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Why do friendships often break up?



"Friendship" is a very good and true relationship, it is such a relationship which has been a very important and beautiful part of our life since our childhood. Friendship is the second such relation of our family which we are most addicted to and without this friendship, our life might not be as beautiful as husband as it is now. The friend's also fuel Rishta's hopes and the more hurt she gets when she breaks up. When friendship plays a very important role in our lives as much as all our other relationships. But today's friendship is not that strong. Let us know why this happens?

After all, why do friendships become weak?
Friendship breaks the heart of many people and according to me, the most common reason can be their anger and attitude. The angry person becomes mad and goes on saying anything without thinking. Sometimes such harsh words are spoken and in the end, the amount is broken. Apart from this, there can be many reasons such as lack of trust, doubting, fighting by coming to the point of others, not listening to the person in front, etc. There can be many such reasons and there can be some such that you people have given the experience and not me.

What is Angry by Physiology?
Like other emotions according to physiology, anger is experienced in our body as well as our minds. In fact, there is a complex chain of bodily (body) events that happen when we become angry. Emotions more or less begin inside two almond-shaped structures in our brains called the amygdala.


My Experience
Many times such things happen to us Zipper we are not sure or else those situations are not expected for us. Exactly the same happened with me too. It's a few days ago. I had to go somewhere and then I told my friend that she never travels alone because she goes with me. I was eagerly waiting for her and her message would be half an hour late. I also thought nothing happened. His family is not well and it may be that his mother also does not like me, but all this goes on in friendship. (Sometimes we become bad because of our actions or even in supporting our friends.) I waited till the last time but she did not come. I knew somewhere or the other that she would not come but she did not expect the world to survive and I believe it. In the last, when the timing got over, I gave hope and started doing my work. After that, his message comes that I am the same after waiting, then I got angry but I thought that I will talk to him later, then I also made a wish to him that if I do not talk now, then you go away. I don't know what happened to her that she said that Ann will never come to your house after today and will never even talk. I was shocked, then after a while, forgetting your anger, I went to meet him, thinking that maybe everything will be fine, but after reaching Wow, I did not feel anything like this and he left me after listening to his face. Meaning that "The End" of our friendship was done. We can not stop even after trying to save our friendship with friends, with which we would have to go. I didn't stop him either. As much as I did, if it attracted root in it, then perhaps it would have been more feeling of my friendship.

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