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10 Misleading Views and Beliefs from Christians


Christians are not perfect people and have not mastered everything. There are some views and misconceptions that I heard from Christians and was very shocked at their beliefs because of their partial knowledge and truth and lack of biblical teaching. Take a look.

1. It is not godly and spiritual to feel anger, hatred, bitterness, doubt, pain, sadness. I should only let myself feel love, joy, faith, patience and only good emotions.

Anger and hatred are not qualities that Christian should demonstrate and we should have faith in God and love others. But the above false view has prevented us from denying the bad parts of ourselves when they surface, because this is not how a Christian should be and act.

This view has taught us to only portray the good sides of ourselves when that is not what Christianity is all about. We may be afraid that these things in our heart that are not acceptable and pleasing to God or God will be mad or condemn us, because according to this is not how a Christian should be and act.

As it states in the Bible, the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked and every bad part of us stems from the heart. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us as stated in I John 1:8. Some of these things and feelings may be deep rooted from childhood, traumatic events in one’s lives or a pattern we learned before being a Christian.

We should confront the sin in our hearts, by first recognizing it, confessing it to God and genuine people who we can trust, asking God to help us understand why there is anger, hurt, pain, etc and change our hearts to His image. This actually brings us closer to God when we are real about who we are and what is going on inside of us.

2. I must focus on helping others, their problems and needs and not on myself and my needs.

The gospel focus on reaching out to others, healing the brokenhearted, freeing those bound with affliction and addictions. Yes, we do need to help others and not be too self-oriented with our things and needs. We should not be so focused on every one’s needs that we neglect caring about ourselves physically and spiritually. We must care about our bodies, our health, emotional health, our relationship with God. Are we reading the word, talking to God daily, sleeping well, or are we stressed and overwhelmed? If we are wrapped up with programs at our church and busy with everyone else, then we need to adjust our schedules and cut down on some activities.

It’s like saying we must care about putting gas in someone’s car, but our gas tank must remain empty, because we have to focus on other people, not our own empty tank. Now that is not wise.

3. Being a Christian is always being perfect, trying to do the right thing all the time and behaving in right ways.

Yes, we do need to uphold to a standard of righteousness and excellence. But doing the right thing without connecting with God daily and asking for His help and strength, and seeing it as some rules that we must follow and if not followed we face God's punishment is not what Christianity is. This form of thinking can lead to performing to be acceptable to God, even self-righteousness, measuring up and spiritual failure. This view blinds us to our humanity and sinful nature. Perfect in the bible actually means mature, complete, grown up. There can be areas in our hearts and lives where we need to grow up in. John 15 - without the branch connected to the Vine, we can't do nothing.

4. You need to leave the past behind and press on.

We often hear this message many times. We need to forget what lies behind and move forward. We should live in the present, but past events can disrupt how we function in the present. If we have done things in the past, but have not confessed it or have not forgiven those in our past who have wounded and wronged, these things can rule our lives presently and affect our relationships now. Unless we recognize where it originated from, take responsibility and repent, and allow God to do a deep work in us, we would not be productive presently. God is actually interested in why our past hurts are causing us pain today and affecting how we live. There can be patterns of how we communicated and related to our parents and vice versa, that can affect how you relate with your own children. Sometimes our past and upbringing needs to explore, so we can leave the past behind and live today.

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5. I do not need to spend time with God daily in His Word, Prayer and Worship because God is always with me and know what I need.

If we adopt this attitude with our spouse and parents, we are saying we do not have to talk to and spend time with our husband/wife because they live in the house and their presence is there with us. That is a crazy mentality to have. We still have to talk to our spouse and the people in our lives. We would not think this way towards our other relationships in our lives, so why in our relationship with God. God wants relationship with us daily. Yes, He is always with and know what we need everyday, but He wants us to communicate our need of Him in humility.

6. Because I am saved by grace and God has forgiven me from all my sins, it is no big deal to continue sinning like going to bars, getting drunk, going to night clubs, cursing, etc.

God has paid a high price in sending His Son, Jesus to pay for all our sins in our heart and mind to buy us back from the Kingdom of Satan(darkness). Before accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, 'we were fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were children of wrath' as Ephesians 2:3 states, why should we revert back to living for Satan. If you are a new Christian and you struggle with this, talk to your pastor and church leader.

7. I am have solid relationship with God and because of this, I do not need people. God is more than enough for me and all I need.

There can be a lot of reasons that Christians believe this way. One reason is God has given us His Holy Spirit, His Son and we have His written Word and we should not place our trust in people more than God.

Another reason can be, you have experienced a lot of hurt and disappointment from people or those in their past, so they avoid interacting with others in general. But all through Scripture God has used people to meet the needs of another.

If we did not need people, God would not give different gifts to help each other as stated in I Corinthians 12. We are the Body of Christ and each function needs to work together. At times, people can give us comfort, counsel, wisdom, encouragement, prayer so keep an open heart and mind of who God uses to touch your life and help you along the way. There are bible verses that say we should rejoice with one another, weep with those who weep, bear each other's burdens and many more.

8. As a Christian, God will give you everything you want, answer all your prayers and bad things will never happen to you.

Not always. God does not always you give everything you want. We can see in the Life of Christ, His disciples, Joseph, David, Moses and Abraham, that they did not have it easy all the time. All their dreams were not answered immediately. They went through many adversities, challenges, temptations and hardships. They had seasons of waiting for their promises to come to pass. And so God may not answer all your prayers in your timing and instanteously, but in His timing or in a way you never expected.

9. If I am spiritual enough and do more good deeds, bad things would not happen to me

We heard this from Job friends. When he suffered and lost everything, they questioned if he was right with God and was in some sin. Even though, we may read the Bible more, pray more, go to church more God tells us we will still encounter tribulations, if it is with people or even in our own lives. But Prayer and bible Reading gives us the strength to be an overcomer and endure to the end.

10. Christians just need to give their problems to God and He will take care of everything.

We should pray, trust God and surrender all to God. There are problems that God will take care of but there are times when we need to recognize, if our problem, requires us taking responsibility and doing some things. For example, If we unemployed and praying for a job, we do not just pray and sit around. We should actually look for jobs, put applications in, update our resume and so forth and then trust God to do the rest for us. If we are sick, it is great to pray for healing, but there are things we need to do; like we also need to eat healthy, exercise, take care of bodies, search our hearts to see if there is any unforgiveness in us, fear, etc, be spiritually healthy.

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