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Part 2 Ushet Mer – Devotion to the Divine Lovers


Love is at the heart of ancient Kemetic spirituality. Goddess + God manifest creation through the first tantric embrace, the bull sires the cow, the feminine force enjoins the masculine... they are the root of all duality and the source of all existence. Known as Ma-Wu, Ausar + Auset, Hetheru + Ra, Damballah + Aida Wedo and a host of other names, Goddess and God make love and yield the world. At the root of all of this is desire... Net desired and bore Ra, they desired each other and bore creation. All that exists is vibration emanating from their desire. As explained in the previous piece, Ntr represents the primeval waters from which came forth creation through sound or utterance. So, to experience divine love one only has to trace their steps back, turning loving utterance around, focusing on the creator as the desired object.

"A Mighty Fullness" & "Gods Wife" by Sekayi Khita Hetep

"A Mighty Fullness" & "Gods Wife" by Sekayi Khita Hetep


Hesi for Devotional Chanting

Aung Arati Aung Arati Aung Arati Aung

Aung Arati Aung Arati Aung Arati Aung

Dua Ma Uati Nebet aah nrutef aah

Neterit n ren heh Auset Neterit aah

by Sekayi Khita Hetep


Aung (aka ankh) represents the ecstatic union of complimentary opposites engendering life.

Arati refers to the serpent goddesses Auset and Nebethet who constantly create, do away with and renew in order to promote ever new experience to enjoy.

Adoration to the mother of the primeval waters, great lordess, great divine abode (of Ausar)

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Goddess of many names, great Goddess Auset.

This hesi propitiates the Goddess as both creation and dissolution, the throbbing heartbeat of life rooted in the tantric love of Goddess and God.

Auset and Ausar were primarily worshiped through chanting and singing, known as hesi. To be a co-creator with them, to love and serve them one only needs to say their name. This can be done regardless of formalities, you don't have to lament your lack of finances, the fact that you don't have a spiritual teacher or the fact that you don't know the sacred scriptures inside and out. All you have to do is devotional hesi. When you begin to feel a longing for Auset and Ausar in your heart they appear to guide you further.


There is no male God without the female Goddess. Auset/Hetheru is the right eye of Ra, his power. She reigns, he rules. As in Kemet, the king is Her force of action, he officiates and administrates. She holds the scale of Maat, she is divine law. She is the very throne on which Ausar sits. She is the very dwelling place of Heru. Both came from her womb and look to her for purpose. As do we.

So, where does that leave us? Chanting, singing, and doing devotional work to open ourselves to greater understanding and the presence of Aung Arati, Auset and Ausar.

Until next time, Hetep n Ushet Mer

-Sekayi Khita Hetep

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