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2023 Dreams, Predictions, Prophesies, and Scientific Fantasies

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1) Anyone who has watched the anime cartoon called Dragon Ball Z has seen the works of Capsule Corp. Basically they manufacture capsules that can hold anything from a car to a spaceship. I predict that the science of self-assembling nano bots will make two advances in the coming years. First something like the Capsule Corp capsule will come into being. An entire, large, freestanding structure will emerge from a relatively small, compact space using only the materials inside the capsule. Certain structures like tents will be stored and used in this way.

The interesting part will come when someone invents a capsule wherein the nano bots use surrounding materials to build structures. These self-assembling capsules will be used to build habitats on Mars, the moon and on asteroids.

Some of the first experimentation with the advanced capsules will result in grisly deaths wherein humans will be taken apart molecule by molecule while still alive and incorporated into a structure. It will be discovered that at least one the scientists who “accidentally” threw a live, active and functioning capsule at an unprotected colleague was destroying a rival for the affections of a rather fetching female lab assistant. It worked too. He got the girl.

2) A very wealthy man will deliberately have himself blinded and rendered deaf in order to have his senses replaced with computer generated senses. He will kill himself soon after when the experiment utterly fails.

A second rich man, learning lessons from the first will blind and render deaf one of his servants. The servant will hear and see better than the average man and will win gold medals in archery and shooting at the Olympics. The gold medals will be taken away when the medical enhancements are discovered and revealed. The servant will track down his former master who is now in hiding and dismember the man slowly over the course of days.

3) After global warming fantasies are used to tax all western economies into bankruptcy, scientists and politicians will admit it was all a lie. The true purpose was Marxist income redistribution. “Fortunately,” opined one highly respected scientist, “everyone on earth is an idiot. Even if anthropogenic Climate Change existed, only China and India could do anything about it. The key piece of evidence any intelligent life form could have used to prove we were lying is that we targeted only nations that could do nothing to stop any global warming that might be happening.”

4) A mirror universe to our own will be discovered. When an explorer is dispatched into the other universe he destroys it and himself on contact. When scientists review data from the destroyed universe they figure out that our universe will also be destroyed in 29 years.

5) A new drug will be discovered that cures male pattern baldness overnight. Unfortunately, every man who uses it kills himself 29 days later. This side effect was never seen in animals because monkeys do not have pistols.


Death Of The Blood Eaters

6) All the mosquitoes in the world died. The world rejoiced. Scientists looked worried but said nothing.

All the ticks and fleas in the world died. More rejoicing. More worried scientists.

All the vampire bats died. Oddly enough there was no more rejoicing. Now everyone noticed what the scientists were noticing. Everything that lives on blood was dying. In a manner of speaking, we live off blood. This did not look good.

All animals that were strictly carnivores died over the course of 29 years. The pattern was now clear. Only vegetarians would be left. It turned out that a rogue vegan scientist decided to get rid of all the meat eaters. Meat eating humans did not discover this until it was too late. The meek inherited the earth.

7) It began with cars blowing up. Then several bosses, supervisors and managers died through spontaneous combustion. Next paradoxically enough, thousands of people died during week long acts of intimacy.

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Scientists figured out what happened and how to fix it just in time. A wayward atom smasher had opened up a fissure to a world in which the laws of physics were subject to the power of thought. In short, it was a world of magic. As the magic seeped out what people felt strongest came to pass. The only way to save the world was to flood the danger zone with 7 year old girls. It was true that the world the girls made was damned girly. But no one died. And everyone had a rainbow colored pony to ride.

8) In order to prove that sustainable development can run off algae alone a group of scientists will isolate themselves for a year with only algae to use as food and fuel. They will have any and all machines and chemicals to grow, harvest, and extract whatever nutrients and fuels they need from algae. The first experiment will fail and all the scientists will die from food poisoning.

After honoring the sacrifice of the first group, a second group, lessons learned in hand, will try it again. And thus a world that runs entirely off algae will be ushered in. Soylent green will not be people. It will be algae. We will eat it, use it to polish our floors and power our cars off it too.

9) Pentagon scientists perfect printable soldiers and assassins. These will be "living" robots made of paper and living cells drawn from dogs, rats and monkeys. They have no thought, no memory and no will. Many are actually blind in and of themselves and if they lose contact with their controllers they will thrash around for hours until they die. They have a complete auto destruct capability that leaves only ashes behind for an enemy to study. The flesh and paper robots can morph to look like anything or anyone. The favorite method for knocking off drug kingpins and recalcitrant dictators is to have a paper robots take the shape of a wife, concubine or trusted lieutenant. After a few choice assassinations, the enemies of the US are left to take themselves out of the equation via civil war.

The flesh and paper robots are first printed from a 3D templates and then imbued with flesh and nano circuitry. The United States uses the technology to become the undisputed leader of the world. Given that the US has become a Marxist nation under Barack Hussein Obama, the world government will be a worldwide dictatorship of the proletariat.

10) Scientists make one more breakthrough with the paper robots. They take the flesh component out of the equation. As long as there was flesh there was the problem of how to keep it alive. Bathing the paper robots in blood seemed grotesque—especially to the humans who happened to be using that blood at the time.

The printed paper robots will use nano bot operated muscles that can feed off any energy source—even sunlight.

Barack Hussein Obama will have a tireless, virtually infinite army which he will use to create a gigantic utopian prison to house all remaining humans in splendor. Everyone will be allowed to eat have sex as much as they want. Food will be plentiful since the tireless robot army will synthesize it in a factory. There will be no sexually transmitted diseases since those were wiped out by a sort of brute force science that applied not just every known substance but every substance a super computer could think of against everyone know disease.

Only the elite were allowed the luxuries or education and procreation. The poor were allowed to (as the elite so often and so cleverly observed whilst discussing the matter amongst themselves) love themselves to death…What a way to go.



Robert Sacchi on August 14, 2016:

I'm sure you will remember it when you're not thinking about it:-)

poetryman6969 (author) on August 14, 2016:

Robert I am almost certain there was some significance at some time. Now if only I could recall it.

Robert Sacchi on August 14, 2016:

Very amusing. There seems to be some cosmic significance to the number 29.

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