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Why Are Men so Grumpy?

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Is your husband grumpy or is your boyfriend constantly on and off...one minute he’s nice, the next he’s angry? There might be underlying health reasons for his moodiness, in addition to the usual relationship woes. Find out what is causing his grouchy behavior. It might not be you after all.

1. Irritable Male Syndrome or Depression

Irritable male syndrome is gradually becoming more and more of an accepted, diagnosable syndrome in the medical community. Often a result of low testosterone, which begins to decline at age 30 in males, such uncharacteristic moodiness may be linked to the hormonal decline. Luckily, testing for lower-than-normal testosterone levels is fairly common and easily done. Symptoms of the condition generally include depression, low-confidence, irritability and difficulty concentrating, insomnia or sleep troubles, and low energy.

Is it Low Testosterone?

If testosterone levels prove to be normal, your significant other may be suffering from classical depression. Although mental health is becoming more widely discussed in today’s world, a lot of people forego getting the medical help that they need and may avoid helpful therapies or recommended drug therapies. Consider approaching your SO and getting him the help that he needs.

2. Trouble Expressing Feelings

If your man is moody, he may be struggling to talk about his feelings. Due to the constraints of society, men are not often socialized to talk about or share their feelings. They may have been programmed to view mental health issues as a sign of weakness or failure. It’s possible that your husband or boyfriend is upset about something and is struggling to talk about it. If they keep it inside, it may result in them being grouchy. They might be stressed at work, stressed about finances, or worried about their family - maybe they are depressed about their physique and need help with self-care. Whatever it may be, be thoughtful in your approach and help them to open up.

Is your partner irritable after work?

Is your partner irritable after work?

3. They Might Not Be Getting Enough Intimate Time with You

Contrary to popular belief, men feel connected to their partners through intimacy and physicality. If their partner is not willing to be intimate with them, it might make them sad and frustrated. It’s possible that they don’t know how to express their frustrations over this and instead act out by being grumpy or moody. They may be dealing with feelings of rejection. Consider talking to a health therapist to get you two back in the mood if this applies to your relationship.

4. They Might Need Some Alone Time

Men, just like women and any healthy adult, need alone time on occasion. If your partner is an introvert, they may be craving some much-needed alone time to recuperate. Some people enjoy spending hours and hours talking and hanging out with friends, and others really need some quiet time to reset the mind and calm down.

Some People Need Alone Time to Feel Good

Many people enjoy alone time so that they can collect their thoughts. They might gain energy by being alone, whereas extroverts gain energy by being in groups and around people. Some adults simply don’t realize that they are introverts or can’t express their needs properly, leading them to feel grumpy and triggered when they are surrounded by others or overworked. Consider talking to him about his needs.

He might need time alone.

He might need time alone.

5. He Lost his Passion for Life

Was your husband or boyfriend once youthful and full of passion and enthusiasm for life? Did he let his hobbies slip over time or did he never take the time to develop the hobbies that he loves? Really check in with your husband and see what is missing or what it is he is really after.

Help Him Find His Passion for Life

If your honey seems bored with life, maybe he needs to find something that will make him happy or find a new group of friends who share common interests with him. Working towards a goal often makes people happy, and if your man has started to show signs of boredom and depression, he may feel like he lost his life purpose. Help him out.

6. Spending too Much Time on Social Media

Social media is proven to be addictive and it is engineered to keep people hooked. Most people on social media spend hours and hours a day arguing and trolling. If you find yourself on social media all day or maybe your boyfriend or husband is on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok doing the same (scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling), arguing with people 24/7, he may be absorbing some of that toxicity - leading him to be grumpy and depressed. Help him break the cycle and encourage him to set timers for himself with useful apps. A little awareness goes a long way.

He might be spending too much time on social media.

He might be spending too much time on social media.

7. He’s Hungry or Tired

Hangry is a thing, and some people get extremely agitated or grumpy when their blood sugar levels drop. Make sure that your husband is eating regular meals with lots of healthy fiber to keep his blood sugar levels stable. If they get low, you may notice that he gets more agitated, grumpy, or angry. Also, sleep is super important for feeling rested and well. If he feels tired, encourage him to nap. If he is having trouble sleeping, take him to a specialist. Health is everything.

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