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A Letter to the Saints


Dear Saints (Holy Ones of God),

So many thoughts concerning the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ flood my mind. It’s somewhat like a puzzle; bits and pieces of truth jumbled together – righteousness, sanctification and complete redemption, authority in Christ, the glorious hope of Christ’s return, eternity, and the purpose of the saints. In time, all credit being due to the Goodness of God, these pieces begin to take shape, coming together to form a clear and complete picture. I want to share this picture with you. If you would be so kind as to permit me that privilege... please read on.

In the beginning there was God. The one true God. He who is the Alpha and Omega. He who is the sole Creator and Sustainor of all that is creates the heavens and the earth. Then it came about that the shining star of heaven at that time, Lucifer, decides he wants more power and recognition. So he sets his will against God Almighty. He rallies his minions in his plan. Michael the Arch-angel and his hosts of heaven wage war with the dragon and his minions. The dragon is subdued, that serpent of old, now called the Devil and Satan. The devil and his angels being cast down to earth left the hosts of heaven incomplete in number and the earth full of darkness.

God our Father, creator of all, sets His will in motion. He restores the heavens and the earth and appoints a newly created being to take its place at the Creator’s side: God creates man in His own image, in His very likeness, a spiritual being, yet also with a body and soul. Man is designed by his creator, God, to be infused with the very spirit-life of God. Next to God, man was now the dominating power over the earth, earth’s governor, given full authority over all the earth and all that is therein.

The Creator does not remove the Devil from the scene. On the contrary, He gives His newly created being, man, the opportunity and the right to choose the truth over the many facets of the lie. Thus, training for reigning began.

Saints, we all know how that turned out. Adam, as we all have done, followed his feelings and emotions rather than the truth. This is when the entity of sin entered the world, immediately followed by death (no life with God) to be plaguing us all. The Devil seized authority, taking advantage of man’s now weakened state, for apart from God man is powerless against the methodologies and strengths of sin and the devil. Man appeared to be doomed to a world of darkness and bondage, being without God and without hope in this world.

We also know that God had a plan to rescue us. He promised our deliverance. He would be sending the solution to the problem of sin and death: the savior and redeemer of mankind – the promised Christ. His plans and purposes would be fulfilled. Nothing would thwart his plan. He will accomplish all that He sets out to do. As God promised in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:15, God sent forth his faithful servant, the seed of the woman, who would untangle the web of darkness woven into man by Adam’s act of treason. He would destroy the plague of sin which cursed the body and mind of man, as well as all of creation. Now, saints, because of Christ's complete redemptive work, each one of us have been liberated from this present evil age of which we are in the midst. We have been liberated from sin’s empowerment over the body and mind. We have been liberated from the enslaving powers of darkness by the authority of their conqueror: the cross of Christ. Because of our Lord Jesus Christ and his completed work of redemption, satisfying God’s judicial system, nothing was left not acquitted. Every sin and every aspect of sin’s consequences were legally addressed. The result is described by one word: FREEDOM! You and I, as well as every saint, are positioned in Christ as a new creation, free from sin’s charges against us.

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Listen to these words very closely, saints! Take a good look at someone who you know is standing in our new creation realities in Christ. Look into his/her eyes. What do you really see? Is it a man or woman, or is it Christ in him/her. With the image of Christ in your mind, now take a good look at other saints. What do you see? With realities of Christ in your mind about each other you see Christ in each other. Behold! We are all a new creation in Christ: the old has, once and for all, never to return, passed away. Behold, new things have come. Eye has not seen, nor has the ear heard, nor has it entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for us who love Him. Yet, He has revealed them unto us. Holy ones, you are the beloved of God. You are the children of the Creator of all. He has placed you in Christ, seated you in the heavenlies far above all rule and authority and power. In Christ you have been truly made complete so that you aren’t lacking any good thing. By the shedding of his blood and his resurrection from the dead, Christ has equipped YOU, saints, with all things that are pertaining to life and godliness, blessing you with all spiritual blessings. Behold, saints of God, joint heirs with Christ, spotless and clean, you have been given full authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means harm you. Right now that may not mean much to you, but as the days draw to a close, as darkness continues to swallow the world around us, you will see the value of these words.

As we glean our Father’s perspective (reality in Christ) every aspect of “the lie” will fade by the power and light of the truth. Picture yourself with saints with whom you meet regularly! See them as ones for whom Christ died, as ones who are made spotless by the cleansing of his blood. These are people who were tarnished with the stains of faults, frailties, error upon error, people for whom Christ died. Do you see the power of God in your brother’s eyes? Do you see the love of God in your sister in Christ’s smile? It is the tried and tested word of truth which reigns in their minds. This powerful word of truth is causing a transformation in those who think accordingly. As we refuse to see people apart from Christ’s redemptive work, we will develop a new perspective, God’s perspective, a perspective which produces a whole new type of fruit, and transforms us into the very image of Christ, who is the expressed image of God our Father.

I don’t amount to much in my flesh. But in Christ I have been qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light. In the flesh I often hold my tongue, not saying things that should be said. But in Christ my tongue is loosed. I look in the mirror and see a different man, a man recreated, fashioned in the image of my Maker. Oh, saints of God in Christ, look and behold the Body of Christ. Marvel at her majesty. Dressed in white, beautifully adorned for her groom. You are the bride of Christ. You are clean. You are holy. You are righteous. You are a new creation. You are foreigners in a strange land. Soon the stage of training will be over. But for a little while we must remain. Your place in the Kingdom is assured, your every need supplied in abundance. Behold the feast set before you and let joy everlasting warm your hearts. Hear the voice of your Father:

"I am your shield. Who can stand against you? The flesh is rendered powerless against those who believe. The kingdom of darkness has been stripped of all its right to exercise power against you. What darkness surrounds you? I am your light. Will the darkness stand against me? Does darkness command light to cease? Does light obey darkness and recede? NEVER! Behold, the light shines and the darkness is shattered, swallowed up in victory. Stand tall, holy one and see what you have become. See what my mighty hand has fashioned you to be in Christ and witness your enemy tremble and quake. By the power of the resurrection may you see what you have become, what I have made you to truly be. Oh, you look so hard for that elusive element which you feel you have too often missed, but that is a bluff. Look and behold the revelation within the Holy Scriptures, that which is concerning the Christ; thereby behold what your new identity truly has bee made to be in the Christ. Let the fingers of your mind caress it! Behold it like a work of wonder! Marvel at the greatness of the finished work of My Only Begotten Son, the risen Lord Christ Jesus! Yes, Him who paid in full the price for your salvation, your redemption, justification, sanctification and so much more. The picture becomes more clear and complete when you gaze upon the new realm and your true identity as my child, as a new creation in Christ. Behold My Grace in Christ as it is and as it and will always be ravished upon you by Me, your God, your Heavenly Father, He who Loves you more than any other could and weep with joy! For you have been set free by the work of My Son Jesus, The Christ. All who he has set free are free indeed."

Love in Christ, Daniel

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