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10 Secrets Psychics Will Never Reveal to Clients

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The Hidden Secrets of Psychics

Psychics and mediums are interesting people aren't they?

They have so many mysterious tales and stories just waiting to be unveiled, and we hand them our hard earned money to hear their thoughts.

However, they know we only love hearing about the good stuff like coming into money, living a long life, and having our deceased loved ones tell us everything's okay.

That's fine and dandy but are psychics and mediums hiding things from us?

What are the real secrets hidden inside their crystal ball?

1. You're Going to Die Soon

Holy Smokes!

What!!! I'm going to die soon. When, how, where, why, what....

That's right, psychics know how to keep this gem under wraps don't they. Oh sure they'll tell you that you'll be healthy and live a prosperous life, but what if that's not the case?

Let's visualize a psychic that sees death in your near future, and what your response might be if you knew.

Chances are it wouldn't be a happy conversation.

I may not be a psychic expert, but they don't tell you the end is near because it's not what people want to hear and it would destroy their cash flow.

They'll keep your spirits high even if it's not the truth just to keep you as their client.

2. Your Deceased Mother Hates You

Ouch! This one stings.

People go to mediums because they want to talk about their beloved parents or children, and of course they want to hear positive things.

Clients would never want to know the person they love the most actually hates them in the afterlife.

Do you realize how much hatred someone like the Long Island Medium would get if they told their emotional clients that their dead mother's spirit hated her daughter/son.

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I can't even begin to imagine how scarring that would be, and mediums aren't dumb enough to tell you that.

It's not becoming of them to lie to you about things like this, but there's no way they'd risk losing customers.

3. You're a Terrible Person

How awful would you feel if a psychic told you that you're a horrible person.

Seriously picture paying him or her a lot of money to read your fortune and without a second's notice, they said you're terrible.

Nobody wants to hear that they're horrendous people, but it might feel even worse when a psychic you have faith in tells you this.

For those hardcore believers, this would be a crushing statement to hear.

I mean yeah nobody's a saint, but you don't want to feel like Satan either.

4. You'll Lose Everything

This list gets more and more depressing doesn't it.

But yes psychics who want to keep their clientele will refuse to say that their paying customers could lose everything such as:

1. Money

2. Car

3. Home

4. Job/Career

We greatly value material possessions like they're our children, so hearing that everything could be gone is not welcoming at all.

Some of those awful people (read reason #3) would preferably lose their child or pet over their car (sad but true). We live in a material world, we want to keep our things, and psychics know that more than anyone.

That's why they'll say you'll come into money rather than lose it all perhaps through a gambling addiction.

Ironically them telling you that you'll come into money could fuel an existing gambling problem or even create one from scratch.

5. Upcoming Death of a Loved One

Perhaps even worse than having to hear you'll die soon is having to hear that a close relative or friend will pass.

  • Generally anything pertaining to death is viewed very negatively.

We don't want to hear that death is around the corner whether it be you, your dog, a friend, or a spouse/relative.

It's not fear of death that makes us tremble but rather the realization that we're not immortal and that death can happen at any time.

We humans don't like uncertainty; it's the scariest part of any horror movie.

When you take that mystery and place it upon a loved one, then it feels even more chilling and realistic.

6. It's All Your Fault

I've seen my share of psychics and mediums and a common theme was addressing sensitive topics that were likely a cause of death.

In this case I'm referring to suicide or something closely related to it.

Whenever this subject gets brought up on a TV show, the medium would say that the person who passed doesn't blame you for their death.

I never hear the opposite and for good reason.

How would you feel if a medium told you that the person who died blamed you for their death?

I mean talk about brutal honesty and a soul crushing statement.

As humans we love to justify our actions, and we don't want to be held accountable for our injustices. The repercussions of this form of honesty would be immediate.

Clients would probably hate all mediums, psychics, and they might never feel the same again.

7. You're a Cheater

Imagine a psychic saying to your face that you're a low down, dirty cheater.

First off, if this is true, then the psychic better be right because they'll be hell to pay if they're wrong. Second, they'll be hell to pay if they're right.

This is a classic lose-lose situation because it'll only anger the client and could generate tremendous tension/awkwardness if say their partner/spouse is next to them.

It could create issues between the couple, and they'll probably never come back to that psychic again.

I doubt anyone would win, and honestly who'd want to be placed in this situation.

8. I Have Nothing to Tell You

This reason is sort of funny and laid-back compared to the others, but it could be more annoying than upbeat.

Think about this...

You go to see some psychic or medium hoping that they'll tell you a bunch of cool and interesting things, but instead they come up empty.

They can't locate your deceased relatives, they don't know anything about your future, and they have nothing to tell you.

That might be the biggest kick in the butt one could get, which is why psychics or mediums always come up with something to say even if it's not true.

For example the Psychic Twins discuss past lives a lot, which only fuels skepticism because it sounds like a made up fairy tale.

However, even skeptics would rather hear something than nothing, and that goes double for believers.

9. I'm a Fraud

What if a psychic told you that they're a fraud in front of you?

It would be the stupidest thing to admit given they charged you a lot, but they'd also crush your belief in psychics.

Think about it like this: Do kids want to know Santa Claus isn't real?

Of course not!

So why would a spiritual believer want to hear someone admit they're a complete fraud. Your honesty would not get rewarded, and you'd lose out on many if not all of your customers.

It would be a dumb business decision and a cruel trick to play on supporters.

10. Armageddon is Upon Us

If psychics want to scare the pants off of us, then this would be the way to do it.

People would either be freaking out or the medium ends up looking foolish (unless they're right).

On the plus side, think about the publicity and fame this could generate for the psychic bold enough to predict this.

But that fame would flame out quickly if their prediction ends up being false. Funny enough if they're correct nobody would be around to praise them.

So there you go, a bunch of impractical things a psychic or medium would never tell you.

If you're a believer, then tread lightly and pay attention to what's being said. If you're a skeptic, then it won't matter because you'll think it's all garbage anyway.

But whatever the case, I think both sides can agree where to draw the line and how far psychics should push things because it can make or break their job/career.

That's why these are the top 10 secrets psychics refuse to tell their clients.

Your Thoughts!


Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on October 25, 2017:

Thank you, I would love to know if there was danger ahead for me or family & friends. It's one area where psychics are extremely helpful.

VenusPsychic from wales on October 20, 2017:

very good article , personally , as psychic , i tell how i see stuff no matter the answer. if the person ask it's means they are ready to listen any kind of answers and are enough strong to handle an unpleasant one. luckily i dont think i qn see when people will die but if they have to be aware of any danger or situation who might arms them .. if i have the image of it i will definitely say it without any fear. x from Venus Psychic

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on February 13, 2016:

Thanks for the read and your hub. I'm not much of a believer and thoroughly understand the skepticism regarding psychics. I haven't met one that I believed in yet.

Randa Awn Handler from USA on February 12, 2016:

Most psychics are fake and do give the few with some paranormal abilities a bad name. You can read about my take on psychics in a recent Hub:

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 11, 2015:

Thanks for the read, I don't mind people showcasing their intuitive skills because often they end up surprisingly on point. Like you stated, you've said to others that there are bad things on the horizon and that's perfectly fine. It's not a good idea to ever tell someone about death because you would look like an ass in this case. Answering in generalities, although vague, is probably the best way to avoid a moral dilemma when you're trying to foreshadow.

Frauds will always be around too because they want their money, and there are plenty of gullible people out there who will believe anything. I hate stand those who manipulate others, and I feel bad when they either hear things that will never happen or sorrowful messages about death and pain.

Mackenzie Sage Wright on July 09, 2015:

Interesting stuff; I've actually been told some of these things (hard times are coming, for example), or have told others I see not so great things potentially on the horizon or that I'm being an ass... I don't ever pay for psychics myself, maybe that's the difference. Intuitive work is part of my religion and in my coven and groups we do readings for each other.

Personally while I believe in psychic phenomena and intuition, I don't believe in fate and destiny... I only believe we can use our natural intuition to see potential outcomes. So I don't think it's ethical to tell people 'you're going to die (or a loved one)'... because you just don't really know. I think it's fine to tell people to be careful when they travel, or go to the doctor because something might be wrong... but it's just not to build up some dramatic self-fulfilling death prophecy.

Usually it is the frauds who like to alarm people and who come up with the big traumatic visions... but you can change it if you light a special candle, and they just happen to have it at the low low price of $500 (how very convenient).

Voted up, good topic.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 09, 2015:

I'd be terrified if a person already knew my fate. I'm better off not knowing about the future and I'm sure many will agree. That's good advice that we should all abide by. Thank you for reading.

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on July 07, 2015:

Very interesting hub, even though I do not believe in all these things.

One should not try to know about future or fate. Believe in your own self and work hard to reach goals. And believe in God also.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 07, 2015:

I appreciate you sharing your story because I admit that I'm a huge skeptic. I've had my fortunes told before but they seemed like a bunch of novices, and I regretted wasting my money on them. I know probably all of those TV psychic/mediums are fake, but it's mostly to entertain us so it doesn't bother me that much. I am intrigued in stories like yours where mediums knew more than most and were very in depth. I must say that even as a skeptic if I had such an experience then it would stick with me whether I believed it or not. I'd likely still be a skeptic but the incident would linger. Thank you for sharing your story because it helps me understand more things that I hadn't considered.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 07, 2015:

They are very inconsistent from what I've seen. For me, if psychics were truly all that is holy then we wouldn't have events like 9/11. Serial killers would be caught in an instant and many other problems would be solved. It's more of a spectacle than anything.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 07, 2015:

The fact psychics can grab so many people's attention is fascinating. I'm a huge skeptic because the TV psychic shows could easily be staged and many speak in generalities. They'll give out a bunch of names hoping one sticks and people are amazed by it. I guess people will believe what they wanna believe.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on July 07, 2015:

it is almost the same as the chinese fortune teller, always up to different stories

Jon Mark on July 06, 2015:

All psychic-mediums are frauds. The worst thing about this is that my statement is put through a filter where it's reduced from fact to opinion. That's society making a simple effort to leave room to doubt facts.

Suzie from Carson City on July 06, 2015:

Chris.....This is quite the subject to discuss. I can tell you that I know where my thoughts on this (psychics, mediums, etc) are "realistically" and logically. However, I can also tell you that more than twice, I have been read by mediums who were mind-blowing in their incredible DETAIL with literal facts that simply could not have been known by anyone other than the departed loved one whose presence she/he was channeling.

I'm not speaking of common, ordinary, mundane comments that MOST 95% of these so-called psychics blurt out. Not that questions were asked or that they prodded me to speak and leak info.

I don't wish to repeat my readings here publicly because they were extremely personal, private and terribly meaningful to me. I want it to remain this way. I have shared with some people very close to me though.

Other than the couple of truly profound experiences I have had that caused me to take this very seriously, I have to say that I am a skeptic in terms of MOST of the charlatans. I firmly believe these people are opportunists, great actors/"guessers" with a flair for coming off as authentic as possible. Often times it is so ludicrous and obvious, one has to feel like an idiot even listening, much less believing.

This is where I stand on this and it's all I can say about my own experiences......I believe John Edward as well as Theresa, The Long Island Medium are as fake as the day is long. the end, they do no one any harm so they probably should be congratulated for the entertainment they provide, at least.....and the fortune they rake in to live a luxurious life.

Most of those who are high profile.....seen on TV, subject to a lot of hype and media are plain old FAKES.

I live less than 30 minutes from Lily Dale, which I'm sure you know is a complete Spiritualist Community. I know the difference between the real deal and the entertainers........UP++++....Peace, Paula

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