and did a book review of it by Francis Chan called Erasing Hell. It talks about how people want to erase hell from the Christian doctrine. Their reasoning, when you research is based on human reasoning, and their own flawed view of God. Stick to the word. I also wrote a review on the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It's like an Everything you ever wanted to know about heaven. He spent 25 years researching the Bible to write and book.

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on October 09, 2014:

I will be following the comments you get on this one. They should be interesting. Could it be that Hell could be having to live eternally separated from loved ones, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ?

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